Chapter 177: You Are One Of My People

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Smoke signals ascended.

They astonished everyone, and all of Pagoda Island began to whisper.

This was the first time in the court examination portion of the Divine Warrior Examination that multiple rescue signals appeared at the same time. Just what was happening that could make the lofty jinshi issue humiliating requests for rescue before they could even pass.

Emperor Tang’s pupils contracted, and he gripped his throne tightly, his fingernails digging into it, a feeling of foreboding in his heart.

Can it be…

Can it be…

No, impossible, how can that Chen Mo have such formidable skills to be able to handle top-notch warriors. Even if he has learned the Zhangtian Seal, it would be impossible to reach the realm and power of a magic energy cultivator in so short a time.

What the hell is happening.

Emperor Tang’s complexion was frighteningly grim, such that even the surrounding civil and military officials were whispering amongst themselves.

The cultured Lord Jiangnan set down the Yellow Court Scroll in his hands, also alarmed. His graceful brow slightly creased into a line.

Very quickly, Emperor Tang dispatched the Wanshou Temple’s monks and the imperial guards together to rescue the users of those smoke signals.

Chen Mo patted the dust off his clothes, which were as white as snow. The blood staining his clothes from that brawl just now disappeared very quickly, like melting snow. This Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade that Auntie gave him was fully worthy of its background from the Inner Star Fields. Several of his dangerous moments just now were averted thanks to these clothes.

Wang Baoguo’s formidable saber-qi and the Thunder Tribulation cultivator’s magic treasure “Rushing Thunder Edge” were both unable to penetrate the material of this clothing. In the Outer Star Fields, clothing treasures were uncommon. Even if one was high quality, it was impossible to render a warrior’s body impervious to a cultivator’s magic energy or magic treasure just by wearing it.

It was even because this was a treasure that Chen Mo did not use any Star Energy while wearing these clothes, yet it remained far more formidable than any other treasure.

Sensing Auntie’s consideration, a slight grin flit past the corner of Chen Mo’s mouth. He carried Qing Wan away from this place.

Not long after they left, two men in yellow brocades walked out one after the other from the woods. One of them was Tang Lun, surprisingly. The two of them had watched the bitter struggle along the shore, their complexions grave as their fellow genius warriors lost their qualifications. Tang Lun swallowed back his saliva. Right now, his hands and feet still felt ice-cold. “That Chen Mo is too terrifying, what cultivation method does he practice, to actually be able to defeat so many people.”

The speech style of the man beside Tang Lun was unusual, as if he was a scholar, but his appearance nevertheless concealed a grave and stern dignity, like he was a hawk. And a hawk was not a bird that anyone could just raise.

This man was none other than Tang Yunshen, the genius warrior of the imperial family.

Although “genius” was already overused, this was undeniable. To be able to assume a key position in the Azure Dragon Imperial Guard and learn the quintessence of the Black Turtle Seven Changes, Tang Yunshen was far from comparison to these genius warriors. Under the full power cultivation of the imperial family, Tang Yunshen was far more talented than anyone else.

“Imperial Brother Yunshen, were you able to discover something just now?” Tang Lun and Tang Yunshen had been observing all along. On one hand, they wanted to see just what level of power the legendary Chen Mo had reached. Secondly, they wanted to see the scene of Chen Mo butchered.

They never imagined the resulting show would instead be a lion hunting a pack of little white rabbits. 

Indeed, in Tang Lun’s eyes, Chen Mo’s tyrannical power was more ferocious than a lion, and Wang Baoguo’s group could only be the little white rabbits. He originally wanted to seize a chance to intervene, but in the end, he was scared stiff by Chen Mo’s Zhangtian Seal. Tang Lun already did not dare have this idea. He definitely did not want to was out before passing this phase.

“That super first-rate martial art, that weapon, and that Zhangtian Seal just now. Hm, interesting. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen such an interesting opponent.” Tang Yunshen sinisterly grinned.

“His Imperial Majesty said we are to stop him. But it looks like…” Tang Lun did not dare entertain this thought at all.

“You want to run?” Tang Yunshen’s words were simple and direct. His eyes were like a vulture staring at rotting prey. Tang Lun was sure that if he dared to shrink back in the slightest, he would be added into this pile of people. This imperial brother absolutely was not the virtuous sort.

“Of course not, but Brother Yun, you also saw.” Tang Lun forced a smile. “His Zhangtian Seal is surprisingly able to intimidate a cultivator. This is too frightening.”

Tang Yunshen did not deny this. As everyone knew, Chen Zhangtian’s Zhangtian Seal was an absolute ability in the Great Chong Dynasty. “To be frank, he has not practiced it to perfection. It is nothing special.”

“Why not let’s contact Jiang Yanyu, unite with her to get rid of Chen Mo together?” Tang Lun felt this plan was doable.

“Will that woman truly stand on our imperial family’s side?” Tang Yunshen said.

Tang Yunshen was deeply afraid of this Princess Yanyu, who was able to trade blows with Huan Wen. This number one genius of the Great Chong Dynasty was absolutely not as simple as she appeared. “This Chen Mo has one very big weakness that will make him dance in the palm of our hands in the end.” Tang Yunshen confidently said.

“Weakness??” Tang Lun was surprised. He did not see any weaknesses in Chen Mo.

“Let’s go, time is running short.” Tang Yunshen turned and left.

Losers were trash, not worth a glance.


All wiped out?

When the bodies of Wang Baoguo, Ling Kaicheng, and the other most outstanding jinshi of the court examination were lifted out covered in cuts and bruises, all of them at their last gasps, the entire Pagoda Island was shaken.

Smart people immediately learned from the other factions that something had happened, but they felt their own conjectures were inconceivable.

Emperor Tang’s expression was dreadfully heavy.

Trash, a heap of trash. This many people were unable to handle a single Three Flowers warrior. If it was not for the public venue and innumerable witnesses, Emperor Tang would have had the urge to execute these people on the spot.

They were honestly trash.

“Wang Baoguo has been crippled and surprisingly washed out.” Chen Lin was stunned to learn this information.

That brat was definitely among Chang’an’s eminent and bright this generation. In this court examination, he had the greatest qualifications to compete for top three, yet he actually washed out this quickly, nearly dying as well in the process.

“Serves him right.” Chen Luan smirked.

Chen Lin wrinkled his brow: “These people all seem to be Chang’an warriors. And there’s also the Jiangnan faction. Don’t tell me they… A confrontation…Both sides suffered heavy losses…”

Chen Luan rolled her eyes. This Second Brother’s brain was normally filled with too many personal pleasures and unable to reflect.

“Third Sister, what do you think?”

“What else can I think, the Jiangnan faction and CHang’an’s warriors wanted to steal the chicken, only to end up losing even the rice to lure it.” Chen Luan disdainfully said.

Chen Lin was stunned, finally understanding a bit of what had happened. “Don’t tell me!”

“Just wait and see. In this court examination, Little Brother will leave Emperor Tang’s face swollen from his slaps.” Chen Luan sneered.

There were a few more hours until sunset.

Pagoda Basin, a certain mountain hollow.

Qing Wan slowly regained consciousness. She felt that she seemed to have had a bizarre dream. In the dream, she was pulled out from water by Chen Mo. This scoundrel unexpectedly then shamelessly kissed her. Afterwards, a crowd of very powerful warriors surrounded him, but the final result that Qing Wan saw seemed to be just like what happened back then at Azure Dragon Mountain, the scene where Chen Mo swept away the Qing Family’s warriors with just Qi-blood Nine Turns, with all of the warriors falling.

It really was just a dream.

How could Chen Mo possibly be powerful enough to be able to knock down that many genius warriors, let alone…Qing Wan touched her lips. There seemed to still be some lingering warmth. No matter what, this man would never kiss her. More likely, he would be disgusted with her.

Qing Wan’s body was sore as she looked around.

“You’re awake.” A familiar voice exploded in her eardrums. Qing Wan’s body stiffened.

The girl turned her head, dumbstruck, nearly screaming out in surprise.

“Chen Mo!”

Chen Mo finished his breathing exercises, “It’s good that you’re awake.” As he said this, he leisurely flung his hand, and several things appeared in front of Qing Wan.

The girl was shocked to see the coral and pearl of Buddhism’s Seven Treasures.

“You saved me?” Qing Wan finally recalled what had happened before. She had entered the seafloor to search for coral, but she encountered the Twisted Light and had her whole body paralyzed by its lightning. On the verge of death, she seemed to have seen Chen Mo’s face.

None of this had been an illusion.

“Don’t tell me you defeated those Chang’an warriors.” There was a tremor in Qing Wan’s voice.

Chen Mo smiled: “You seem well as of recent, to actually have received a chance to enter the court examination.” He was well aware that the conditions for a loser’s re-entry were very demanding. An Essence Flower warrior would need to exert enormous effort to do so.

Qing Wan was currently Qi Flower Early Stage. Compared to when she was known back then as Azure Dragon Town’s number one genius, it was only when Qing Wan reached the outside world that she learned her genius really was a bit nothing special.

However, the girl was naturally tenacious. The greater the tribulation, the more bold she became. It was very exceptional for her to already be able to break through to Qi Flower Early Stage in a few short months.

Qing Wan was silent, not uttering a word. All sorts of feelings welled up in her heart, yet she was neither happy nor angry.

“This court examination depends on one’s own strength. I cannot receive your charity, Your Highness.” Qing Wan described Chen Mo’s kindness as charity. This made Chen Mo laugh bitterly.

“I order you to take it.” Chen Mo left no room for argument.

Qing Wan was stunned.

Chen Mo narrowed his eyes and coldly said: “Do not forget that your Qing Family swore fealty to me. You are one of my people. In this court examination, your successful pass can bolster my strength, so you are to stow your high and mighty temper in front of me. You do not become strong for your own sake. You become strong for mine. When I want you to do something, you can only do it!!”

Qing Wan’s body trembled. She bit her lip. She never imagined that there would be a day that Chen Mo would so despotically threaten her.

“Your refusal is betrayal. Consider that for yourself carefully.” Chen Mo coolly said.

His words were correct. As one who swore fealty to him, the stronger Qing Wan was, the more beneficial it was to him. Qing Wan’s so-called refusal out of righteousness was basically a futile tantrum.

“As you command!! Your Highness.”

Qing Wan lowered her head, clenching her fist tightly.

“Indignation, defiance. These are very good. This is motivation for you to become even stronger, but being facetious or pretentious will only make you weaker.” Chen Mo did not mind her attitude at all.

Qing lifted her head, her gaze much more resolute.

She had heard of Chen Mo’s recent exploits in Chang’an. She was aware that Chen Mo had received praise from the Wanshou Temple’s abbot and entered the Bodhi Cliff. Originally, she was still a bit skeptical, but seeing that Chen Mo had surprisingly buried the hatchet, her heart stirred indescribably.

The truly strong always had their eyes further down the road, and the scenes of others along the sides were nothing more than occasional amusement, not worth remembering.

“Your current strength is still too weak, not enough to pass.” Chen Mo pondered. He stood on an empty space and abruptly began a martial arts routine.

This routine was unlike his normal boxing, without much killing intent. On the contrary, it had the feeling of instruction.

Qing Wan immediately realized that Chen Mo was teaching her the Bagua.1

“Your Highness, you!”

“This is the Bagua. To be frank, I have no way to teach it to you directly. But I can give you the outline, and you can imitate it.” Chen Mo said. Imparting the Book Of Changes’ Bagua was not a simple thing to teach. It required a special power. That Auntie could pass it on to him was because there was major achievement at her level, and she had personal pointers to give.

After teaching her the Bagua, it would be up to Qing Wan’s skill to see how much she could comprehend. 

“Chen Mo, why are you helping me like this? To humiliate me?”

Seeing that Qing Wan was still brooding over bygone matters, Chen Mo shook his head.

“I’m waiting for the day you humiliate me back.”

Chen Mo waved his hand, turned and entered the forest, his silhouette vanishing.

Qing Wan felt her lips.

For a time, she was silent.

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