Chapter 178: Tiger On The Mind

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Chen Mo crouched atop a large tree more than a dozen meters off the ground. He looked down through the lush foliage, his breathing restrained under the Nose Locking Art, as if he was emptiness.

Slowly, heavy footfalls came from faraway in the forest, like they were treading on iron. Each step emitted the oppressive sound of groaning metal. Following the setting sun, what appeared first was a pair of green eyes. After a low breath, a large tiger emerged into his field of view.

That tiger was unlike the ordinary kind. Its entire body was like a layer of colored glass, and many quill-like barbs protruded from its body. This colored glass body was glossy and refracted multicolored lights. Its tiger eyes were like jade, and its feet tread upon red clouds. Its tail was like a divine whip, surprisingly a length of two or three meters, and the tail also had many spikes on it.

This tiger’s face was like a vajra or an arhat, its fangs like gold or silver, making one feel extreme pressure.

With its every step, its glass-like body would let out a grating tremor, making one feel terrified.

Colored Glass Vajra Tiger!

It was Chen Mo’s current target, and the “colored glass” he needed to obtain for the court examination was to come precisely from this Vajra Tiger’s body. According to the rules, a warrior was not allowed to kill the Vajra Tiger. They could only snatch a piece of colored glass from its body.

The Vajra Tiger was categorized as a Rank Five Demon Beast. Compared to other Rank Five Demon Beasts, the aura of the Vajra Tiger before his eyes was mature enough to be equivalent to a Saint Of War level. For a Three Flowers Gathered Overhead jinshi to obtain colored glass from the body of a tiger like this, that truly was the embodiment of the idiom of not touching a tiger’s rear, indescribably difficult. Even Chen Mo felt apprehensive, for if he was the slightest bit inattentive, he could wind up in the tiger’s mouth.

In past Divine Warrior Examinations, countless warriors died in the jaws of the Vajra Tiger. Most of the time, warriors that had not yet reached the Three Flowers Gathered Overhead Saint Of War level would band together and use every kind of trick.

Chen Mo pondered what method to use to take the colored glass. Truthfully, there was a very simple way, and that was to activate “Qiankun One Qi.” Qiankun One Qi could easily intimidate this tiger, make it helpless against him, however, Qiankun One Qi was a power of last resort. Each use would weaken him considerably, and he needed a long time to recover. Right now was the court examination initial phase, and there was still the final trial of the Seven Treasures Pagoda. To use it now was a bit of a waste.

Then the other method was to use martial prowess, the “tiger’s mouth seizes food.”

This method was not bad. Although the Vajra Tiger was comparable to a Saint Of War, maybe even a bit better, Chen Mo was considerably confident in his martial arts. It was just right to use the Vajra Tiger to practice his martial arts, to take two birds with one stone.

Chen Mo finished his planning and was just about to move.

All of a sudden, a swallow cried out from the surroundings.

Chen Mo wrinkled his brow.

The Vajra Tiger stopped and raised its head to look at the treetop.

Just at this moment, several chains flew out from the surrounding leaves. These chains whooshed, constricting the Vajra Tiger’s limbs like coiling snakes. Several warriors rushed out from the dense trees and leaves.

“Capture it.”

“Quickly go take the colored glass.”

These chains were a True Treasure. As far as a warrior was concerned, True Treasures were not very useful, but against some Demon Beasts, they often had surprising effects. These warriors were mostly Three Flowers Realm, like they were the warriors of a major province. THey were quite coordinated. Two warriors leapt forth, bounding towards the Vajra Tiger.

They attacked it with palm techniques.


The Vajra Tiger shook. The chains holding it down were flung away, and several warriors could not help but be tossed out as well. Upon seeing the Vajra Tiger was no longer restrained, the warriors were ashen.

The Vajra Tiger pounced. The martial arts of a warriors more often than not evolved from animals. As one that was Demonic, the Vajra Tiger’s skills were more formidable than most warriors.

This pounced immediately overwhelmed a warrior, and with one bite, it broke his neck.

“Swallow Dispersing Hand!”

Another warrior brandished his hands. Palms like swallows grabbed, and this attack dazzled the Vajra Tiger, making it claw about wildly. The Vajra Tiger let out a roar that shook the forest.

The light of colored glass flashed in its surroundings, fully displaying the tiger’s intent to fight.

The warrior’s whole body was shaken, his Qi-blood scattered, and his technique completely undone. The tiger slashed. True Qi was fundamentally unable to protect the warrior, and his chest was torn open, dying wretchedly on the spot.

“Ah, let’s hurry and escape.” The remaining two comrades immediately threw down the chains and activated escape techniques once they saw their teammates die.

The “colored glass” of Buddhism’s Seven Treasures was worth 7 points. However, one could also enter the pagoda by obtaining the colored glass through other means, but the points received would not be as high. Colored glass obtained from the Vajra Tiger’s body was worth the highest. These four people originally wanted to preserve the point value, but once two of them died in an instant, they immediately changed their thinking.

The Vajra Tiger did not give chase. It ripped into the warrior’s corpse. As a Demon Beast, it was able to consume the flesh of a Qi-blood Nine Turns warrior and cultivate from it.

All of a sudden, the Vajra Tiger stopped its chewing. It raised its head. From the treetops, a giant palm imprint abruptly descended. The Vajra Tiger leapt away, dodging this attack.

Chen Mo landed on the ground, his brow wrinkled. This Vajra Tiger’s hunting speed was so fast, killing two Three Flowers Realm warriors in mere moments.

Seeing another prey was upon its doorstep, the Vajra Tiger’s eyes let out a gloomy green light. It smelled Chen Mo’s Three Flowers Gathered Overhead aura, and its bestial nature stirred.

It hissed, shaking the forest, and its pressure reached Chen Mo first.

Using its skills again, the Vajra Tiger pounced once more. Chen Mo’s hand rose, catching the tiger’s lunge as easily as if he was lifting weights, with such little effort. His palm gently moved, striking the tiger’s underbelly.

The tiger’s whole colored glass body glowed with red light. Having sustained an attack, it did not yield. Its claw violently swatted at Chen Mo’s hand, its power at an absolute maximum. Compared to a Saint Of War, it was far stronger. This slap and the following colored glass light ability were enough to handle ordinary magic treasures. 

Chen Mo was calm and collected. He brandished his hands again, placing his palms together. Chen Mo surprisingly felt the back of his hands go numb. As expected, this tiger was very strong.

But not strong enough!

Chen Mo’s left hand blasted upwards towards the tiger’s belly.

This was “Dui Upper Open.”

The power of his punch was like a lightning strike and a thunderclap, sending the Vajra Tiger flying.

The Vajra Tiger fell to the ground and arched its body, revealing sharp teeth, yet it was not as overbearing as before, as if it somewhat did not dare believe that this warrior was able to resist it.

Demon Beasts all had intelligence. Some Demon Beasts that cultivated to profound levels could even shapeshift into a human form, becoming legendary Demon Xian. The Vajra Tiger saw it was unable to sustain a single blow and began to circle, staring at Chen Mo and analyzing him for openings.

The tiger eyed its prey, its pupils extremely intimidating.

Chen Mo’s figure moved, launching an attack.

This was the disparity in their levels. The warriors from before could only exercise extreme caution against the tiger, as if they were on thin ice. They could only flee once the tiger broke free of the shackles, but Chen Mo dared to face it directly.

The Vajra Tiger saw that its “Tiger Watching Prey” did not have even the slightest effect. In its anger, it let out a hiss. 

Its hiss and glare could both intimidate a warrior’s mind, bringing about openings in the counterpart for it to exploit and kill, but against Chen Mo, they were completely useless.

Chen Mo closed the distance and punched.

But this was not the Bagua, rather, it was surprisingly a tiger martial art that imitated the movements of a tiger hunting prey.

The Vajra Tiger was wrapped in the light of colored glass, depending on its solid body and not fleeing. Each of its claws was strong enough to rend stone.

Chen Mo’s punch attacked. All of a sudden, his fist exploded with a tiger hiss intent. In this instant, Chen Mo seemed to transform into an even bigger tiger as his palm smacked the Vajra Tiger.

The Vajra Tiger was frightened, wide-eyed, as it was blown away by this palm attack.

In just a few breaths, Chen Mo had already practiced this Vajra Tiger Fist to the pinnacle of perfection. The Vajra Tiger had knocked down several enormous camphor trees. It shook its head and growled as it stood up.

A shadow pounced. Chen Mo was already lunging again, his body like a beast, both palms wide open. Shockingly, it was Tiger Pounces On Prey.

The Vajra Tiger was capable of warding off a Saint Of War in any case, and smacking a Three Flowers Gathered Overhead to death was not out of the question. It did not dare believe a warrior without magic energy was able to be so surly. All of its colored glass body once again released an illusion, making Chen Mo land on nothing.

Chen Mo did not anticipate that the Vajra Tiger would also have this kind of decoy ability. A fierce foehn wind suddenly swept over. A figure as swift as lightning appeared from his flank and slammed into Chen Mo’s body, sending his entire person flying.

The Vajra Tiger saw it had seized prey. It opened its jaws and bit Chen Mo’s neck, and its sharp claws slashed Chen Mo’s chest to stab into his organs.

Chen Mo took a step back, and his silhouette abruptly vanished.

The Vajra Tiger was startled. Its back sunk in. Chen Mo stepped with a leisurely pace and had rotated onto its back. His iron punches pounded it in succession.

The Vajra Tiger was unable to bear the assault and was pounded into the ground, rolling endlessly. Chen Mo’s movements were extremely agile, entangling the tiger and not letting it go.

“You brute, hurry and become obedient.” Chen Mo reached out and grabbed it, seizing the tiger’s neck. This was the weakest part of its body. Its seven to eight hundred kilogram body was just like a tiny chick in Chen Mo’s hand, stuck in midair.

The Vajra Tiger’s whip-like tail swept towards him, but it was seized by Chen Mo’s other hand. The barbs on the tail were splintered under his palm chop.

Chen Mo’s hands grabbed the Vajra Tiger’s hand and heavily swung, flinging the Vajra Tiger away like a sandbag. It knocked down several dozen camphor trees and cliffs. The Vajra Tiger was finally unable to move anymore, and several pieces of colored glass on its body immediately dimmed.

The Vajra Tiger whimpered. Knowing it had run into a strong person, it capitulated like a kitten.

“Now be my pet.” Chen Mo sent his intent into the Vajra Tiger’s mind.

The School Of Mind’s intent was able to control all manners of beasts. When at the level of Wang Yangming, he would practically be the master of all animals, truly reaching the level of doing as he pleased.

However, to subdue this kind of intelligent Demon beast was still very challenging. Chen Mo had just used the Vajra Tiger Fist to make a sense of agreement appear in the Vajra Tiger, then he added his own overwhelming martial art to thoroughly topple this Demon Beast’s honor.

Vajra Tigers were very rare. Only those who received no small measure of Buddhism’s karmic cultivation were able to succeed, so the court examination made a rule about not killing the Vajra Tiger. But capturing one was not in violation of the rules at all. TO be able to subdue such a tiger, he would have the equivalent of an army strong enough to take on a hundred Three Flowers Gathered Overhead warriors.

The Vajra Tiger growled, seemingly sensing its mind receive a disturbance, and it instinctively resisted.

Gradually, its struggling grew weaker and weaker.

Just as this Vajra Tiger was about to become a subordinate of the Chang’an Mansion, all of a sudden, the air let out a bang.

Several iron bullets shot towards Chen Mo.

Boom, boom!

The iron shells exploded the moment they touched Chen Mo. The entire forest was set ablaze, knocking down many trees. A raging conflagration devoured Chen Mo.

“Ha, ha, truly the Heavens are helping us. Chen Mo was actually so careless. Struck by Imperial Brother’s “Fire Thunder Bullets,’ he is as good as dust.”

Two men walked out from the forest. They were none other than Tang Lun and Tang Yunshen.

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    I’m looking forward to this Tang Yunshen…

    1. Yep. Here’s to hoping somehow Silver Blade is found in Maiden Galaxy as a venerated relic or something.

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