Chapter 196: This Woman Is Very Troublesome

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“Princess Yanyu, if you have any other abilities, use them. I don’t think this is all you have.” Chen Mo’s every swing of Northern Dipper rapidly drained his Star Energy.

Chen Mo wanted to end the battle swiftly, but Jiang Yanyu used her sword intent to barely hang on. She was not so simple to handle.

Countless sword qi once again disintegrated and splattered.

Chen Mo once again broke through the layers of sword rain obstructions. Jiang Yanyu pointed her hand, and the magic treasure Green Brocaded Ruyi Scepter activated.

The Green Brocaded Ruyi Scepter’s light expanded. Green light became a brocade sparrow that coiled around Northern Dipper and entangled Chen Mo’s weapon. The magic treasures that the crown prince gave Jiang Yanyu were all specifically to be used against Chen Mo. This Green Brocaded Ruyi Scepter was able to entangle the attacks of a weapon or another magic weapon. Against a warrior like Chen Mo who depended on Northern Dipper and Invincible, this could not possibly be more suitable.

Chen Mo chuckled and similarly activated the “Four Symbols Bundling Immortal Talisman.”

The talisman became a white light, flying over like a white dragon.

“The Four Symbols Bundling Immortal Talisman?” Jiang Yanyu was very surprised.

She was aware of this Four Symbols Bundling Immortal Talisman’s reputation. With her Third Layer Thunder Tribulation cultivation, she would be in danger if she was caught. Jiang Yanyu’s Divine Intent moved, and the brocade sparrow flapped its wings, transforming into a green light that also twisted around the white dragon.

“Great Thousand World, Misty Rain Three Thousand!”1

“Sword array, arise!”

Jiang Yanyu struck hand seals.

The sword qi became rain pillars. Under Jiang Yanyu’s control, they surrounded Chen Mo. The sword qi was much more profound than before, each pillar of it like a blade. Chen Mo already had no way to easily use Northern Dipper to sweep them away.

Jiang Yanyu activated another magic treasure.

A red tasseled spear suddenly expanded, becoming several zhang in size. The red tasseled spear became a blazing spear-light, transforming into a flaming dragon. This “Inferno Dragon Spear”2 was the magic treasure that Jiang Yanyu was most proud of, capable of offense and defense, of entanglement and breakthrough.

The Inferno Dragon Spear whistled as it shot towards Chen Mo.

Chen Mo brandished Northern Dipper, smashing it down right in front of him, to strike down the magic treasure, but this Inferno Dragon Spear’s flames suddenly dispersed, surprisingly bypassing Northern Dipper’s attack.

“Oh, no.”

Chen Mo was stunned.

The Inferno Dragon Spear subsequently reformed and pierced straight through Chen Mo’s chest.

A cultivator’s magic treasure was not something a warrior was able to withstand. This Inferno Dragon Spear’s transformations fluctuated constantly, appearing and disappearing, and Chen Mo did not block it.


This spear stabbed into his chest, and flames immediately engulfed Chen Mo’s upper body.

“Your Highness, you lost.” Jiang Yanyu saw that her magic treasure had struck home on Chen Mo, and she slightly smiled.

If he had been any other Saint Of War, being run through the chest by a magic treasure like this would inevitably result in grievous injury.

But Jiang Yanyu’s smile barely lasted an instant. The fire burning Chen Mo was suddenly doused as if by a pail of ice water. The blaze was abruptly extinguished, revealing the red tasseled spear’s original form. It had stabbed into Chen Mo’s chest, but the tip of the spear did not make full contact, evidently not piercing his heart or lung. But what left Jiang Yanyu in disbelief was that the Inferno Dragon Spear’s flames, the “Leyline Lung Fire,” were capable of melting even weapons. A normal cultivator would necessarily expend enormous energy to avoid being incinerated once touched.

Chen Mo was only a Saint Of War without any magic energy. He was surprisingly capable of smothering the Inferno Dragon Spear.

“Can it be that is the Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade?” Jiang Yanyu said in astonishment. Those white clothes on Chen Mo were like snow, unexpectedly unscorched by the blaze. His clothes emitted an ice-cold mist that had obviously extinguished the fire.

“Is it also a treasure?” Jiang Yanyu wrinkled her brow.

A thundering roar roused Jiang Yanyu.

Chen Mo plucked the Inferno Dragon Spear. He moved his legs, already launching an attack. “Hmph.” Jiang Yanyu’s eyes moved, and the Inferno Dragon Spear soared again. At the same time, she activated a third magic treasure.

This magic treasure was a strange flower bud with seven petals. The entire body was crystalline and featured seven different colors. The bud emitted an aroma that directly rolled around Chen Mo.

This “One Mind Soft Bone”3 was a magic weapon that the sect imparted to her during a competition. Once used, a fragrance would waft. In a range of a hundred meters around Jiang Yanyu, all targets would have their minds confused and their whole bodies go limp. A gap would appear in their minds, while Jiang Yanyu instead would become even more lucid, her state of mind even stronger.

Jiang Yanyu’s Divine Intent moved. Sword intent wrapped around the Four Symbols Bundling Immortal Talisman while the Green Brocade Ruyi Scepter’s brocade sparrow flew towards Chen Mo. The flames of the the Inferno Dragon Spear subsequently soared.

Three magic treasures.

She was giving it her all.

Jiang Yanyu was practically using her magic energy to the limit to control three magic treasures with her thoughts. If it was not for the One Mind Soft Bone, she would have difficulty doing so.

But these three magic treasures when paired with Jiang Yanyu’s supreme Misty Rain Sword Intent were sufficient to make any cultivator of the same level, or even one of a higher level, terror-stricken. For a mere Saint Of War like Chen Mo, according to common sense, it was absolutely impossible to resist.

Yes, according to common sense.

But the man in front of her was the opponent least able to be judged by common sense in this world.

“Have you used everything?”

A ray of white qi flew out of Chen Mo’s right hand. This qi seemed born from the world itself, white as mist. It immediately rolled towards her.

The magic energy in Jiang Yanyu’s entire body was sucked away. In a flash, the Inferno Dragon Spear, the Green Brocade Ruyi Scepter, and the One Mind Soft Bone were trapped by this white qi. The three magic treasures seemed to be fixed in place, unable to budge. Jiang Yanyu immediately sensed invisible shackles bind her from head to toe.

Her magic energy actually seemed to congeal.

What is this???

Jiang Yanyu was a bit shocked. This woman was extremely composed, surprisingly not the least bit flustered at being trapped by Chen Mo’s Qiankun One Qi. The Qiankun One Qi was able to deter any target. The weaker the enemy, the stronger the effect, which meant the intimidation was stronger.

Jiang Yanyu was trapped by the Qiankun One Qi. Her Divine Consciousness was still tough as she attempted to struggle free.

Chen Mo did not give her any chances. Now that his secret weapon Qiankun One Qi had been used, he needed to immediately end the battle. If he let her prepare defenses next time, things would not be as easy.

Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper was like a mountain. The divine wind was released, revealing the fearsom weapon’s form as it seemed that the Five Sacred Mountains themselves bore down upon her.

The iron staff descended.

It brought with it an enormous noise that jolted the world, seemingly shaking even the Seven Treasures Pagoda.

This attack was enough to shatter the skull of any Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator, to die a violent death, but Chen Mo had no interest in destroying a flower.4 It would be enough for the Northern Dipper Sword to leave Jiang Yanyu heavily injured.

A Star Energy barrier suddenly deployed around Jiang Yanyu, blocking Chen Mo’s assault at the last moment.

A jade annulus appeared.

Astonishingly, it was the Profound Star Barrier.

The barrier of Star Energy that the Profound Star Barrier released warded off Chen Mo’s strike. The Profound Star Barrier was not like other Astral Treasures. The jade annulus itself concentrated Star Energy, and anyone was able to activate the Star Energy that it contained, to use it as a defensive measure. Legend said that the Profound Star Barrier was a fragment of the richly ornamented fence around Star World’s enormous Star Pavilion; the fence had become millions of pieces that rained into the nine thousand Star Fields. They were very common Astral Treasures in Star World.

The defensive capabilities of the Profound Star Barrier were used via the Star Energy innately contained in the Star Barrier itself. So long as the Profound Star Barrier’s power was not exceeded, it could stop any attack.

Jiang Yanyu’s eyes were like lightning and fire as she exercised a magic energy ability.


Chen Mo activated the Trampling Innate Skill, however, a Star Crest did not appear on his forehead. Concealing the Star Crest could hide his identity as a Servant Star. Of course, doing so would appropriately limit the effect of the Innate Skill.

Chen Mo concentrated his Star Energy onto Northern Dipper. Norther DIpper seemed to transform into a guillotine.

Cracks spiderwebbed across the Profound Star Barrier.


At the same time the Profound Star Barrier splintered, a powerful force backflowed. At the very last moment, Jiang Yanyu finally broke free of Qiankun One Qi. She promptly blocked with a backhand, using one of her abilities.

But Northern Dipper’s overbearing force still flung Jiang Yanyu’s body like a kite severed from it string. The woman slammed into the wall, vomiting a bloody mist as she nearly fell down from the numbing impact.

She did not dare believe it.

There was actually a Saint Of War in this world who was able to injure her.

Jiang Yanyu looked at Chen Mo in astonishment, the first time she was unable to see through a person.

Chen Mo panted, for he had used up so much Star Energy just now.

Jiang Yanyu looked at that Profound Star Barrier with some regret. It Star Energy was completely depleted and ruined. This man is truly very strong. Perhaps he is not a normal Saint Of War, but one who cultivates Star Energy?

Jiang Yanyu was surreptitiously healing.

“Still not conceding?”

Chen Mo took a deep breath and used the Deva Eyes to stare at his counterpart.

“To think there would be such a day that I, Jiang Yanyu, would hear a man say this to me.”

Jiang Yanyu smiled. She wiped the blood away from the corner of her mouth, indifferent and graceful.

“Fine then.”

Chen Mo lifted the staff and attacked again.

Jiang Yanyu’s Divine Intent moved. The three magic treasures attacked. Chen Mo waved his hand, and the Qiankun One Qi jolted all three magic treasures.

“Zhangtian Seal? No, I never expected that you would already have an ability that surpasses the Zhangtian Seal.” Jiang Yanyu’s gaze was grim. She did not retreat. Instead, she took a step forward, charging straight towards Chen Mo.

Does she want to die?

Given that trifling remnant of magic energy she had, there was fundamentally no way she could resist Northern Dipper’s blow.

Chen Mo growled, sweeping the staff.

“I really did not want to use the Misty Rain Hidden Sword against a Saint Of War.” Jiang Yanyu mumbled, setting her body techniques. She beckoned with one of her white hands.

The Misty Rain Sword Intent that had been deterred by the Qiankun One Qi quickly spun. The sword-rain ripped apart the Qiankun One Qi and was recalled back to her hand.

All of her sword intent hid in her arm, absolutely silent.

Chen Mo felt strange. Not daring to underestimate her, he used the Qiankun One Qi again, immediately following it with the Four Symbols Bundling Talisman. Add on the Northern Dipper’s strike, these would have been enough to shake Jiang Yanyu.

Jiang Yanyu neither dodged nor yielded. Northern Dipper’s fierce wind lifted the girl’s locks of hair. Killing intent scraped against her cheeks like a blade.

Jiang Yanyu thrust her hand forth, as if she was stabbing with a sword.

Hazy drizzle shot forth from her hand and transformed into a violence like a swift gale and a torrential downpour. The sword qi swept everything away. The unstoppable Four Symbols Bundling Immortal Talisman was broken, and the Qiankun One Qi surprisingly was unable to hinder her sword qi, instead being ruthlessly torn apart.

An enormous noise.

The Misty Rain Hidden Sword clashed with Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper. It unexpectedly matched his charge completely. Chen Mo had no choice but to step back. He waved his hand and struck down the three magic treasures.

The skin of his palms cracked. His hands were shaken and numb. Chen Mo clearly felt Northern Dipper rock.

What an incredible sword.

Chen Mo’s pupils shrunk. The sword stroke just now had nearly sent Northern Dipper flying.

Jiang Yanyu spat a mouthful of blood. A beautifully crafted sword had already appeared in her hand. This sword was extremely odd. Rain formed its shape, an astral wind its bone, and a chilling air its blade.

This was the final form of Jiang Yanyu’s Misty Rain Sword Intent.

The sword intent itself was hidden.

But Chen Mo felt an even more chilling killing intent enter his bones.

This was even more terrifying than the Misty Rain Sword Intent.

“It seems everyone in the world was wrong. They all believe that Princess Yanyu’s sword intent is unmatched. Looks like this is actually your true strength.” Chen Mo smiled.

“True strength?” Jiang Yanyu smiled. She ingested one of the magic energy replenishment pills that the crown prince had given her.5

From that noncommittal smile of hers, Chen Mo detected something else

This woman was very troublesome.

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  1. 大千世界,煙雨三千
  2. 烈火蛟龍槍
  3. 一心酥骨
  4. 辣手摧花, more accurately interpreted as “deflowered.”
  5. Still wondering if this counts as cheating.

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