Chapter 197: Rude And Unreasonable Reveal

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“The Princess has returned.”

“The Princess is so amazing this time, to actually be able to pass the fifth floor.”

“In the future, she will be the second Princess Yanyu.”

The surroundings thronged with successive cries of astonishment. Cui Wumeng walked past everyone’s jealous and incredulous stares. Towards those clamoring discussions around her, Cui Wumeng would have already ruthlessly taught these people ruining her mood a lesson if this had been in the past. However, having just walked out from the Seven Treasures Pagoda, she was completely spent right now. She merely snorted coldly at these wild discussions.

Cui Wumeng walked before the Duke of Impermanence’s position. Two maids immediately stepped forward and carefully served her.

The Duke Of Impermanence was an old man over sixty years of age. His hair was turning white, and his aged complexion as well as his intensely wrinkled skin made it very difficult for people to believe that he was actually Cui Wumeng’s father.1

When Cui Pan saw his daughter was unharmed, he showed a brilliant smile. “What a relief that you are fine.”

“Congratulations, Princess. The Princess’ Divine Warrior score this time is but ranked in the top ten.”

“As expected, the Princess is naturally extraordinary. Someday, you will certainly replace Princess Yanyu as the Great Chong Dynasty’s number one genius.” Several of the Duke Of Impermanence’s subordinates praised her.

Cui Wumeng coldly grunted towards these flattering compliments.

“Daughter, you must have had gains in this Seven Treasures Pagoda?”

“En, Daughter has comprehended martial intent.” Cui Wumeng was immensely proud of herself. 

“Good, as expected of the daughter of me, the Duke of Impermanence, ha, ha, ha, ha.” Cui Pan heartily laughed.

Hearing that the Yellow Springs Princess had unexpectedly become a Saint Of War, all of the people in the surroundings were incomparably dumbstruck.

Martial intent.

That was the level of a Saint Of War who unified flesh and spirit. Those that surpassed Three Flowers Gathered Overhead were even able to contend against First Layer Thunder Tribulation cultivators. Martial intent like this required formidable understanding and talent. Generally speaking, the more experienced someone was, the more they could comprehend, but after Thunder Tribulation, there was no way to comprehend martial intent, so warriors and cultivators who were able to comprehend Saint Of War in the Great Chong Dynasty were very few in number.

To enter Saint Of War at only eleven years old like Cui Wumeng, perhaps even Jiang Yanyu could not compare.

“Rest well. There is still the Title Bestowal after Jiang Yanyu obtains zhuangyuan.” Cui Pan was elated.

“Yes, Chang’an Mansion is in for tragedy this time.”

“That Fourth Young Lord of Chang’an Mansion just had to boast. Heh, heh, Chang’an Mansion has lost significant face.”

“Exactly, even Fang Xi has lost.”

“Chen Mo…Daughter feels that Chen Mo perhaps actually can overcome that Yanyu.” Cui Wumeng snorted.

“Impossible, Princess, the Tang Family’s Thirteenth Highness as well as Her Highness Princess Yanyu have both entered the Top Three. How can Chen Mo handle them alone.”

“En, he will definitely be abused by an alliance.”

“Thirteenth Highness? That monk?” Cui Wumeng was clueless as to what was happening.”

“Fang Xi, the heir of the One Year Duke. He was carried out of the Seven Treasures Pagoda, injured by Yanyu’s swordsmanship.” A maid explained.

“Oh, I did not seen any of the Tang Family’s Highnesses at the end. Hmph, they were already eliminated.” Cui Wumeng pursed her lips, speaking with disdain.

“Tang Yunshen was already eliminated?”

After Chang’an Mansion received information that Tang Yunshen did not enter the Divine Warrior rankings, everyone was shaken. Even Chen Zhangtian, who was as immovable as Mount Tai, could not help but be blank.

“It can’t be, isn’t Tang Yunshen very formidable?” Chen Lin was confused.

A moment ago, everyone believed that Jiang Yanyu defeating Fang Xi was a sure sign that she was teaming up with Tang Yunshen. Because everyone knew that Fang Xi was the direct disciple of the Wanshou Temple, he, as a Zen Great Master, would have a simple and refined meditative mind. It was uncertain whether or not he would pose a threat to her alliance with Tang Yunshen in the Top Three, so she defeated him before the Top Three, to get rid of a later misfortune.

There was no way to refute this thinking.

But from the perspective of the warriors who entered one after another, it seemed that Tang Yunshen’s name had never entered the Divine Warrior scoreboard.

This surprising result left all of the noble families in disbelief.

“Which would mean that the final Top Three is only Little Brother and Jiang Yanyu.” Chen Luan was enormously relieved.

“Fang Xi has awakened.”

News that Fang Xi had recovered consciousness spread very quickly through Pagoda Island. Now that the court examination’s final round, the Top Three, was already at its final moments, everyone was left a bit stupefied by the dazzling variable in this Divine Warrior Examination. As the last jinshi to appear, Fang Xi was clearly even more aware of the inside story of the Top Three.

The information obtained from Fang Xi made the imperial family gloomy and depressed.

Indeed, Tang Yunshen did not appear in the Top Three.

In other words, he was washed out before he even entered the Seven Treasures Pagoda. This unexpected result made Tang Feng, who was wild with joy only moments ago, turn pale in overwhelmed shock. Even Emperor Tang’s expression had become extremely unsightly.

Everyone muttered to themselves.

At the same time, Chen Luan did not feel at ease at all because Fang Xi had brought an apparently very troubling piece of information.

“A Hidden Sword Style even more frightening than the Misty Rain Sword Intent…” Chen Luan murmured.

A ray of sword-light sprung forth. Three thousand rays of Misty Rain sword intent retracted into the girl’s mind, but following its release, it would explode with destructive power even more intense than before.

Chen Mo gripped Northern Dipper tightly, barely warding off Jiang Yanyu’s slash.

Princess Yanyu’s body techniques were agile, leaping forth and swing her sword down.

This slash appeared nondescript, yet it pointed straight at Chen Mo’s heart. That bit of sword intent silently avoided Northern Dipper’s swing, attacking Chen Mo’s chest from along an untraceable trajectory.

The Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade was ripped open.

Shreds like snow fluttered about.

The girl landed, gracefully raising her sword and pointing it straight at Chen Mo.

“It appears the victor is already decided.”

“As expected of one who was able to catch the attention of the Inner Star Field. This sword technique contains Star Energy. Do you cultivate Star Energy.” Chen Mo used his own Star Energy to protect his injured organs as he slowly stepped back.

“Your Highness Chen Mo indeed cultivates Star Energy as well. You are correct, Yanyu is untalented, rather, Yanyu has taken the first steps into Star Energy.” Jiang Yanyu slightly smiled.

“So this was the case.” Chen Mo took a deep breath.

The power of the Star Energy contained in the Sword Technique was just like a Star General’s. No wonder her sword intent became more terrifying when it was concealed.

“Yanyu sees that it is nearly dawn. Let us end this now.”

When Jiang Yanyu finished speaking, her figure vanished.

Chen Mo once again wrapped Northern Dipper in divine wind to obscure the weapon’s shape, concentrating Star Energy to block Jiang Yanyu’s sword. The girl slashed upwards, thrusting the swordtip up.

Just like a fisherman skimming his oar across the water’s surface, droplets splashed into the air, each one containing thunderbolt-like sword qi as they shot towards Chen Mo.

This was one of the Misty Rain Sword Techniques, “Fisherman Paddles Water.” The originally ordinary technique became exceptionally fierce under her Hidden Sword Style.

The Northern Dipper wrapped in divine wind scattered many of the water droplet killing intents. The sword qi broke apart the divine wind’s concealment and hacked into Chen Mo’s body, leaving another frightening gash.

Fortunately, Auntie had the foresight to send him this Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade, which stopped most of the sword qi. Otherwise, that blow just now would have been enough to heavily injure Chen Mo.

“Waterway Reminiscence.”2

Jiang Yanyu slashed horizontally. The tip of her sword glittered brilliantly, and a multicolored ripple swirled around Chen Mo.

This is bad.

Chen Mo growled and used the Qiankun One Qi.

Qiankun One Qi dispersed Jiang Yanyu’s sword intent, pressing towards the girl again. Jiang Yanyu held the sword across her chest, but her body was still left trembling from the impact.

Chen Mo seized his chance and transitioned to a counterattack.

The massive weapon shrieked with the sound of a thunderclap as it hurtled in front of the girl. This attack used the Collapsing Mountain Style of the Five Spirit Mountains chant, bearing power that seemed to topple a peak.

Jiang Yanyu’s sword intent pointed. Her swordtip resisted Northern Dipper’s power.

“Princess is right, it’s time to end this.” A brilliant snow-white Star Crest suddenly glowed on Chen Mo’s forehead. That Star Crest was so blinding, to the extent that it seemed like snow and ice illuminated Jiang Yanyu’s face.

“Star Crest???” The girl was shocked.

Under the Innate Skill.

All of his Star Energy obtained a perfect display.

Chen Mo’s first strike descended.

Jiang Yanyu felt her whole body turn heavy, but fortunately, this attack still did not feel very strong to her. It was even a bit weaker than before.

Just when Jiang Yanyu felt she had the timing for a counterattack, Northern Dipper’s second strike followed up. Northern Dipper smashed towards her shoulder, but it was deflected by the Misty Rain Sword. This time, Jiang Yanyu felt her shoulder nearly sink.

The third strike made Jiang Yanyu feel her back about to snap.

Fourth strike.

Fifth strike.

Sixth strike.

Chen Mo’s attacks became increasingly swift, but each strike also became increasingly powerful. Furthermore, his attack range also grew larger and larger.


Jiang Yanyu became more and more strained. Her organs sustained Northern Dipper’s formidable oppression and were continuously damaged.

She needed to end his assault.

Jiang Yanyu’s expression became stern. She roared, and her Third Layer Thunder Tribulation magic energy burst out in full force. She snapped her fingers, and a wave that was like flowing water, like rain, yet also like mist, shot forth. Mixed with thunder-lights, it became a clump of rain and lightning that slashed at Chen Mo.

“Five Elements Refinement?”

Chen Mo was taken aback.

Star World had the Five Elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Each Star General had their own Five Elements categorization. They were able to use the Five Elements to cultivate specific spiritual power. Although cultivators did not have this, they were still ale to refine Five Elements abilities.

This type of power was another of a cultivator’s trump cards that could even be more outstanding that a magic treasure.

But to refine the power of the world’s “Five Elements” required God Transformation Realm in order to have this qualification. Otherwise, not only were they unable to refine it, instead, they would be enormously hurt, enter a runaway state, and have their body explode and die.

Jiang Yanyu was was only Third Layer Thunder Tribulation cultivation, yet she surprisingly was able to refine the “Five Elements” in her body, which stunned Chen Mo.

Don’t tell me this is her true strength?

Jiang Yanyu cultivated the “Misty Water Blue Thunder,” which came from the Water Element of the Five Elements. With her current Realm, she indeed had no way to cultivate it, however, Jiang Yanyu’s constitution was special. She had an innate sensitivity for rain and water, and the Inner Star Field sect she entered was also a Water Element sect. They possessed a unique soul technique that allowed her to be able to refine the Blue Thunder inside her body.

However, her  Misty Water Blue Thunder cultivation would last only a short time. Because she was unable to control it like a God Transformation Realm cultivator could, this would exhaust her energy. Unless she was at a critical moment, Jiang Yanyu would never use it.

Rain, mist, and lightning arced over Northern Dipper. At the same time, a thunderstorm suddenly was born. It was like an enormous tidal wave pouncing on him. Chen Mo’s “Qiankun One Qi” suddnely appeared in the middle of the Five Elements. Compared to Five Elements Refinement, it was far stronger, but each use consumed enormous amounts of his spiritual power that only gathered slowly afterwards, unlike the Five Elements Refinement which was inside the body and could be endless.

Chen Mo could not activate the Qiankun One Qi while he was using the Invincible attack. He could only stake everything on imbuing all of his Star Energy into Northern Dipper. Under the Great Overflow, Northern Dipper honestly was a prehistoric beast of a stick that smashed apart Jiang Yanyu’s “Misty Rain Blue Thunder.”

Seeing even her Five Elements ability was broken, Jiang Yanyu turned pale for the first time.

Northern Dipper pounded.

An unparalleled brute force that seemed to come from prehistory thoroughly submerged the girl. The Seven Treasures Pagoda heavily rocked. Countless sword intents were scattered from her hand, flying in all directions.

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