Chapter 210: Exciting And Ecstatic One Of Two Choices

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Northern Darkness Has Snow regathered her black hair behind her shoulder and flicked her wrist, retracting her sword back into her Astral Stone.

In front of her, the apprentices of the other Three Great Sword Sects were already collapsed ragged on the ground, unable to continue battle.

“Northern Darkness Sword Sect’s disciple, Northern Darkness Has Snow wins!”

Elder E was not surprised by this result at all as he calmly announced it.

“Fairy Northern Darkness is indeed worthy of being called the Jianghu’s number one fairy. She is too strong.”

“There are few who can match her in the current Jianghu.”

“I think even the Great Chong Dynasty’s number one genius Jiang Yanyu would not necessarily be a match for the Fairy.”

“You are mistaken, the Great Chong Dynasty’s number one genius is already no longer Jiang Yanyu. Right, it’s that Fourth Highness of Chang’an Mansion.”

“The White Clothed Tanhua.”

“The Fairy is also dressed in white. Ha, ha, that would be the day if I can see the White Clothed Tanhua and Fairy Northern Darkness duel one another. Then I truly can die without regrets.”

“We must support the Fairy.”

Above the ring, countless cultivators let out thunderous praise, as if all the most beautiful descriptions in the world were insufficient for her. This fervor made Chen Mo recall those celebrities and idols in his previous life. No matter the day or age, idols were always in existence.

The Eastern Flower, Southern Mountain, and Western River Great Sword Sects showed slightly unsightly expressions from the high level platform. After all, their people had teamed up together and were still actually unable to best one person. What face did they have left. However, they were a little bit relieved when they recalled Northern Darkness Has Snow’s reputation.

Some of them put on fake smiles and congratulated the Northern Darkness Sword Sect’s Sect Master, Northern Darkness Blue Wave.

With the victor decided, Northern Darkness Has Snow looked at Chen Mo. Unsurprisingly, she called out to him. 

The reason for this choice was unexpected, though. In past Four Sects Wiping Swords, most of the time, each region chose branches and sword sects within their own area, which was why the Northern Darkness Sword Sect would raise the Northern Branch’s Ding Haiyan. But this was not a rule at all. What was valued in the end was still the ability of the casting master themselves. Chen Mo’s performance in everyone’s eyes was indeed too breathtaking. In the competition, he could be said to have dealt Ding Haiyan a total defeat.

If there was only a small disparity between them, then she would have not minded. When the gap was this large, no one would be stupid enough to go seek out a casting master who was flawed in every respect in order to forge a Divine Weapon.

After the selection, the first round formally concluded.

The second round was to be held a month later.

Within this month, in order to be able to help cast the most suitable Divine Weapon for the sword sect’s disciple, Chen Mo would accompany Northern Darkness Has Snow, to understand the wielder’s characteristics and cast the most perfect weapon. One month later would be the moment when the victor was truly decided.

“In one month, we look forward to what kind of pleasant surprise the collaboration between your disciple and the Fairy can bring us.” The Northern Branch’s Kuang Yi could be said to be repressing his anger. Clearly, this competition was supposed to be his Northern Branch’s, yet suddenly he was to be submissive and yield. Even the Northern Darkness Sword Sect that originally favored them had also chosen someone else. How could he endure this.

“Brother Wuliang is very fortunate to have an apprentice as outstanding as Shi Jin. We seniors are all envious.”

“Ha, ha, we cannot help but be convinced.”

The Three Great Branch’s branch masters each gave Jin Wuliang insincere congratulations, but anyone could see that the person they were actually envious of was Chen Mo.

Generally speaking, the casting masters of the Great Chong Dynasty knew each other through and through, after all, there were only so many of them. An event like this was impossible with only secluded training. A stunning recluse like Chen Mo caught them unprepared.

“Everyone here is a part of the Sword Casting Villa, and you all strive forth for the Villa. If there is something you do not understand, as long as my apprentice has the time, he will definitely help everyone’s disciples. We must all help each other.” Jin Wulang smiled.

Everyone laughed.

“Master, I truly cannot accept this. Just who is that Shi Jin person. Don’t tell me even you don’t know, Master?” Ding Haiyan’s expression was warped. He gazed at Chen Mo, itching to eat him alive. This Four Sects Wiping Sword was originally supposed to have been a place for him to shine and become famous. The result instead was that he acted as matchmaker for someone else. Even the Northern Darkness Sword Sect that had always cultivated him surprisingly turned their backs on him. This was simply the shame of a lifetime.

Seeing his apprentice show a twisted mentality, Kuang Yi rebuked him: “Enough of that ugly attitude. Who let your skills be inferior.” In the end, what a casting master counted on was still individual ability. Embellishments were useless.

Ding Haiyan was silent.

“They say this brat received the teachings of an Inner Star Field senior to be able to have this cultivation.” Kuang Yi’s tone was jealous. They had trained at the Sword Casting Villa their entire lives but actually could not compare at all to this brat.

“What, Inner Star Field?” Ding Haiyan was astonished.

“This is not over yet. The casted sword one month from now is the crux. This time, I will help you at all costs. We must redeem today’s loss.” Kuang Yi paused. He said to the Eastern Flower Sword Sect’s disciple: “And we ask that Your Distinguished Self’s Sect lend us aid.”

“Certainly. This time was also a humiliation to our Sword Sect. In one month, we must make Fairy Northern Darkness feel regret.” Hou Haorang firmly said. “However, this cannot be done with the Eastern Flower Sword Sect by itself. We must also discuss this with the other two Great Sword Sects.” Hou Haorang also actually understood to take stock of the situation.

“I am not very convinced by that young man, Shi Jin. We must also dispatch someone to thoroughly investigate everything about him.”

Kuang Yi nodded, thereupon leaving together.

Chen Mo watched the alliance between Ding Haiyan and the others. Then, he looked at Northern Darkness Has Snow who walked in front of him. Regarding the alliance between the Three Great Sword Sects who wanted to redeem today’s disgrace in one month, the girl seemed to not care in the slightest.

“Your boldness today has but offended the other Three Great Sword Sect’s disciples. You made them all unite in opposition against their common foe. The true victor will be decided a month from now, but perhaps you will not have it very easy.” Chen Mo said.

“I don’t like to waste time…” Northern Darkness Has Snow glanced out the corner of her eyes, her profile like a work of the gods, beautiful as a portrait. “And you had best not waste my time.”

“Very good.” Chen Mo answered.

“They say birds of a feather flock together. Losers working together are, in the end, still losers. As for you, do not disappoint me.” Northern Darkness Has Snow smiled.

“So what if I disappoint you?” Chen Mo asked in turn.

Northern Darkness Has Snow stopped her feet and turned her head back. Evidently, she did not expect Chen MO would ask like this.

“From where I stand, I forge a Divine Weapon for you, but what benefit does that bring me?” Chen Mo smiled.

“So long as you can help cast a satisfactory Divine Weapon for me, you can receive any benefit under Heaven. Can it be that this is not good?” Northern Darkness Has Snow narrowed her eyes. This man unexpectedly was not enchanted by her beauty, which was somewhat interesting. Other casting masters certainly longed to cast a weapon for her. The biggest topic of this Four Sects Wiping Sword was the casting of Fairy Northern Darkness’ Divine Weapon.

“If I can receive the position of Branch Master of the Northern Branch, is that possible?” Chen Mo flippantly said.

Northern Darkness Has Snow smiled very fondly: “Of course.”

“It seems that will be it for now. Everything I do shall be worth the price.” Chen Mo said.

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s smile had never been as wide as today’s. Their partnership for the coming month would be very interesting.

Foreign Star Field, Xiongnu Legacy.

In the main hall sitting within the deepest reaches of the ruins was a mountain of corpses, a river of blood. The surrounding barbarian-type stone statues threw off their shackles, loosing from their roars a mountain-toppling and deadly voice that buffeted the hall.

“Yellow Rank: Death Of Cold Brilliance!”1

An exquisite jeweled long sword leapt in the center, sword-light scattering about, resembling a thousand withered flowers, completely blocking the sound of death. The descending sword-light did not stop, sticking to these sinister statues. Subsequently, their fighting prowess stagnated.

“Attila, hurry!!”

The one brandishing the sword was a woman who was a woman more beautiful and more manly than a beautiful man. Every detail of her countenance showed an extremely delicate aesthetic that was both female and male. She shouted, sending her sword in all directions again.

A completely unruly woman rocketed up from the ground, stepping on a series of mechanisms along the wall. The whip in her hand coiled like a serpent. At the highest level of the ruin was a secret compartment. The whip dug into the wall, disintegrating the secret compartment, revealing a treasure of gold and silver. Amongst these was a glittering jade strip suffused with starlight that was particularly eye-catching.

Upon seeing this jade strip, there was delight in the woman’s eyes. She flicked the weapon in her hand, the “Scattering Of God,” and reduced the surrounding mechanisms to smithereens. The whip extended straight into the chamber and rolled the jade strip into her hand.

“Did you obtain the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi?” The woman said.

Attila stored the jade strip: “This is truly all thanks to your support. Otherwise, This King honestly could not easily break through this Xiongnu ruin.”

“Very good. Now follow me to go see Elder Sister. With this Star Manual of Masters Gan And Shi, we definitely can handle that Ottoman bitch.” The woman put away her long sword.

Manao smiled and nodded, “Of course. This was our agreement. I help you obtain the Star Manual, and you help me create the Xiongnu Legion. As they say in the Central Star Field, ‘Each takes what she needs.'”

“Let’s go, don’t waste time. Elder Sister is still waiting for us.”

The woman said this and turned, walking out of the chamber. Manao stuck to her side. Just at this moment, that Scattering Of God in her hand soared like a dragon, and the blood spilled all over the hall seemed to be sucked into it. A line of blood burst against the other woman’s body.

Yellow Rank, Dragon Breaks Vastness.

With a scream, the woman was knocked flying, suffering heavy injury.

“Attila!!” The woman opened her dark green eyes, not daring to believe this.

Manao Attila faintly smiled: “Please call This King ‘Scourge Of God.’ Radu ‘The Handsome.’2 This King shall not go see that vicious Elder Sister of yours. Please send her This King’s regards. As for the Bramble Corps she dispatched to help This King obtain the Star Manual, This King shall engrave them to memory…” Manao slightly bowed, a mocking yet friendly etiquette. 

Radu the Handsome indignantly denounced her: “You dare betray us. Elder Sister will definitely push your intestines out of your mouth. You will suffer a retaliation crueler than even Hell.”

“Long have I heard of your Elder Sister’s reputation for brutality. However, This King has already promised to give this Star Manual to someone else. Next time, This King will certainly come apologize.” Manao smiled and prepared to leave.

Just at this moment, the ground beneath her feet abruptly shifted. Manao’s eyes widened, and she reacted quickly, somersaulting backwards. She barely escaped danger, for as she flipped, an enormous stake sprung out of the ground. This stake was like a sword stabbing straight into the heavens. The stone walls of the Xiongnu Ruin’s main hall used very hard materials in its construction. Even a Star General’s Yellow Rank could not easily cause it damage, but right before her very eyes, something was actually able to punch through the stone like it was paper. This power made Manao’s face go pale.

“Pitiful Xiongnu, you never understood what promises and trust are.”

A figure walked in from the gates. That was a woman draped in a blood-colored cloak, wearing a magnificent overcoat and donning a crown, armor, boots, and gloves. She had black eyeliner, and those abstruse pupils concealed the deepest, most unfathomable malice in the world.

When she walked into the ruin’s main hall, the lights dimmed and extinguished in an instant.

“Scourge Of God Manao, do you wish for This One to stake you from the front or from the back?” The woman played with her gorgeous black dragon-patterned armor, speaking very nonchalantly.

“Staking from the front will make you wish for a death that will never come. Staking form the back will make you die from the pleasure.”3

“Choose your end.”

The woman used her gauntlet to poke and gently stroke her little sister’s delicate face: “My dear little sister. When we return, This One shall properly punish you.”

“My everything belongs to Elder Sister.” The originally angry Radu suddenly was like a docile sheep acknowledging service under her.

Watching everything unfold in front of her, Manao’s heart could not help but be suffocated by the lewdness suddenly pervading the main hall. The woman’s body was unable to help but shudder, nearly losing strength.

To have actually made this woman show herself, Chen Mo, This King has been killed by you.

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  1. 淒豔之殤
  2. ‘美男公’拉杜 Here’s a Western Star General.
  3. The way she says this has a very sexual connotation.

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