Chapter 211: Ice Soul Snow Crystal

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Hanging Cloud Mountain, Northern Darkness Sword Sect.

In a secluded and closed-off courtyard completely surrounded by metasequoia, a young woman pranced about beneath the trees. In her hand, a Cold Steel Long Sword fired off a cold, starry light into the surroundings.

The woman was dressed completely in white, her hair tied in a bun and secured with a pin. Her body techniques moved like a swimming fish, shifting to and fro, moving as she pleased. Her swordplay seemed unremarkable, but oftentimes, her moves were like an antelope’s horns, impossible to track. At first glance, she was like a slow trickle, but in fact, she was like a boundless abyss, infinite and immeasurable, full of pressure. The Northern Darkness Sword Sect’s most famous Northern Darkness Sword Technique was wielded by her without restraint.

Not far from her, the man who could be said to be the luckiest in the Jianghu was currently appreciating the girl’s sword dance as he pleased.

Sword and dance.

The man applauded: “As expected of Fairy Northern Darkness, for swordsmanship to be wielded so magnificently, it is not inferior to a sword chant.

Northern Darkness Has Snow exercised her True Qi. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and daintily walked over. “I have no need for your praise. Just how long will you keep watching?!” The girl twisted her brow, a snowy anger contained in her words.

Chen Mo grinned. “Since I am to help you forge a Divine Weapon, naturally, I will need to understand you in order to do so.”

Seven days had passed since the conclusion of the Four Sects Wiping Sword’s first round. For the past seven days, Chen Mo stayed in a tucked away courtyard of the Northern Darkness Sword Sect with Northern Darkness Has Snow, understanding the characteristics of the warrior he would be casting a sword for. In these seven days, Northern Darkness Has Snow had practically sword danced three times during the day at dawn, noon, and night. Ostensibly, he wanted to understand the level of mastery she had for swordsmanship. In reality, the girl felt it was more likely this brat was taking advantage of the opportunity to watch her sword dance. If it was not for his overwhelming performance in the Wiping Sword, Northern Darkness Has Snow would have already waved her sleeve and left.

“Hmph. Is there a need to repeat this thrice every day?” Northern Darkness Has Snow had never heard such words.

“Do you know of Heaven, Earth, and Man?” Chen Mo asked.

“Heaven, Earth, and Man?” Northern Darkness Has Snow felt the term was familiar.

“At dawn, all things begin to wake for Heaven. At noon, will stirs for Man. At night, all things go still for Earth. This is what I mean by Heaven, Earth, and Man. To understand a warrior’s skill, they must display their swordsmanship and martial arts at the three times of Heaven, Earth, and Man. Then, I can even more perfectly cast for you the weapon you require.”

“You’re not deceiving me, are you?” Northern Darkness Has Snow narrowed her eyes.

“Believe it or not, that is up to you. However, you must abide my request.” Chen Mo was indifferent. This Heaven, Earth, and Man saying was mentioned in the Book Of Casting. Chen Mo had never tried it before, but he felt this was still quite logical.

Northern Darkness Has Snow was not very clear about matters related to forging, and she had never heard of this phrase from a casting master. But Chen Mo honestly was too mysterious. The girl was disinclined to haggle, however, to have sword danced for three days consecutively, Fairy Northern Darkness’ patience was quickly wearing thin.

“How much longer?”

Chen Mo carefully looked Northern Darkness Has Snow’s entire body up and down, making the girl feel a bit uncomfortable.

“Starting tomorrow, no more.” Chen Mo said: “Northern Darkness Sword Techniques are categorized as water, and your birth data is also water.”

“So you will cast a Water Element weapon?” Northern Darkness Has Snow concealed a twitch of her lips. This verdict was reached many years ago when that Northern Branch’s casting master said the same thing. This was not strange at all.

“No, water is too gentle. You are just the opposite.” Chen Mo rejected.

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s interest was finally piqued: “Don’t tell me you’ll help me forge a Fire-type weapon?”

“A Cold-type weapon will do.” Chen Mo smiled.

“Cold…Hmph, not bad. This Fairy quite likes that.” Northern Darkness Has Snow said pensively.

“Next, I’ll think of the materials that will suit you.”

A crafty gleam swept across Northern Darkness Has Snow’s eyes. She brightly smiled and said: “How about Ice Soul Snow Crystal?”1

“Ice Soul Snow Crystal?” Chen Mo pondered. This material was very good. It possessed the gentleness of water and the chill of ice, so it was very suitable for a warrior like Northern Darkness Has Snow. But according to what he knew, Ice Soul Snow Crystal was very rare, found only in places of extreme cold. “Neither Your Sect nor the Villa seemed to have Ice Soul Snow Crystal.”

“I know of a place that has it. Why not let’s go pick it together.” Northern Darkness Has SNow said.

Chen Mo wrinkled his brow, feeling that Northern Darkness Has Snow’s enthusiasm was a bit odd: “What sort of place is this?”

“Northern Grounds Ice Valley. It’s several days’ journey from Hanging Cloud Mountain, but that place is very dangerous. This Fairy wonders what your cultivation is like. Dare you go or not?” Northern Darkness Has Snow looked at Chen Mo, her expression somewhat provoking him.

“As long as you feel it isn’t dangerous, I have no opinion.” Chen Mo was indifferent.

Northern Darkness Has Snow felt a bit like laughing. She was nearly Sixth Layer Lesser Thunder Tribulation in strength, yet he surprisingly worried about her facing danger. This truly was a bit condescending.

Several days later, Northern Grounds.

Two figures appeared in this place.

As the outermost fringe of the Tail Fire Star Field, the Northern Grounds was a place cut off from the rest of the world, a tundra of several hundred thousand kilometers covered in snow year-round. Under a blizzard, this place possessed the most abundant Cold and Ice-type ores and medicines in the the Tail Fire Star Field. Of course, it was unavoidable that this place also had even more numerous and terrifying Demon Beasts. Even a Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivator was unwilling to tread here lightly.

Chen Mo already prepared a Warmth Jade Pendant for himself, urging his Qi-blood to circulate throughout his whole body, but he still felt a chill drill towards his body like a knife.

As far as the eye could see, the earth was a pure white. The ground beneath his feet was frozen stiffer than steel. As they tread upon it, if they had been normal people, it would have been very easy for them to slip and break a bone. Even a Qi-blood Nine Turns or higher warrior would necessarily circulate their Qi-blood to their legs to just barely stand firm.

This was still at the edge of the Northern Grounds, yet the environment was already so harsh. Further in, there would be every kind of danger that would challenge a Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivator. It was no wonder that no cultivators would come here. Even the Great Chong Dynasty did not concern itself with such an enormous territory because there was honestly no way to exploit it. Even if the Northern Grounds hid an abundance of Spirit Ores and Medicines, extracting them was a considerably arduous task.

Chen Mo rubbed his hands, exhaling a white, arrow-like jet of cold air.

“Heh, heh, as a casting master, your Qi-blood should be like fire, yet you’re already feeling cold?” Northern Darkness Has Snow glanced at Chen Mo’s hunched shoulders. She could not help laughing: “It seems you aren’t a god descended when I look at you like this.”

“You’re thinking too much.” Chen Mo did not want to expose his strength, otherwise even activating the Northern Dipper Great Overflow to use Star Energy would have been sufficient to resist this freezing weather.

“I really do think a lot about you.” Northern Darkness Has Snow smiled. “I see you are no more than twenty. To be able to possess such excellent skills, it would be impossible for you to be unknown in the Tail Fire Star Field, and you wear a mask. It seems your history is very mysterious.”

“I only want a quiet environment. You’d better not meddle in my business, and I won’t be a detriment to you.’ Chen Mo calmly answered.

Northern Darkness Has Snow smiled. This was too interesting. There was actually a man who dared to warn her like this about meddling in his affairs. Who knew how many people in this world hoped to receive an attentive glance from her but did not obtain such.

As far as Chen Mo’s arrogant attitude was concerned, Northern Darkness Has Snow did not mind at all. She was accustomed to those fawning yes-men around her. To have man like this compensate for that was not necessarily disagreeable. Furthermore, the man in front of her possessed casting arts that amazed even the Sword Casting Villa. He had the qualifications to be like this.

“The Ice Soul Snow Crystal will grow only in an environment that joins cold and warmth. Where should we go look?” Chen Mo did not want to chat further about this topic and changed the subject.

To a cultivator that was able to fly using a riding sword, several hundred thousand kilometers was not considered very big, but the poor climate in this place was not conducive for a long stay. If they searched around blindly, they would be too late to participate in the final round of the Four Sects Wiping Sword.

“I know where it is, follow me.”

Northern Darkness Has Snow was clearly very excited, her cheeks flushed as she released a Flying Sword and stepped on. Suddenly, the center of gravity behind her lurched as Chen Mo bounded onto the sword at the same time.

“You…” Before Northern Darkness Has Snow could rebuke Chen Mo, he said: “You can’t possibly have me walk in this place alone, right?”


“Then grab on.” Northern Darkness Has Snow was not too accustomed to having a man behind her while controlling a Flying Sword, however, there were no other options right now. Leaving Chen Mo alone in this place was very dangerous in any case.

“Excuse me.”

Chen Mo said, his tone at her back made chills go down the nape of Northern Darkness Has Snow’s neck. Her body shuddered involuntarily, and then she felt the man’s hands grab her chest.2

“Should you be unable to cast a Divine Weapon to This Fairy’s satisfaction, This Fairy will definitely make you pay for today’s transgression.” Northern Darkness Has Snow deeply inhaled, using a soul technique to calm down.

Chen Mo thought to himself that this woman was truly stupid. When you say something so decisively, aren’t you afraid I’ll deliberately stick to your body if you make a stop? All he had to do was “put on a show” anyways.

Seeing Chen Mo not reply, Northern Darkness Has Snow snorted. She put away her mocking expression, and her gaze swept thoroughly over the boundless Northern Grounds. Then, she formed a hand seal and pointed. The long sword below her feet was wrapped in white light. It suddenly levitated and shot into the wind.


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