Chapter 212: Ice Valley Has Snow I – Vast Profundity

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The further they ventured into the Northern Grounds, the stronger the wind became. This wind was not the usual gale. It was filled with the power of a cultivator’s magic energy. Even if flight on a riding sword had a cloud of qi for protection, operating the swords was still very taxing on magic energy. To a cultivator, this was not a small burden.

Northern Darkness Has Snow was completely unaware. On the contrary, she was very excited, flying her sword deeper in.

After night fell.

The pair found a cliff face to shield them from the wind and made camp. Just as Chen Mo was pondering how to start a fire, Northern Darkness Has Snow faintly smiled. She casually brought out a dark red charcoal and threw it on the ground. With a gentle blow, fierce flames suddenly roared to life from the charcoal, baring fangs and claws.

“Success Charcoal?” Chen Mo’s brows rose.1 This Success Charcoal was a very rare Spirit Charcoal, able to burn even in the wind. The stronger the wind, the more vigorous it burned. It was difficult to extinguish even during a storm. This could bring them warmth even in a place as frigid as the Northern Grounds. Success Charcoal also possessed the effect of igniting Qi-blood, able to allow a cultivator’s Qi-blood training to be even faster. It was precious even for noble clans, and very few were in possession of it.

Northern Darkness Has Snow seemed to have prepared for this trip to the Northern Grounds for a very long time, to surprisingly have even such valuable charcoal.

Sitting by the Success Charcoal’s flame, Northern Darkness Has Snow sat and meditated.

Chen Mo also cultivated. Neither of them spoke a word.

“Have I seen you somewhere before?”

After a long while, Northern Darkness Has Snow opened her eyes and stared at Chen Mo.

“I’m always in seclusion in the Western Regions, dedicating myself to casting. If Fairy has come to the Western Regions before, then perhaps we might have crossed paths.” Chen Mo indifferently answered.

“The Western Regions. I will go take a look when I have the chance. They say there is a passage to the Foreign Star Field in that place.” Northern Darkness Has Snow wrinkled her brow. She had never gone to the Western Regions, but she always felt that Chen Mo’s eyes were a bit familiar.

The things those eyes revealed always seemed to give her a feeling of deja vu.

When the Foreign Star Field was mentioned, Chen Mo could not help but recall Scourge Of God Attila. He wondered how she was doing right now. The two of them were preoccupied with their own thoughts, neither uttering a word. The cold wind howled outside the hill. It grew louder and louder, blowing the Success Charcoal into forming threatening shapes.

“Do you have some other plan to have come to this Ice Valley?”

Chen Mo broke the deathly silent atmosphere, showing a vigilant expression towards the number one beauty of the Jianghu.

“The Northern Grounds are ice-cold. In the past, I always wanted to come, but Father would always stop me. That’s all. This time, my wish will be realized.” Northern Darkness Has Snow indifferently answered.

“Just where are we going?”

“A hundred thousand kilometers into the Northern Grounds is an ice valley. This ice valley has a waterfall named ‘Ice Dragon Falling Cry’ that is never frozen any time of the year. The Ice Soul Snow Crystal is under the waterfall.”

“Presumably, this ice valley isn’t very safe?” If Northern Darkness Has Snow knew where it was, this Ice Soul Snow Crystal should already have been harvested.

“Indeed. There are many God Transformation Cultivators who have entered the ice valley in search of Ice Soul Snow Crystals, and they were all wiped out.” Northern Darkness Has Snow said.

“Are the God Transformation Cultivators all so bad? And you still dare to go?” Chen Mo wrinkled his brow. Entering the three layers of Greater Thunder Tribulation had three stages. The First Layer Greater Thunder Tribulation was known as God Transformation Realm.2 The Second Layer was Void Return Realm,3 and the third was Fate Realization Realm.4 They were different from Lesser Thunder Tribulation. Lesser Thunder Tribulation was undergoing and refining worldly thunder. Their magic energy could be considered acquired magic energy. Greater Thunder Tribulation, on the other hand, used oneself to attract the Divine Thunder of the Nine Firmaments, and magic energy would then enter a state of being inborn. The difference between the two cultivator Realms was genuinely that of Heaven and Earth.

Even God Transformation cultivators had died, but Northern Darkness Has Snow surprisingly still dared to come; she could not be called timid.

Northern Darkness Has Snow laughed. In the chilling wind, her laughter was like a silver chime, pleasant and sweet. “Truly interesting, too interesting.”

“Hm?” Chen Mo was displeased.

“You truly are the strangest and the most interesting person I have ever seen.” Northern Darkness Has Snow said: “When other people hear that a God Transformation cultivator has died, their first reaction is always to think about their own safety. Yet you actually worried about me. Don’t tell me that you’re stronger than a God Transformation cultivator?”

“To face death together with Fairy Northern Darkness, the Jianghu’s number one Fairy, what do I need to worry about.” Chen Mo said matter-of-factly.

“I don’t believe you would think like this at all.” Northern Darkness Has Snow gave him a face that told him to not even think of deceiving her.

“Then I’ll be honest. You aren’t the sort of person who is stupid and just a pretty face. Since you dare to come to the ice valley, then you should have your own countermeasures. You dared to come, so naturally I will dare to follow.”

Northern Darkness Has Snow pondered. This reasons was just barely convincing.

“Since you came to this place, This Fairy shall demonstrate her swordsmanship once more. See if it helps you or not.”

After meditating a while, Northern Darkness Has Snow felt bored and proposed this suggestion. Without letting Chen Mo say a word, the girl was self-absorbed in displaying Northern Darkness Sword Techniques. After the coldness of the Northern Grounds, it did not need to be said that the sword techniques had an additional frigid chill under this kind of environment. Chen Mo watched with even more focus. The woman’s elegant figure could not help but be distinct in his eyes.

Two days later.

The depths of the Northern Grounds was no longer like a blade-like north wind. As if on schedule, a blizzard arrived. A boundless white, such that one could not see their hands in front of them, devoured the pair.

“Almost there.” Northern Darkness Has Snow put in more magic energy and flew towards the ice valley. Those tens of thousands of jade petals were evaporated into white mist by the astral wind from her Flying Sword.

When they were still several dozen kilometers away from the ice valley, suddenly, an intense howl came through the blizzard. The sound rumbled, pressing towards them like a roll of thunder. It seemed to blow even the blizzard asunder. The sound contained formidable magic energy that nearly breached Northern Darkness has Snow’s True Qi. Her Flying Sword wobbled incessantly, nearly shaking them off.

On the Flying Sword, the pair were jolted about. Chen Mo grabbed Northern Darkness Has Snow’s slender waist to avoid being thrown off.

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s expression changed.

Entering the Northern Grounds, the two of them already meticulously avoided the range of Demon Beasts. Chen Mo was unwilling to waste time on hunting and killing Demon Beasts. The past couple days in the Northern Grounds were uneventful, but the further they intruded, the stronger the Demon Beasts became. Ranks Eight and Nine Demon Beasts were able to contend against Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivator. Demon Beasts of this level were disasters to cultivators if the Demons Beasts caught a whiff of their scent.

Even though the two of them were already cautious, the worst possibility still transpired.

“What kind of Demon Beast is this?” Although they were already on guard, the appearance of the Demon Beast in front of them still overwhelmed Northern Darkness Has Snow with horror. Before the two of them were able to regain their footing, an enormous figure aggressively ripped apart the obstruction of the blizzard and appeared before them. That was a lion or tiger-like Demon Beast with two sets of wings, one large and one small, and its head, back, and wings were covered in a layer of ice and frost armor. Its build was enormous, its wingspan reaching ten meters and covering everything; she had never seen such a Demon Beast in the Outer Star Field’s records.

“This is bad, we have to hurry and hide.”

Chen Mo urgently shouted. The giant Demon Beast opened its maw, revealing sharp, crisscrossing teeth as sharp as swords. A blue light fired from its mouth. Suddenly a cold wind rolled, stronger than the blizzard by a hundredfold.

“Hè.” Northern Darkness Has Snow’s reactions were extremely quick. She brandished a mirror magic treasure. This magic treasure’s name was “Profound Cave Mirror,”5 which was capable of reflecting every sort of ability or enchantment. The mirror released hundreds of thousands of beams of light, blowing away the blizzard. An area of several dozen li was suddenly as clear as a picture. Then, the the cold wind that the Demon Beast had emitted was fired right back at it.

Northern Darkness Has Snow seized the opportunity to move her Divine Intent, using the “Dragon Fish Sword Chant.”6 Twenty-four Flying Swords soared out of thin air, twelve resembling dragons, the other twelve resembling fish. The dragons and fishes crisscrossed, their might unparalleled as they pierced through the Demon Beast’s burst of snow-light and slashed down. 

This Demon Beast’s background was unclear. It bore the domineering aura of a ruler, and the joints all over its body were covered in a crystalline armor, the brilliance of which formed a blue halo, that completely blocked the Flying Swords.

When the Demon Beast saw that its breath of cold wind had been thwarted by the Profound Cave Mirror, it spread its wings and lunged forth.

“Dragon Fish Flying Swords, combine!”

Northern Darkness Has Snow chanted.

The twenty-four Flying Swords combined together in pairs to form a wall of swords. Their sword-lights were like scales, interweaving layers into a net.

Bang, bang, bang.

The Demon Beast slammed into the sword-net, and the rampart of swords shuddered fiercely. The four wings on the beast’s back were like razors, releasing hair-raising cold-light at the same time that surprisingly crisscrossed with Northern Darkness Has Snow’s Flying Swords.

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s expression grew increasingly unsightly. Her Life-cast Sword Chant was able to profoundly sense the Demon Beast’s terror. A kingly power pounced forth, as if to make her submit at this place. If it was not for Northern Darkness Has Snow having a proud temper since she was young and having the brilliant Northern Darkness Soul Technique, then she would have already had her mentality shredded. This was difficult to resist.

The Profound Cave Mirror’s light did not extinguish, shining even more brilliantly at the Demon Beast.

Appearing more domineering than a silhouette in the middle of a snowstorm, every detail of its musculature showed a king’s arrogance, elegance, and beauty; beautiful but deadly.

Chen Mo was behind Northern Darkness Has Snow, feeling the girl’s body shudder as it bore frightening pressure.

The girl exercised her magic energy. The light of the Flying Swords concentrated even further, and the Profound Cave Mirror’s blue light became a white one. At this time, the Flying Swords split into innumerable sword shadows, forming a “Black Frost Bound Hair”7 sword array. The Profound Cave Mirror’s magnificent glow combined, freezing the Demon Beast inside ice. 

Chen Mo was still considering whether or not to intervene. Seeing Northern Darkness Has Snow freeze the Demon Beast’s might, he was secretly impressed.

This girl appeared frivolous, but her strength was quite powerful.

Northern Darkness Has Snow panted, but before she could relax.

All of a sudden, the eyes of the Demon Beast trapped inside the ice glowed. Its mouth exhaled, and an enormous cloud of white mist, almost spherical in shape, shot up ten zhang. Astonishingly, it was the Demon Beast’s ability. By violently circulating the magic energy within its body, its breath would flare, causing its breath to be like a thunderclap. Its power honestly was bold and fierce, insufferably arrogant!

This white mist seemed to be a blazing sun, containing within it a boundless Yang intent, and it easily shook apart the sword array.


Free of the sword array, the Demon Beast let out a heaven-shaking bellow.

The intense voice quaked, like thunder through the Nine Firmaments, like a king issuing orders, carrying an overwhelming pressure. With this roar, the blizzard within a range of several dozen li inconceivably vanished into thin air, creating an open space. That permafrost was covered in frightening cracks.

The Profound Cave Mirror was cracked, its light dimming. The Flying Swords also received pressure, scattering in all directions and losing their momentum.


Northern Darkness Has Snow cried out. She felt the magic energy and Qi-blood in her body were all shaken apart. She had no more power to resist, falling from a thousand meters high. Chen Mo’s Qi-blood also was instantly dispersed upon hearing that Demon Beast’s roar, but he fortunately had the Nose Locking Art. He easily recovered the loss and was not very affected at all, but Northern Darkness Has Snow was shaken to the point she was bleeding from every one of her apertures and lost control over her Flying Swords. Chen Mo was not capable of Flying Swords yet, and he was too late to call forth the Nebula Flying Chariot. He could only hug the girl and use his body as a shield as they plummeted towards the ground.

In the end, he had the Northern Dipper Great Overflow as well as Star Energy protection. A thousand meter drop was nothing, but to the Northern Darkness Has Snow who had lost her magic energy, this was serious injury.


The instant they landed, Chen Mo used the Bowl Steps, lightly spinning about and dispelling a majority of the impact.

However, dropping onto frozen ground that was as thick as steel still made Chen Mo grimace in pain.

Northern Darkness Has Snow groaned, vomiting a mouthful of blood.

Northern Darkness Has Snow recovered a bit of her consciousness and struggled free of Chen Mo’s embrace. She grit her teeth at the kingly Demon beast in the sky, once again operating her Flying Swords.

“Don’t push yourself, you’re no match for it.” Before Chen Mo could finish speaking, sword-lights descended from the sky that detonated on the ground. Chen Mo was blasted several hundred meters away.

The Flying Swords hovered around Northern Darkness Has Snow and dispelled the Demon Beast’s attack, but her body was growing increasingly weak. She supported herself on a sword as she fell to a knee.

“Hurry and run, I’ll hold it off!”

Northern Darkness Has Snow was unyielding.

The Demon Beast did not care for her resolve to face death at all. It spread its wings and divebombed, one of its feet extended with sharp claws deployed, slashing at Northern Darkness Has Snow.

The Demon Beast’s dive similarly carried a peerless power, wiping out the blizzard. Northern Darkness Has Snow felt the disparity in power between them. Her face was pale as a sheet of paper, but her legs did not budge.

Just as the sharp claw was about to cut Northern Darkness Has Snow, at this moment, a brutish figure rushed in front of her. It fearlessly faced the Demon Beast’s attack. Accompanied by an ear-piercing metallic collision, the Demon Beast shrieked, flapped its wings, and flew back through the sky.

A man’s figure towered indomitably in front of her, making Northern Darkness Has Snow speechless.

“A woman like you shouldn’t steal my lines.”

Chen Mo said.

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  1. 遂木炭
  2. 化神境
  3. 返虛境, I’ll probably revise this once I get more context.
  4. 知命境, same as above.
  5. 洞玄鏡
  6. 龍魚劍訣
  7. 玄霜結髮


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