Chapter 213: Ice Valley Has Snow II – Healing

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The scene that occurred in front of her was bound to be carved into Fairy Northern Darkness’ bones. The man, who in her eyes was in no way connected to the word “strong,” was surprisingly able to beat back this tyrannical Demon Beast’s claws with his bare hands at her most dangerous moment.

This was simply unbelievable.

Even a Thunder Tribulation cultivator could not possibly face it directly.

Could he be God Transformation Realm?

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s head and mind were in chaos. Even though she had seen the eager attention of countless men before, the conduct and deeds of the man in front of her honestly was too devastating to her mental defenses. After Chen Mo saved her, the quadruple-winged, ice-armored Demon Beast immediately launched its second attack. 

It swooped down like a sword descending from the Heavens, its claws sparkling and brilliant.

Northern Darkness Has Snow knew from just a glance that was one of the Demon Beast’s major abilities. Her own Sword Chant would be hard-pressed to respond. “Look out!” Northern Darkness Has Snow shouted.

Chen Mo exercised Star Energy, remaining completely fearless. Even though the Demon Beast in front of him was mighty and overwhelming, with the Bodhi Soul Technique, everything seemed to fade from existence. A Star Crest flickered on his forehead, and Chen Mo brandished Northern Dipper.

Claw and Northern Dipper collided with a tremendous rumble.

Sounding like a cat’s claws were dragging against a sheet of glass, Northern Darkness Has Snow’s ears suddenly ached, and the buzz echoed in her mind. When she looked again, Chen Mo’s hand already held an enormous iron rod. The divine wind wrapped around the weapon was already torn apart by the Demon Beast’s claws.

The Demon Beast let out an angry roar. Its claws immediately swiped, and they were wrapped in a blue light, carrying power that would make a Lesser Thunder Tribulation feel pressure as it pounced straight towards Chen Mo.

Northern Dipper successively warded off the Demon Beast’s assault.

Northern Darkness Has Snow was already dumbstruck. A casting master able to contend against a Demon Beast, just how abnormal is this man’s strength. This guy isn’t a Star General in disguise, right? In Star World, only Star Generals were able to be so defiant of natural order.

Chen Mo used the Northern Dipper to cast the Bagua Chant. However, it presented no threat at all to the Demon Beast. Even Northern Dipper’s Star Energy that surpassed magic energy was contrarily only able to barely resist the Demon Beast’s counterattacks. But each swing of Northern Dipper would consume formidable amounts of Star Energy. To Chen Mo, this was a very big burden.

Chen Mo brainstormed and thought of a countermeasure.

Just at this moment, he suddenly felt a rush of cold wind behind him. Northern Darkness Has Snow once again operated the twenty-four Flying Swords to provide assistance. The Flying Swords transformed into twenty-four shooting stars that fell continuously on every part of the Demon Beast’s body.

“Fish Leap Dragon Gate Sword Array!”1

Northern Darkness Has Snow growled. The Flying Swords became frolicking carps that endlessly swam and jumped all over the Demon Beast. Although the sword-lights were weak, they endlessly obstructed the Demon Beast’s counterattacks.

Chen Mo obtained an opportunity to catch his breath. He knew Northern Darkness Has Snow was helping him. He instantly leapt high into the air, smashing Northern Dipper heavily into the Demon Beast’s head.

Clang, clang.

Northern Dipper collided with the Demon Beast’s head, and the Demon Beast issued a shrill roar. Its eyes suddenly emitted golden light. Spreading its four wings, it took to the sky. The Demon Beast drew a long, long trail of coldness, as if it wanted to dye the entire sky an ice-cold shade, and that enormous build, the sharp fangs as well as that storm-like burst of ice breath occupied the pair’s entire field of vision.


Ten Thousand Cold Stars!2

“What are you doing.” Northern Dipper Has Snow hastily activated a defensive magic treasure. She had wanted to pull Chen Mo into its protection, but she noticed him raise his weapon and soar upwards, leaping towards the Demon Beast.

Northern Darkness Has Snow did not want Chen Mo to die in this place at all. She could only use her Divine Intent to control her sword chant. The twenty-four Dragon Fish Flying Swords whirled around Chen Mo’s body, clearing the way for him by shattering the incoming ice fragments.

Chen Mo’s Star Energy was coursing to its limit. At the same time, he concentrated the Qiankun One Qi. As if sensing something terrible from the man in front of it, the Demon Beast showed a bit of fear, but the powerful king instinctively would not allow itself to bolt in fear from a cultivator that was not even Thunder Tribulation. Therefore, the Demon Beast opened its mouth, flapped its four wings, and fired an enormous icy shooting star.

The bone-chilling cold mixed with its storming snarl. Once again, it made the already freezing tundra suddenly turn even colder. That brilliant light was like a comet, dragging a flaming tail, plowing an ugly gouge along the ground. The second and third shooting stars followed closely behind. The chilling flowers of ice suddenly burst forth gleefully on the ground.

This was its “Profundity Of Heavenly Comets,”3 which was enough to completely destroy a Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator.

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s expression changed. She suddenly evaded, wielding all the power she had. Chen Mo once again passed easily between the ice fragments filling the sky. His figure produced an illusory silhouette, seemingly real, and he instantly broke free of the Demon Beast’s gaze.

The Demon Beast wildly breathed out icy fire.

The breath of ice shredded the obstruction of the atmosphere. Chen Mo seemed to be a leaf in the wind, fluttering about in that billowing airflow. The Star Energy defenses on his body were instantly smashed and scattered. The snowy ice-flames surrounding the Demon Beast’s body then produced a hissing sound.

Chen Mo’s figure flit past, instantly arriving above it. He snapped his fingers, striking with Qiankun One Qi. A pressure born from the world itself suddenly shook the Demon Beast. All of its qi-flames were instantly frozen over. Chen Mo’s next wave of attacks followed close behind.

Northern Dipper carried frightening Star Energy as it breached the Demon Beast’s ice-flame defenses. The Demon Beast let out a painful wail, for a sturdy scale on its forehead had been struck off by Northern Dipper.

At the same time, Northern Darkness Has Snow extended her hand, activating a talisman. The talisman became a completely black bird that beat back the blue flames that had erupted over the Demon Beast’s body.

The Demon Beast struggled briefly. In the end, it released a cry that could freeze the world, using Profundity Of Heavenly Comets. Finally, unable to best Chen Mo’s Star Energy, it powerlessly flapped its wings and fled. Its enormous body flew in the direction of the ice valley, very quickly vanishing into the snowstorm.

Chen Mo took a deep breath, not giving chase.

Northern Darkness Has Snow was somewhat impatient: “Let’s hurry and chase it down. Now that it’s injured, this is the perfect chance to capture this Demon Beast.”

Before he could stop her, the girl already mounted her sword and flew off, vanishing without a trace into the blizzard.4

Chen Mo wrinkled his brow, a bit angry at the girl’s recklessness.

An hour later.

Chen Mo found Northern Darkness Has Snow at a stream in the ice valley. The girl half-squatted by the stream and washed her face. He saw that she was drained of energy, her face as pale as a sheet of paper. Her whole body shivered; it was plainly obvious she was unable to capture that Demon Beast that could stand over Lesser Thunder Tribulation.

“That Demon Beast may be one that dwells in the Inner Star Fields. You’d best be careful.” Chen Mo had flipped through the Book Of Casting along the way and found an entry on that Demon Beast. Its background was not insignificant.

This quadruple-winged feline beast was known as a Vast Profundity Beast.5 Reportedly, it had a Five Elements nature. It was able to receive a corresponding Five Elements power from the environment in which it resided, dominating the area. It was one of the Ancient Ten Great Star Beasts. It was said to be a king’s mount, and it possessed might as vast and profound as the sky, from which it received the name Vast Profundity. The plates lining the Vast Profundity’s neck were a special scale armor, capable of absorbing the power of the Five Elements. It was an extremely fine material to use for forging a Divine Weapon capable of countering a Five Elements ability. However, this special scale armor was the Vast Profundity’s “reverse scale.” If it was peeled away, the Vast Profundity would immediately perish, and it was for this reason that the Vast Profundity Beast went practically extinct a thousand years ago. There were already extinct in the Outer Star Fields, and they were extremely rare in the Inner Star Fields.

Even so, the Book Of Casting’s note was to, at all costs, resist using the Vast Profundity’s unique scales as material for forging weapons. The Vast Profundity had a king’s power. Taming and using it for a mount was far more advantageous compared to turning it into a weapon.

The Vast Profundity that Chen Mo had encountered only had four wings, which classified it as a juvenile. A Vast Profundity could grow twelve wings at most. By that time, only the best Purple Rose Star Generals had the qualifications to tame them. 

“How could a Demon Beast of the Inner Star Fields possibly run all the way here to the Outer Star Fields.” Northern Darkness Has Snow was unconvinced.

Chen Mo did not know how to explain this either. An Ancient Star Beast like this, in the end, grew and matured by consuming Star Energy. It was fundamentally impossible for them to appear in a land as barren as the Outer Star Fields.

“Let’s hurry and harvest the Ice Soul Snow Crystals.” Chen Mo did not want to delay any further. Something was not right with this ice valley.

“Hm? You’re injured.”

Chen Mo stepped over to Northern Darkness Has Snow’s side. He saw the girl twist and wince. He peeled away the cover of the girl’s hands, only to discover the front portion of her jacket was damaged, exposing a large stretch of her cleavage; with her heart as the epicenter, a blue sheathe of ice and frost was in the middle of slowly spreading all over her body, as if to freeze her solid.

“I don’t know what power that animal used. I can only barely suppress it with magic energy, so we need to find it.” Northern Darkness Has Snow breathed deeply. She was very calm, actually not falling into panic while at death’s door. But that bit of frost remaining on her chest was chilling to the bone. With just the slightest movement, she would feel all the bones in her body stiffen with excruciating pain, making taking even a single step very difficult.

“Don’t you move right now.” Chen Mo furrowed his brow. “Moving will make things even more dangerous.”

“Don’t tell me I am to sit and wait for death?” Northern Darkness Has Snow had wanted to activate a Fire-type magic treasure, but activating her magic energy even just a little bit froze her entire body in the grip of pain, as if a thousand sharp knives were scraping against her bones.

Chen Mo stared into Northern Darkness Has Snow’s eyes.

The girl did not avert her gaze.

“I have something we can try.” Chen Mo thought.


“Excuse me.”


All of a sudden, Chen Mo’s palm stuck to Northern Darkness Has Snow’s chest. Those proud peaks were immediately flattened under his palm. Northern Darkness Has Snow, who had never had such intimate contact with a man, was at first stunned, then she immediately blushed, wanting to swat him aside.

No matter how empathetic Northern Darkness Has Snow was, she was completely red-faced at this moment. She itched to grind the man in front of her to dust.

He unexpectedly took advantage of her situation to fondle her breast. Northern Darkness Has Snow grit her teeth in resentment. Just at this moment, all of a sudden, a strange energy flowed from his palm. It melted the ice that the Demon Beast left behind, and the agonizing cold venom immediately received warmth. The pain all over her body was no longer so intense.

This energy was extremely peculiar. Northern Darkness Has Snow had never seen it before, but when he squashed her chest, that ice she was unable to eliminate with her magic energy now unexpectedly melted little by little. Following Chen Mo increasing his power, a stream of energy like a starry river gradually made Northern Darkness Has Snow’s mind fall into disarray. Her consciousness increasingly fuzzy.

“What are you doing…” Northern Darkness Has Snow mumbled, her field of view already blurry.

“You don’t need to ask too much. I’m just helping you.” Chen Mo answered.

“…Just who are you…”

Northern Darkness Has Snow noticed that the face of the man in front of her became increasingly indistinct. In the end, unable to bear the energy’s corrosion, she slumped against Chen Mo’s body and lost consciousness. Chen Mo retracted his palm. On his forehead, a red Star Crest slowly dimmed, and he slowly retrieved the Star Energy he used. Just now, he had utilized Zhongli Mo’s Innate Skill Ash Burning to guide his Star Energy, finally inhibiting the ice that the Demon Beast left behind. If it were anyone else, then Northern Darkness Has Snow, this number one Fairy of the Jianghu, would have already passed away.

Looking at the girl’s face, Chen Mo also felt exhausted. He lifted this soft and supple body and searched for a place rest for the moment.

“Vast Profundity.” Chen Mo took out a few pieces of scale, his thoughts a bit unclear.

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  1. 魚躍龍門劍陣
  2. 寒星萬點
  3. 天隕之淵
  4. Girl, what are you doing leaving Chen Mo behind? Chen Mo can’t fly and he was the one holding it off, even barely at that.
  5. 昊淵獸

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