Chapter 214: Ice Valley Has Snow III – Fate Realization

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A certain cave in the ice valley.

The two words “Uttara”1 were carved above it.

In the cave, there was an old man, whose hair and long beard were all white, currently refining a clear bottle. The old man’s eyes were like daggers, his gaze sharp and keen. His whole body emitted a divine might, vaguely First Layer Thunder Tribulation, God Transformation Late Stage strength.

The old man carefully refined the bottle. A moment later, his brow suddenly jumped. He whirled around and walked out of the cave.

Outside the cave, in the heavy snowstorm, a giant Demon Beast’s figure slowly appeared. Shockingly, it was the Vast Profundity from before.

The Vast Profundity landed in front of him and lowered its proud head, as if it was a frightened lamb, its kingly aura nonexistent. The old man said, “Hm?” His expression immediately darkened.

This Vast Profundity in front of him was one of the treasures he had stolen back then from a sect of the Inner Star Field. For this reason, he suffered this sect’s deadly pursuit, even nearly being killed by “Two Birds With One Arrow”2 Zhangsun Sheng.3 In the end, he fled to the Outer Star Field and recuperated for a century to finally barely recover to Fate Realization Realm. This Vast Profundity before him was none other than the Star Beast mount that Zhangsun Sheng had wanted to tame back then, an Ancient Strange Beast.

Star Beast mounts generally could only be tamed by Star Generals, who were able to exercise Star Energy, but the old man had used many tricks to finally bring this beast into submission. Living in seclusion in this Star Field’s ice valley, with the Vast Profundity as a guard, he did not even need to fear encountering a Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivator. The old man was very much at peace.

However, seeing that the Vast Profundity in front of him had returned wounded like a stray dog, the old man flew into a rage and slapped it on the head.

The Vast Profundity that was as mighty as a god immediately was sent flying a few hundred meters away, tumbling over the ground and snapping several dozen trees before colliding with a cliff face. “Trash, for the magnificent Inner Star Field mount of a Star General to actually be injured, you truly are trash. What was the point in This Old Man raising you.”

The old man extended a finger. Several rays of white light shot into the Vast Profundity’s body. A magic formation glowed all over its body, binding it like chains, making it cry in pain.

“How were you injured? Could it be a Star General?” The old man calmed down and coldly asked.

The Vast Profundity yelped.

The old man sent Divine Intent into its mind, and the Vast Profundity did not resist. Very quickly, the scene from before appeared inside the old man’s consciousness. When he learned that the Vast Profundity was unexpectedly nearly defeated by a boy and a girl who were not even Greater Thunder Tribulation, the old man nearly fumed again.

If they had been a Star General or some other Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivator, he would not have actually minded, after all, this Vast Profundity was still very young. But to be unable to handle even two cultivators who were barely off the teat, it would have been better for it to die. The old man cursed, again chanting a spell, and the Vast Profundity rolled around in pain. Suddenly, the old man was startled, for he noticed something different about the Vast Profundity’s wounds. He used his finger to tap and discovered this was not normal magic energy.

Star Energy?

In the Inner Star Fields, Star Energy was not a very rare sight at all. Even he had some understanding of it. But for this godforsaken Outer Star Field to also have Star Energy-capable cultivators was very odd. However, it was possible that this was an Astral Treasure.

“Trash, take a look with This Old Man together. This Old Man wants to know who those people are.” The old man stepped onto the Vast Profundity’s back with a cold expression.

The Vast Profundity shuddered, and the marks on its body slowly vanished. It spread its four wings and took to the skies.

Northern Darkness Has Snow stared straight at the young man in front of her, her expression intrigued. Similarly, Chen Mo stared right back at her without reservation.

A while later, Northern Darkness Has Snow could not bear this awkward atmosphere and finally spoke: “You didn’t do anything to me while I was unconscious, did you?”

Chen Mo smiled wryly: “Did you want me to do something to you?”

Northern Darkness Has Snow was speechless: “This Fairy shall treat the preceding incident as having never happened.”

“What happened was that I saved you. What you’re doing is called forgetting favors and violating justice.” Chen Mo joked.

“You took advantage of me.” It it was not for witnessing herself that Chen Mo was saving her, this man that dared to touch her breast would long have already been destroyed.

Chen Mo teased her.

“How are you now? Can you take care of yourself?” Chen Mo asked.

“What are you thinking of doing?”

“I’m preparing to go harvest the Ice Soul Snow Crystal before trouble comes again.”

“What trouble?” Northern Darkness Has Snow was confused. When even that Demon Beast had been repelled, what other trouble could there be in the ice valley.

A Vast Profundity appearing in the Outer Star Fields absolutely did not appear as simple as a Demon Beast residing in this place. For an Ancient Strange Beast like this to appeared in this kind of area, the only explanation was that it was accompanied by a Star General. Just now, they had injured the Vast Profundity. If the other party was petty, perhaps she would come for revenge.

Chen Mo informed her of his opinion. Northern Darkness Has Snow disapprovingly twitched her mouth, believing he was blowing things out of proportion.

How could an Outer Star Field Star General be encountered so easily, and the ice valley did not have Ancient Five Elements Star Energy for a Star General to refine. It was basically superfluous for a Star General to linger here. “If there actually is a Star General, that’s great. I wanted to see just how amazing these legendary Earthly Fiends are.” The girl grit her teeth. Her words contained a resentment of Star Generals.4

Although Northern Darkness Has Snow had fame in the Jianghu as Fairy Northern Darkness, the number one Fairy the Jianghu discussed spiritedly, compared to a Star General, this status was like the difference between a maid and the empress. Though she was a woman, too, Northern Darkness Has Snow was unable to bear a Star Name. She would always have a kind of deep jealousy for any Star General who had inherited a Star Name.

This place was Star World. In the end, this was a world that belonged to Star Generals.

Chen Mo understood clearly and said nothing else.

The two of them meditated for a while. All of a sudden, Chen Mo’s thoughts shifted, and his expression changed. “Not good.”

“Hm? Northern Darkness Has Snow was in the middle of bewilderment when Chen Mo grabbed her arm and rushed towards the cave entrance.

“What are you doing.” Northern Darkness was astonished. This man honestly did not understand propriety, to actually seize her hand as he pleased.

The Dragon Fish Flying Swords flew out of thin air and were about to make him suffer a bit when all of a sudden, a muffled rumbling sound came from above. The blizzard spontaneously abated, and a kingly Demon Beast emerged flapping its wings.

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s expression changed, for she spotted the cultivator on the Vast Profundity’s back.

In the blink of an eye, the Vast Profundity was already descending above the pair. It cried several times, its gaze directed at Chen Mo. The old man on its back was refined and clearly understood the profane, as if he was knowledgeable about all things worldly. This loftiness was like he had reached Fate Realization Realm, and an invisible imposing force intimidated the pair.

“This Girl is Northern Darkness Has Snow, daughter of the Northern Darkness Sword Sect. Because we are in search of the Snow Soul Spirit Stone, we have come to the ice valley. Should we have offended the Spirit Beast that Senior raised, we ask for Senior’s understanding. When This Girl returns to the Sect, we will certainly have Father issue an apology.” Northern Darkness Has Snow was worthy of being called the sect master’s daughter. Having trained in the Jianghu for several dozen years, her father himself was also a Fate Realization Realm cultivator. Very quickly, she calmed down and cupped her fist in apology.

She had specifically divulged her identity. Given her background as the daughter of the Northern Darkness Sword Sect, even if their counterpart was Third Layer Greater Thunder Tribulation Fate Realization Realm, he would more or less be cautious.

Her expectations were betrayed. Without even looking at them, the old man disdainfully said: “An apology should look like an apology. Kneel!”

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s face was unsightly. In all her life, she had knelt only to her parents. To have her kneel to a stranger was simply the humiliation of a lifetime. But given the current situation, she had no choice but to kneel. If this old man was even the slightest bit displeased, he could destroy them as easily as if the were ants.

“My father is also a first-rate cultivator in this Star Field. Would it be possible for Senior to excuse Juniors’ ignorance.” Northern Darkness Has Snow was embarrassed.

“As if this Star Field is worth a damn to This Old Man. Kneel!” The old man coldly said.

Northern Darkness Has Snow bit her lip. Her knees were prepared to fold when just at this moment, Chen Mo grabbed her body and did not let her kneel.

“Shi Jin?” Northern Darkness Has Snow was flabbergasted. Even at such a time, could it be that this man refused to let go of his pride?

Chen Mo said: “Are you stupid? Do you think we can live if you actually kneel?”


“I fear that this Vast Profundity is a Strange Beast of the Inner Star Fields. Since we’ve seen its true face, presumably Your Distinguished Self won’t let us leave this place alive.” Chen Mo smiled.

A cold glint flashed across the old man’s eyes, “So it is you who injured This Old Man’s Spirit Beast? As expected, how very arrogant you are.”

“Since you recognize that this is a Vast Profundity, then you must die here today.” The old man indifferently replied.

“Senior, should we die, my father will definitely never let you go. Our Sword Sect will definitely sacrifice everything to make certain of Senior’s death. Even if Senior is Fate Realization Realm, do not think you can relax.” Northern Darkness Has Snow took a deep breath.

“Fate Realization Realm…” The old man mockingly smiled: “When This Old Man’s cultivation recovers, I can destroy your dog Sword Sect with but a wave of my hand.”

“Don’t you understand? He’s a cultivator taking refuge from the Inner Star Field.” Chen Mo shook his head.


The color drained from Northern Darkness Has Snow’s face in fear.

The old man stepped on the Vast Profundity and floated away, “Kill him!”

The Vast Profundity hesitated. The old man activated his incantation, and markings immediately appeared that caused the Vast Profundity to howl endlessly in anguish.

Seeing this scene, the pair could not help but change expressions. This old man was far crueler than they had imagined.5

The Vast Profundity opened its mouth and swooped down, once again using its ability, Profundity Of Heavenly Comets.

“Protect yourself for now, leave this to me for the time being.” Chen Mo took hold of Northern Dipper and did not hesitate to advance.

Northern Dipper’s divine wind was ripped apart by the Vast Profundity. The malevolent weapon that was revealed the old man’s eyes narrow.

Chen Mo wielded the Northern Dipper and combined it with the Bagua Chant to fight the Vast Profundity. It wanted to wash away the prior humiliation, and its attacks were filled with even more reckless abandon. The iron staff clashed back and forth with the Vast Profundity’s forelimbs, incomparably intense. Sparks and ear-splitting collisions filled the air endlessly.

Northern Darkness Has Snow stared blankly.

Was he still a so-called casting master?

His martial prowess was simply abnormal, to actually be capable of matching a Greater Thunder Tribulation’s Demon Beast or to even surpass it. If she had not personally witness this, Northern Darkness Has Snow would not have believed this fact even if she died.

That weapon?

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s gaze showed bewilderment.

After several dozen bouts, the Vast Profundity was somewhat exhausted. Its prior injuries and the torture from the old man’s magic already left it no match for Chen Mo. Chen Mo’s every attack shook its body, racking it with incomparable pain.

Seeing his Spirit Beast fall to a disadvantage, the old man coldly snorted and warped over.

Chen Mo hastily retreated, landing on the ground.

The Vast Profundity panted, its wingbeats extremely fatigued.

“Senior, would it be possible to forgive this mistake. We absolutely will not divulge today’s matter, why not spare our lives?” Chen Mo said.

The old man sneered. He looked at his Spirit Beast and flew upwards. The Vast Profundity kept quiet out of fear, its whole body trembling.

The old man slapped it down, sending this kingly beast flying heavily away, treating it no differently than a stray dog. Even Northern Darkness Has Snow could not bear to watch this savagery.

“Brat, it seems you have some connection to the Inner Star Field. Did you learn a cultivation method to exercise Star Energy?” The old man turned his head back, once again speaking directly to Chen Mo. “Is that weapon a Destined Star Weapon? Fine, if you hand that weapon over to This Old Man, This Old Man will let you two go.”

Chen Mo laughed, “If I hand over the weapon, I’m afraid we will die without a grave.”

“The same if you don’t.”

The old man viciously shouted, his might suddenly like the Heavens.

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  1. 北俱
  2. 一箭雙雕
  3. 長孫晟
  4. Yeah, they can snuff your life out as easily as blowing out a candle.
  5. This guy is a certified ass.


  1. You can tell this guy is a two-bit villain because he’s a guy and he’s old. If he were a pretty girl, then he (she?) definitely wouldn’t overdo it with the bizarrian, or he (she) would undergo a redemption arc.

    Since he’s a guy, though, he’s destined to be trounced like a red-headed stepchild inside of three chapters and then unceremoniously killed. Oh, well.

    1. Definitely, but he does provide a glimpse into the perspective of the Inner Star Field. If an old fart like him can look down on the Outer Star Fields, imagine how condescending the Inner Star Field Star Generals will be.

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