Chapter 215: Ice Valley Has Snow IV – Blue Wave

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After a cultivator opened their Spirit Flower and cultivated Divine Intent, they were able to imbue magic energy into their very thoughts. Divine Intent once used would seem tangible, and it was a common joke that one could will another person dead, which could be said to be easy. Of course, Divine Intent could only kill enemies of those weak Realms or those without formidable willpower. If an indomitable person of similar level or of iron-will determination was encountered, it was difficult for powerful thoughts to destroy their consciousness.

However, in the old man’s eyes, Chen Mo was nothing more than a warrior was not yet even Lesser Thunder Tribulation. His thoughts were enough to defeat the boy. When the old man’s Divine Intent loomed, as if the skies were covering Chen Mo. The Third Layer Greater Thunder Tribulation Fate Realization Realm cultivator’s Divine Intent would be unbearable to anyone else.

Chen Mo was stone-faced, exercising the Nose Locking Art, restraining his pores, and circulating his qi. His entire person seemed to be cast from a single slab of copper. The old man’s Divine Intent swept over him, only to feel that this young man seemed to both existent and non-existent at the same time. He did not scan any bit of his consciousness.

Chen Mo seized the chance to soar upwards and brandish Northern Dipper at the old man.

The old man sneered. A mere Three Flowers Gathered Overhead warrior actually was brazen enough to dare wield a weapon at him. This truly was the first time he had ever seen this in his life. “You are an ant shaking a tree, overestimating your own abilities. If I, Uttaraputra,1 cannot kill you, how can I speak of killing a Star General.” The old man sneered and swiped his hand.

A cold wind was clawed out. This cold wind wound around his hands like a chain then transformed into a blade before he attacked Chen Mo.

This was the “Gan Extreme Cold Qi” that he refined according to the Five Elements, forged using the Cold-type Water Element. Back then in the Inner Star Field, his Gan Extreme Cold Qi was an ability that struck fear into people’s hearts.

White qi suddenly flooded Chen Mo’s field of view. The temperature plummeted, and before the Gan Extreme Cold Qi even arrived, a powerful chill had already froze the flow of his blood, not to mention the activation of a martial art.

This is bad.

Chen Mo sensed how frightening this cold qi was and did not dare be overconfident. He immediately circulated his Star Energy to break free of the shackles of this chill. When the cold attacked, Northern Dipper swung. An aggressive and imposing gust tangled with the cold qi.

Bang, bang, bang.

The blade of cold qi and Northern Dipper instantly traded several dozen blows.

Uttaraputra’s gaze flickered with a brilliance as he stared attentively at the bizarre Divine Weapon, to glimpse any bit of its background. He, Uttaraputra, was not considered a nameless person in the Inner Star Fields, otherwise, he would not have had the qualifications to dare steal the prized beast of a sect-guarding Star General. Nevertheless, he was unable to glean a single hint from the weapon in Chen Mo’s hand. It was not as if he had never heard of Star Generals who wielded unusual weapons, but this type of weapon was unusable for even a top-notch cultivator, let alone a Three Flowers warrior.

Could it be that this man is a Star General?

A preposterous idea jumped into Uttaraputra’s mind.

Seeing that the weapon Chen Mo used was able to resist his Gan Extreme Cold Qi, the old man remained unmoved.

“You dare show off in front of This Old Man with such insignificant abilities.” Uttaraputra sneered and snapped his fingers.

The cold qi split into a thousand streams, as if the flowing clouds brocading the sky had fallen. The thousand cold qi separated and surrounded Chen Mo. Chen Mo shouted, utilizing his Star Energy to the limit. The Northern Dipper staff drew a brilliant arc around him for protection.

Busy with the cold qi’s entanglement, Chen Mo suddenly sensed danger.

Uttaraputra’s figure moved and already arrived in front of him. His hand reached forward and grabbed, which was easy as if he was searching his own pockets. Catching Chen Mo off guard, he had seized the front end of Northern Dipper. With Uttaraputra’s Fate Realization Realm cultivation, to snatch away a warrior’s weapon was simple as turning over his hand, but he had barely touched the weapon when the Star Energy on Northern Dipper pierced through his palm like a barb. 

Under scorching, excruciating pain, Uttaraputra could only withdraw, gazing at Chen Mo with even more greed.

This really was Star Energy!

It this weapon was not a Destined Star Weapon, then it was an Astral Treasure.

As Uttaraputra thought this, his Divine Intent moved. A hundred Flying Swords appeared out of thin air as he activated his sword chant. Hundred of sword-lights crisscrossed to form an enormous net of swords, as if everything in the world was caught inside.

Chen Mo was in the middle of the sword-net, appearing like he was stuck, forced into immobility by the sword-qi.

Beads of cold sweat formed on Chen Mo’s forehead. This Fate Realization Realm cultivator was honestly too strong. When his sword chant emerged, boundless magic energy spread through the ice valley, and the sword-lights gathered into an array. A blizzard ten times stronger than the one before started to blow.


Uttaraputra disdainfully declared.

That a mere Three Flowers Gathered Overhead warrior actually forced him to activate his sword chant, this could be considered the greatest honor.

Chen Mo’s face was pale. Just as he thought of using the Primeval Chaos Spirit Treasure, the Bodhi Treasure Karma.

All of a sudden, an even more pure white sword-light of ice and snow defended in front of him. This ice and snow sword-light leapt forth like a dragon-carp, endlessly jumping about the sword-net that Uttaraputra had formed.

Chen Mo turned to look. As it turned out, this was Northern Darkness Has Snow’s sword chant.

Northern Darkness Has Snow was basically unable to move before because of Uttaraputra’s Divine Intent suppression. Only when the old man was stung by Northern Dipper did she catch her breath. Seeing Chen Mo was caught in a bind, she had no time to think much before she used her own sword chant. She chanted, and a cloak-type treasure flew out at the same time, expanding in midair. That cloak released hundreds of thousands of multicolored lights that drew in the killing intent of Uttaraputra’s sword-chant.

Chen Mo promptly retreated.

Uttaraputra sneered. He pointed his finger, and his Life-cast Sword Chant immediately projected power, like a thousand icicles ripping apart the frozen atmosphere. Northern Darkness Has Snow had no more than Lesser Thunder Tribulation, how could she resist a Fate Realization Realm cultivator.

However, in an instant, Northern Darkness Has Snow’s Life-cast Flying Swords immediately collapsed, sliced apart one after another. The cloak magic treasure was also cut to ribbons under Uttaraputra’s Flying Swords.

With her Life-cast Sword Chant damaged, Northern Darkness Has Snow was similarly wounded severely. She vomited a mist of blood, and her entire person keeled over as if she was struck head-on by a baton, suffering immensely.

“Let’s hurry and go.”

Chen Mo grabbed Northern Darkness Has Snow and activated an escape technique.

“Thinking of running?”

Uttaraputra instantly obstructed in front of the two of them. In terms of speed, Chen Mo could not possibly escape Uttaraputra’s eyesight.

“You two have wasted much of This Old Man’s time.” Uttaraputra’s face showed displeasure.  A pair of Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivators surprisingly were able to resist him for a while by staking everything. This honestly was disgraceful for him.

His sword chant rose again.

Chen Mo suddenly shouted and thrust forth his palm, using the Zhangtian Seal.


Uttaraputra was shaken, and he suddenly noticed that his body seemed to suffer a kind of pressure that instantly slowed his reactions.

“Ridiculous.” Uttaraputra simultaneously used Gan Extreme Cold Qi with a palm attack.

Chen Mo muttered rapidly. He circulated qi through his dantian, brandishing several more Zhangtian Seals.

The seeming sound of muffled thunder rolled through the ice valley.

In Uttaraputra’s surroundings, a landslide-like force displayed an enormous palmprint, but such a powerful ability only ruffled the old man’s clothes slightly and lifted his hair with the wind. Uttaraputra’s expression darkened.

Chen Mo cursed to himself. The Realm of the enemy in front of them was truly too high. He was practically Greater Thunder Tribulation peak cultivation. Right now, Chen Mo had yet to even step into Lesser Thunder Tribulation. Although he had Star Energy, he could not use it as freely as a Star General could. In the face of an enemy as powerful as this, Chen Mo was powerless.

“How can we possibly be a match for him.” Northern Darkness Has Snow said with difficulty.

Chen Mo panted, somewhat exhausted.

“Are you scratching an itch for This Old Man?” Uttaraputra said mockingly, absolutely unafraid of the Zhangtian Seal. To him, the Zhangtian Seal that Chen Mo used truly was no different from scratching an itch.2

“This Old Man shall send you two lovers on your way.”

The hundred Flying Swords whooshed and crisscrossed, splitting the mountains and the snow valley. The killing intent of bone-chilling sword-lights hovered above them.

“With the way things are now, shouldn’t you tell me your true identity?” Northern Darkness Has Snow grit her teeth and made her peace.

“This is not the time to worry about something trivial.” Chen Mo was dumbfounded by her obsession.

“Don’t tell me you still think you can face him?” Northern Darkness Has Snow bitterly laughed.

“I can’t, but we have someone who can.” Chen Mo smiled.

“What?” Northern Darkness Has Snow was startled. From Chen Mo’s words, she could hear a glimmer of hope.

“During those days you were unconscious, I already used our Life Protection Talisman.” Chen Mo said.

“How did you know I had a Life Protection Talisman?” Northern Darkness Has Snow was very surprised. The Life Protection Talisman was a special talisman that Northern Darkness Has Snow’s father gave her. If in the case she encountered danger and she used the talisman, Northern Darkness Blue Wave could sense it and rush over to rescue her. The Jianghu was fraught with danger. Northern Darkness Blue Wave did this out of fear she might suffer a mishap.

Chen Mo rolled his eyes. For precious noble daughters like her, it would have been strange to not give her a means to protect her life.

“The top priority right now is to first survive this disaster.”

When Chen Mo finished speaking.

The Flying Swords filling the skies already fell like rain.

Chen Mo’s Divine Intent controlled the Bodhi Treasure Karma in preparation for a full power struggle. Just at this time, an enormous crackling came from a hundred li away. That sound was like spring thunder from above the Nine Firmaments, yet it was also like an enormous tumbling river, a ten thousand zhang wave.

The sound blew past the ice valley and was accompanied by the force of a giant wave.

The ice valley’s heavy permafrost seemed to melt all of a sudden.

Uttaraputra’s powerful sword chant received the influence of the giant wave and had no choice but to defend. The old man’s eyes stared, showing a bit of grimness.

“My father has come.”

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s expression was delighted.

Chen Mo breathed out a sigh of relief, secretly retracting the Bodhi Treasure Karma. In the end, he did not miscount the time.

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  1. 北俱子, initially TL’d as “Northern Entirety.” I’m pretty sure this might be Sanskrit, actually.
  2. So even without full power, this old man can shrug off one of Chen Mo’s strongest attacks.

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