Chapter 221: Northern Darkness Has Snow’s Thoughts

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The Serene Snow Falling Ink Sword’s reveal took amazed everyone. All of their gazes shifted to Chen Mo at once.

A sixteen to seventeen year old actually able to cast such an exceptional weapon was simply an abnormal genius.

“How is this possible.” Ding Haiyan did not dare believe this.

Northern Darkness Has Snow was very satisfied with the currently shocked and frozen atmosphere. In truth, when she first saw this Serene Snow Falling Ink, her expression was about the same as theirs. In the past Four Sects Wiping Sword, the final forged weapons could only be considered sharp and were not divine arms. Chen Mo’s casted weapon was considered to have surpassed its predecessors. Even the Sword Casting Villa’s best casting master would not necessarily be able to forge this.

Everyone from the Villa looked at each other, the astonishment in their gazes also revealing envy. Only those juniors actually treated Chen Mo very feverishly like an idol.

“Hmph, only its appearance is impressive!” The Southern Mountain Sword Sect’s female cultivator grit her teeth, unwilling to believe this.

Northern Darkness Has Snow brandished the blade, and a sword-light of ice and snow fired. The female cultivator immediately wielded her weapon to block it. Her expression changed, only feeling that the sword-light was like ice, light at first but heavy later. The casted weapon in her hand unexpectedly was unable to resist its counterpart’s casual attack and nearly crumbled. The female cultivator stepped backwards. “How can this be.”

“Then excuse us.” Hou Haorang gave a glance, and the Three Great Sword Sects prepared to attack together.

The corner of Northern Darkness Has Snow’s lips curled into a sneer. Her figure moved, ice and snow seemed to dance, and sword-light shot over, bringing and absolutely beautiful sheet of ice. The swordsmanship of the Western River Sword Sect’s disciple was like a shining moon rising from the river. Its power was majestic, but like before, it was unable to withstand the attack and was pierced through with a grating sound. The next instant, Northern Darkness Has Snow spun pirouetted, spinning over in to the front of the Southern Mountain female cultivator by using a “Snow Lotus Sway” body technique. This time, she twirled the hilt of her sword, and an ink-like sword-light poured out, sprinkling like snow and saturating the ground with layer after layer. “I call this technique ‘Splashing Ink Becomes Snow.'” Northern Darkness Has Snow slowly said. Immediately, the Southern Mountain female cultivator’s uniform was blown apart, revealing the bright red bodice underneath as well as her snow-white skin. The audience was in an uproar, and the female cultivator immediately suffered an indignant defeat.

“Dragon Soars the Four Seas!” Hou Haorang furiously shouted. His sword technique was like a dragon, bounding about the high platform, his killing intent surging like the ocean. This practically was the Eastern Flower Sword Sect’s strongest technique. To have already practiced it to perfection at his age, he made everyone gasp in surprise.

Northern Darkness Has Snow still seemed as leisurely as if she was watching a play. Gripping her sword, she stepped into the ocean, facing the Dragon Soaring sword-light with ample room to spare. The girl quietly clicked her tongue and waved her sword a few times. Half of her sword-light was like snow, the other half pitch-black as it coiled the azure dragon. Black and white connected, and a storm of black snow gusted over the high platform, surprisingly freezing Hou Haorang’s sword technique in its entirety.

Northern Darkness Has Snow reached in front of him and was about to use Serene Snow Falling Ink to eliminate him when a cold glint flashed past Hou Haorang’s eyes. Evil rose in his heart, and he secretly activated his magic energy in preparation for a strike. Although they were all Thunder Tribulation cultivation, they were not allowed to use magic energy or other powers in this competition. Northern Darkness Has Snow could not possibly use magic energy to protect herself either, and she had been injured not too long ago. If he secretly used his magic energy to attack, no one would know. Hou Haorang was not a man of honor as he harbored thoughts of crippling Fairy Northern Darkness.

Hou Haorang extended his palm.

Northern Darkness Has Snow was almost within reach when she sensed Hou Haorang’s scheme and slight change. Her Life-cast Sword Chant was damaged not too long ago, and she suffered injury as well. Now, without a complete recovery, Northern Darkness Has Snow was too late to ward off the Lesser Thunder Tribulation Hou Haorang’s attack.

Just as Hou Haorang’s secret palm strike of magic energy was about to connect, the markings on the Serene Snow Falling Ink Sword in Northern Darkness Has Snow’s hand suddenly glowed. A black flame shot forth from the engravings on the sword’s hilt and blocked Hou Haorang’s attack.

“An array?” Hou Haorang was shocked. He never imagined that this weapon would actually be engraved with an array.

A weapon in possession of an array truly was no different from a divine weapon.

How was it possible for that brat to actually have such brilliant talent?

Northern Darkness Has Snow survived by the skin of her teeth, a biting cold rising in her heart. Hou Haorang’s strike failed to land, and just as he was about to shed all pretense with a second strike, Northern Darkness Has Snow shouted. A cold light suddenly emerged, ripping apart space and freezing time.

Hou Haorang screamed. One of his arms had been severed as he flew over the ring.


Everyone was dumbstruck, unable to believe the situation in front of them. The other two direct disciples of the Great Sword Sects were already stupefied. Northern Darkness Has Snow had surprisingly cut off Hou Haorang’s arm.

“Fairy, do not be so strict.”

Elder E flew up to the high platform and pointed his hand, restraining Northern Darkness Has Snow’s second strike.

At the same time, the Eastern Flower Sword Sect and the Northern Darkness Sword Sect’s elders immediately flew up to the high platform, guarding in front of their respective students.

“Northern Darkness Has Snow, the Four Sects Wiping Sword is merely a competition between sects. Why must you be so vicious.” The expression of the Eastern Flower Sword Sect’s elder was gloomy. He shouted sternly, his Divine Intent mighty.

The sect master of the Eastern Flower Sword Sect was still in his seat appearing aloof, but anyone could see his displeasure.

Northern Darkness Has Snow derisively said: “The Eastern Flower Sword Sect truly has raised a good disciple. Since someone wanted to cripple This Fairy, This Fairy did not let him off easy.”

“What did you say?”

Everyone’s expressions changed.

Elder E looked and noticed that there actually was residual magic energy on the fingers of that arm severed by Northern Darkness Has Snow. Powers and magic energy were prohibited in this contest. This competition was of pure swordsmanship and sword arts to show the strength of their sword sect. Hou Haorang of the Eastern Flower Sword Sect using magic energy was a clear violation of this rule.

“What a disgrace. Hurry and bring him back.” The Eastern Flower Sword Sect’s elder rebuked in a low voice. The other disciples promptly lifted Hou Haorang and left.

“Disciple Haorang feared the Fairy’s martial arts and felt pressured to have acted irresponsibly. We ask for your forgiveness, Fairy. We will certainly apologize another day.” The elder immediately found an excuse to reduce the impact to the lowest degree.

Northern Darkness Has Snow sneered, but she did not retort. They were all of the Four Great Sword Sects and could be considered giving each other face.

Elder E mediated: “Fairy’s divine weapon, Serene Snow Falling Ink, is now the number one divine weapon. It is even comparable to a Star General’s Destined Star Weapon. No wonder Hou Haorang lost himself.”

“I declare, in this Four Sects Wiping Sword, the Northern Darkness Sword Sect has taken first again, and the apprentice of the Western Branch’s Great Tool Court, Shi Jin, has become the first place disciple.”

The entire audience erupted into thunderous cheers.

As far as they were concerned, this Four Sects Wiping Sword honestly was wonderful and brilliant. Not only were they able to see Northern Darkness Has Snow’s cold immortal manner with their own eyes, they were able to personally witness the birth of a divine weapon. Future Four Sects Wiping Swords would not be so marvelous.

And that mysterious youth, “Shi Jin,” who shocked the Sword Casting Villa, was bound to go down in the records of the Tail Fire Star Field’s Jianghu.

After the Four Sects Wiping Sword concluded, the Sword Casting Villa convened a grand banquet the same night and invited the Four Great Sword Sects, the four branches, and other warriors and cultivators of repute.

Chen Mo naturally received tens of thousands of stares. Wherever he walked in the venue, everyone stared at him, which was quite uncomfortable.

The Sword Casting Villa Master was also present, publicly announcing the internal transfers of Villa staff after this Four Sects Wiping Sword.

Having become the lead in this Four Sects Wiping Sword, Chen Mo, who had casted a divine weapon that stunned even the Villa, had automatically become the Vice Villa Master as well as the branch master of the Northern Branch’s Ten Thousand Edge Pavilion. His meteoric rise left everyone flabbergasted, however, given the strength that Chen Mo displayed, they naturally were convinced. Besides, there was still the influential Northern Darkness Sword Sect.

At the same time, the former branch master of the Ten Thousand Edge Pavilion, Kuang Yi, was immediately transferred into the villa as a casting elder. Ostensibly, it was a promotion, but having lost the rights to a branch, everyone understood this was secretly a demotion.

Afterwards, Chen Mo received all kinds of congratulations.

“Brother Shi Jin, now Your Servant must honor you as Vice Villa Master, congratulations, congratulations.” Jin Wuliang walked over and laughed.

Jin Fu’er was speechless: “Brother, you truly are too awesome, to actually be able to become the Vice Villa Master. You’re so young, and in just a few more years, you’ll be the Villa Master.”

“Fu’er, you should learn from Brother Shi Jin. The Sword Casting Villa respects strength. Brother Shi Jing’s casting arts are unparalleled. As long as you train yourself more, you could even be an Ancestral Master of the Villa.” Jin Wuliang made use of Chen Mo’s fame to strengthen a decade of control over the Northern Branch’s Jin Family,1 making him exceptionally happy. The Ancestral Master he referred to was the Sword Casting Villa Master’s strongest casting master, reputed to be on par with Human Sovereign Chen Zhangtian. Chen Mo was aware that this Ancestral Master had casted a weapon for his father before.

After a brief chat, other people came to give their congratulations and request that Chen Mo cast weapons for them.

“Fellow Shi Jin, Your Servant is Kang Shun, the young master of the Golden Blade Sect. Your Servant would like to request that Fellow forge a broadsword. The Golden Blade Sect is willing to pay any price.” Several young men walked over, and the elegant young man leading them wore a faint grin.

“Your Servant has already exhausted too much strength casting a divine weapon for Fairy Northern Darkness. I will need this time to recover and cannot cast, so please understand. If there is a chance in the future, Your Servant will visit the Golden Blade Sect…” He lost count of the number of invitations he received. Not only were there powerful warriors and sects, even the other sword sects had put in requests for Chen Mo to cast weapons.

Chen Mo declined each and every one of them. Who was he kidding, he definitely did not have time to waste on casting.

That Kang Shun young man was a bit disappointed, but he still smiled.

Chen Mo’s excuse was acceptable. Casting a peerless divine weapon indeed required him to exhaust enormous amounts of effort. Often, it was necessary for a casting master to take several months or even years to recover from casting one.

“If Fellow Shi Jin has anything on mind, then you can come directly to the Golden Blade Sect. The Golden Blade Sect definitely will spare no effort.” Kang Shun said.

“Your Servant appreciates your understanding.” Chen Mo smiled.

Some of the other nearby casting masters were unavoidably jealous when they saw Chen Mo’s popularity, however, the majority of the them were open minded and asked for consults. The art of casting often required exchanges in order for a casting master to make progress. Solitary casting masters were rare, and even the Southern Branch’s master was not ashamed to ask for advice.

Having responded to everyone, Chen Mo was exhausted to death and vowed to never again attend this kind of banquet. He finally found an opening and went to a quiet rear courtyard.

In the courtyard, starlight shimmered.

“Even now, you’re still unwilling to take off the mask?”

A voice came from behind him.

“Your Servant’s face is hideous, what is there to look at.” Chen Mo smiled.

Northern Darkness Has Snow chuckled, “Hideous or too eye-catching?”

Chen Mo shrugged.

“I want to thank you for today. I didn’t expect you would install an array on Serene Snow Falling Ink.” To not only cast an exceptional divine weapon in five days, but to also still be able to engrave a spell into it, just how deeply hidden was this man.

“It wasn’t anything complicated. If it wasn’t for those materials, I couldn’t have done it.”

“Is that so?” Northern Darkness Has Snow modestly smiled. “Right, this name that this Fairy chose, ‘Serene Snow Falling Ink.’2 What do you think about it?”

“Not bad, it’s very creative.” Chen Mo did not bat an eyelid.

“Of course. It includes This Fairy’s name, after all.” Suddenly, a sword-light attacked. Northern Darkness Has Snow took out Serene Snow Falling Ink and pointed it straight at Chen Mo.

“Fairy, this is?” Chen Mo’s brows rose.

“This Fairy is bored and wanted to chat with you about the secret collusion between the current Emperor Tang and the sects of the Jianghu.” Northern Darkness Has Snow smiled.

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  1. There’s a branch of the Jin Family in the North? Or perhaps author meant to say Western Branch?
  2. 幽雪沉墨, Recall, this is a pun on their names, “Has Snow” and “Chen Mo.

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