Chapter 222: Do You Want This King?

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Ten Thousand Edge Pavilion, general pavilion.

Chen Mo sat in front of the desk. Placed before him was a thick stack of accounts books and materials. After becoming the Branch Master of the Northern Branch’s Ten Thousand Edge Pavilion, Chen Mo assumed control over the Ten Thousand Edge Pavilion’s affairs. Originally, he thought he would suffer hardship since this was a position that Kuang Yi had left. Chen Mo did not expect that the other supervisors and elders of the Ten Thousand Edge Pavilion would be very cooperative and respectful. How could Chen Mo have known that the Ten Thousand Edge Pavilion and the Northern Darkness Sword Sect were already sincerely united. Chen Mo was the partner that Northern Darkness Has Snow personally supported. No one in the Ten Thousand Edge Pavilion dared to put on the slightest bit of arrogance.

After staying at the Ten Thousand Edge Pavilion for a few days, Chen Mo had familiarized himself with the operations here. He also investigated clearly the secret deal between the Sword Casting Villa and Emperor Tang to upgrade the imperial guards’ Star Weapons at last.

“Peng Pengxin,1 God Transformation Late Stage, Azure Dragon Imperial Guard Deputy Commander. Yin Jianbi,2 God Transformation Late Stage, Black Turtle Sect Headmaster. Rong Yingzong,3 God Transformation Middle Stage, Fire God Sword Sect Headmaster…”

The information he obtained through every possible means made Chen Mo’s head hurt a bit.

Judging from the materials, Emperor Tang was keeping this matter of the Sword Casting Villa secretly helping the imperial city upgrade its Star Weapons very confidential and very restricted. The people he had dispatched were all more or less God Transformation. The Black Turtle Sect and Fiery Divine Sword Sect were both among the Great Chong Dynasty’s Ten Great Sects. Furthermore, as their relationship to the Tang Imperial Family was very close, it could be said that this was a force Emperor Tang had cultivated in the Jianghu.

If it was not for his own status as the Vice Villa Master, it would have honestly been impossible to investigate even the clues to the details of this deal.

After all the materials were prepared, they were transported to the inner sanctum of the Sword Casting Villa, which the Villa Master then personally took charge of. During this time, no one would be able to sabotage the operation. The only chance to ruin things was while the materials were en route.

As the Spirit Stone materials sent were extremely large, so much so that an Astral Bag could not fit them, the Sword Casting Villa simply activated a type of “Treasure Gathering Wagon”4 magic treasure. This magic treasure was a vehicle that transported massive items. It was able to carry giant Spirit Stone and was ordinarily used during wartime for logistics in moving provisions, weapons, and more. It was able to traverse any terrain, and its sole inconvenience was that it required several God Transformation cultivators to maintain it with their magic energy.

“The Sword Casting Villa Master is secretly gathering the Spirit Stones from the Four Great Branches in addition to what Emperor Tang already secretly collected. Most likely, he still needs five or six more days. Upgrading the Star Weapons of the Great Imperial Guards is absolutely not an easy task. If he succeeds, then Chang’an Mansion will be drowning in disaster. Hm, I can’t inform Father of this either. There’s no use in letting him know. If Emperor Tang finds out, he’ll dispatch more people, which will instead take away my chance.” Chen Mo secretly formulated a plan to plunder the Treasure Gathering Wagon, a general structure gradually taking shape in his mind.

However, the many God Transformation adepts standing guard was the most problematic issue.

Although Chen Mo had slain a Fate Realization Great Cultivator, he knew that was mostly due to luck. A direct confrontation against three God Transformation Great Cultivators bode ill for him.

“If I call upon Zhongli Mo…No, the fewer people who know, the better.” Chen Mo muttered.

At this time, a subordinate outside the door stepped forward and announced: “Branch Master, Branch Master Jin of the Western Branch has come to visit.”

“Senior Jin Wuliang, good, I’ll be over there at once.”

After the Four Sects Wiping Sword, Jin Wuliang returned to the Western Branch. That he suddenly came for a visit made Chen Mo somewhat surprised.

Chen Mo came to the study and saw Jin Wuliang in the middle of studying the weapons hanging on the wall. Chen Mo noticed that there was one other person in the study besides Jin Wuliang. This person was draped in a cloak that covered their face and figure. Even so, Chen Mo still sensed this person’s weak and labored breathing, as if they were injured.

“Senior Jin.” Chen Mo cupped his fist.

Jin Wuliang turned and smiled: “Brother Shi Jin, still calling me Senior is too courteous. Your casting arts far outstrip mine. According to logic, This Jin should refer to you as Senior instead.”

“You flatter me.” Chen Mo smiled.

The two of them sat down, and Chen Mo’s gaze spied that cloaked individual.

“You can leave first.” The cloaked person ordered.

Chen Mo was taken aback.

This voice?

“She has something to ask of you. I’ll wait outside for now.” Jin Wuliang awkwardly stood up and walked to a drawing room outside the study. The cloaked person waved her hand, and a gust of wind tightly closed the door.

Then, she took off her hood, revealing a beautiful Western-styled face full of ferocity.

Those blue eyes seemed to make one see a vast, billowing prairie.


Indeed, she was.

“Long time no see.” Chen Mo excitedly stepped forward and hugged her. Although their form of contract was a bit wrong, they were still contracted to one another in any case. Their minds already gradually had a sense of agreement with one another.

Manao wrinkled her brow.

“You’re injured?” Chen Mo carefully studied her and noticed that Manao’s complexion was pale. She still assumed her previous arrogance, but with Chen Mo’s current senses, he very easily sensed her internal weakness.

Chen Mo sent in a wisp of Star Energy.

Manao’s forehead glowed with a Star Crest. She greedily absorbed his Star Energy, and the wisp was assimilated by her in an instant. Manao’s eyes stared at Chen Mo, her gaze showing hunger, but she did utter a word.

Chen Mo helplessly smiled. Looking out the door, he then grabbed her arm and led her into a bedroom within the study.

“Chen Mo, what are you doing.” Manao was surprised and wanted to break free. Nevertheless, she found that this man’s strength was too great. Just as she wanted to activate her Star Energy, Chen Mo stopped her.

“If you want to sleep with me, that will have to wait until nighttime. I’m helping you recover Star Energy, and I was afraid someone might see.”

Chen Mo opened the veils around the bed and pulled Manao onto it, speaking with a deadpan face.

Manao was taken aback. She pursed her lips and disdainfully said: “How can a weak Servant Star like you restore This King’s Star Energy. Do not overestimate yourself.”

“You underestimate me!”

Chen Mo grabbed her arms, locking her wrists. His forehead glowed with the Scourge Of God’s Star Crest. Then, Star Energy gushed forth like a river into Manao’s body. Manao did not dare believe this. Her whole body greedily sucked this Star Energy in, as if it had been suffering from a long drought.

The sensation of this vigorous Star Energy surged like a tide inside her, making her Star Meridians undergo rebirth.

Manao could not help but let out moans.

Outside the door, Jin Wuliang heard the soft moan from inside the study, and his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. No way. He more or less heard about the events of the Western Desert Tower, so he knew about that Western woman’s identity as a Star General. But a Star General and cultivator having intercourse?

Jin Wuliang concentrated and stifled his breathing, making sure he did not mishear.

The moans were intermittent but very distinct. It was very easy for them to make people imagine a certain scene.

“I said that Brother Shi Jin wasn’t an ordinary person, but I didn’t expect he’d have a Star General wife. He truly has good luck. As expected, he’s from the Inner Star Field.” Jin Wuliang immediately retreated from the room when he saw this and stood outside the door. He enjoyed the songs of birds and the aroma of flowers, guessing Chen Mo’s identity and background.

As for what made lower people endlessly curious.

Inside the bedroom, after a long time.

Thump, thump, thump.

Piece after piece of Astral Coin lost their luster and became ordinary stones. Chen Mo’s heart ached, for this was money after all.

Manao sat in front of him, tightly holding his hands. Their Star Crests resonated as he continuously imbued Star Energy into her. The woman’s complexion became much better, and the weakness in her body gradually recovered.

This was the “sharing” ability of their Servant Star contract; they were able to impart Star Energy into each other. Generally speaking, however, the Star Energy of a Servant Star was very feeble, and there were limits on what he could share with the Star General. For someone like Chen Mo who possessed multiple contracts, the Star Energy was even less capable of being all distributed to one person, so Chen Mo had no choice but to use the Star Energy of the Astral Currency.

Fortunately, the Astral Currency he obtained from Uttaraputra numbered in the tens of thousands. This was enough to let Chen Mo last a very long time.

By the time they realized it, the sounds of bugs and birds outside the door had fallen silent, and the moon already peeked over treetops.

Manao finally finished her absorption and opened her eyes in satisfaction. Her eyes also became their distinct black and white colors, full of the brilliance of the stars. Looking at the pile of rocks on the bed, Manao also realized what had happened. Before Chen Mo could say anything, Manao grabbed Chen Mo’s chin and kissed his lips.

A domineering, hot kiss.

“Little man, this is This King’s reward for you.” Manao licked the moisture off her lips.

Fuck, enough is enough.

Chen Mo orginally wanted to ask how her injuries came about. Having received Manao’s seemingly humiliating provocation, the spirit of manliness in his mind surged. Not letting her interject, Chen Mo grabbed her, stooped down and kissed Manao’s red lips.

His tongue went on a direct offensive, wrapping around hers.

Manao was startled, but she did not resist, letting this man wantonly devastate her red lips.

After a while, Manao once again panted, and her skin began to release heat. Chen Mo’s hands were unable to help but climb the woman’s twin peaks, reaching into her supple mountains from the opening in her collar.

Manao gasped and pushed Chen Mo away. The sweet scent of saliva wafted within the confines of the curtains.

“Do you want This King?”

Manao licked her teeth. Her eyes were not clouded, rather, they became filled with a desire to control, as if she was looking at prey.

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      1. I see; if it’s Attila, then it’s fine. It’s a rather unhealthy relationship which those two have, but it’s an unhealthy relationship between adults, so I’m not going to comment further 😉

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