Chapter 246: The Heart Is With Him

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Yeyao mashed some herbs, carefully pouring their juices into Qing Wan’s mouth. Then, she used a gu art to enter Qing Wan’s body and maintain the suppression of the Blood Death Gu.1

This action unavoidably made Yeyao a bit exhausted.

After several gu arrays were set up around Qing Wan, Yeyao finally left the room. The sun’s rays filtered through the dense tree canopy, and most of the villagers had clearly emerged for their activities.


Yeyao heard a bell ring from above her.

Atop the tree, Miaoling currently sat on a wide branch, kicking her pure white feet as if she was splashing water. The girl looked towards the south of the village; the Nine Heads Miao Village lay in that direction.

“Miaoling, he has already gone to the Nine Heads Miao Village to challenge Mangyachang. Won’t you prepare to go?” Yeyao said.

“Master.” Miaoling hurriedly retracted her gaze.

Yeyao looked at her and could not help but sigh on the inside. They say that after a Star General inherited her Star Name, their personalities would all become proud and aloof. Perhaps this was true, but the apprentice in front of her instead felt even more lonely.

“I don’t want to see him.” Miaoling lowered her head.

Yeyao walked over and sat with her on the tree. The closer she drew, the more distinctly she felt that loneliness. The girl’s old innocence and vivacity were gone forever following her succession to a Star Name. “Is it because you can’t see him?” Yeyao stroked Miaoling’s head. Even if she already inherited the name Southern Barbarian King Meng Huo, to this woman, this apprentice was still like her own daughter, never growing up.2 

“Master?!” Miaoling stiffened.

Yeyao’s smile was full of motherly love: “The Lover Gu didn’t fail at all. She rooted herself into your heart and connected you to Chen Mo, isn’t that right?”


“This Master researched the Lover Gu for so many years, as if I wouldn’t know.” Before, Yeyao was still hypothesizing the connection to Miaoling’s abnormal state. After Chen Mo came, she finally understood the reason.

The Lover Gu formed with a Saintess’ heart as an ingredient did not disappear at all following Miaoling’s succession to a Star Name and her subsequent resurrection. It was just the opposite; it was precisely because it was created with Miaoling’s faithful feelings even at death along with Chen Mo’s blood that was full of his feelings that the two of them were connected, and thus she inherited a Star Name.

Similar to how Miaoling inherited a Star Name, she also inherited the feelings in the Lover Gu. In other words, beginning the moment that Miaoling succeeded her Star Name, the two of them formed a transcendent “contract” bond.

To make a Star General forever devote her pure heart to a man, this was none other than the most terrifying aspect of the Lover Gu.

The closer that Chen Mo and Miaoling were, that lover connection between them would also become increasingly close. Thus, various phenomena and changes occurred. Miaoling naturally realized these. From the moment she awakened to her Star Name, she knew. After she was in proximity to Chen Mo, he heart could not help but automatically pound intensely. She was afraid, afraid that she would be unable to control herself and do something insane towards Chen Mo’s affection.

If the two of them actually were husband and wife, the Lover Gu would mature even more powerfully while they were together. But Miaoling knew that in Chen Mo’s heart, she was far from being his one and only, and she that possibly would never be.3

“Master, I truly don’t know what to do.” Miaoling buried her head, and her voice sounded weak and powerless. “A moment ago, I even wanted to kill the girl that Chen Mo brought over.”

Yeyao wrapped her arm around Miaoling’s shoulder.

“We Ancient Miao women have never been timid when facing the object of our affections. Go forth boldly.”


Nine Heads Miao Village. Hidden in the forest, the scent of honey wafted through the air from far away.

Chen Mo, Qin Shaoxu, Ting Nanyuan, as well as Tan Ji and some of the Eight Receptions Miao Village’s people entered the village. Chen Mo’s arrival attracted the attention of everyone. The gazes of these people of all ages were full of gratitude and wonder, and they each demonstrated respectful etiquette to him of their own accord, as if they were welcoming a hero.

As Qin Guan had anticipated, ever since Chen Mo’s deeds and identity were spread through Nan Jiang, the populace were actually full of favorable feelings for this Highness. As for his challenge to the heads of the Nine Villages, they did not kick up that big of a fuss.

“Mangyachang’s palace in the forest ahead.” Tan Ji cautiously explained: “Have you actually thought over going to challenge Mangyachang?”

“En, I’ll finish Miaoling’s matters for her.” Chen Mo nodded.

Tan Ji bitterly smiled. The movements of the young man in front of him, his heroism and boldness, all had a kind of intimidation. His level had reached a stage that Tan Ji was unable to imagine. It was very difficult to imagine that he had actually traded blows with himself once.

Perhaps it was precisely this daring courage that let his Realm increase so quickly. “You Central Plains people are too profound, I can’t make sense of you. However, if you can let our Miao people become more prosperous, then I, Tan Ji, am willing to support you.” Tan Ji sincerely said.

“I will.” Chen Mo also gave a wholehearted answer.

When he entered the forest, he saw a tan village. A sexy woman riding a golden elephant seemed to have been waiting a very long time. Her body was covered in thin silk; her faintly visible and well-endowed figure made the imagination roam. 

The Nine Heads Village’s warriors solemnly stood guard nearby.

“This King heard that a man who killed a thousand soldiers is coming to challenge the Heads of the Nine Villages. Ha, ha, This King even thought he would be amazing and formidable. How unexpected that he turned out to be very young yet imposing.”

The woman opened her mouth, her voice soft and mellow.


Head of the Nine Heads Village.

“Your Servant is Chen Mo.” Chen Mo cupped his fist.

“En…” Mangyachang stared intently at Chen Mo, “Not bad, not bad. Very masculine. You are much more like a man compared to the Ancient Miao’s trash men. This King has taken a great fancy to you.” 

“Do you want to become This King’s man. This King will let you experience the greatest pleasures and love every night. This is treatment no cultivator can receive.” Mangyachang’s eyes were very seductive.

“Shameless.” Ting Nanyuan cursed, red-faced.

“Meaning that the Great King is willing to acknowledge allegiance to me?” Chen Mo grinned.

Mangyachang’s bodyguards immediately drew their swords in anger. “Courting death!”

Chen Mo’s eyes moved. A powerful aura rendered these guards immediately shocked, unable to budge.

God Transformation Realm!

“Interesting, to be able to reach this Realm at such a young age.” Mangyachang chuckled, “All of you, step back.”

“How about it, Mangyachang. Do you dare accept my challenge?” Chen Mo calmly said.

“I like outstanding men. Arrogant men, on the other hand…” Mangyachang’s tone changed. A ray of light flashed by, blossoming against Chen Mo’s chest.

Her tusk saber sliced into Chen Mo’s abdomen.

Mangyachang proudly grinned, but her smile promptly vanished. Her tusk saber had not pierced Chn Mo’s body at all. Instead, a massive piece of iron had intercepted the tusk saber.

Chen Mo brandished his staff, and Northern Dipper’s full power forced Mangyachang back.

The golden elephant behind her was knocked down onto the ground.

“Great King.” Everyone was shocked.

Mangyachang’s first attack was surprisingly overturned. Who could have thought this would happen; they all stared at Chen Mo in disbelief.

“Mangyachang, bring out your skills, see whether or not you can conquer him.” Qin Shaoxu’s tone was flat.

Mangyachang slowly stood up, “Oh, this would mean you were conquered by him, Qin Guan. Then This King honestly wants to experience your power.”

Qin Shaoxu snorted.

“All of you, withdraw.” Mangyachang barked to her other guards.

Everyone left, leaving the two of them with a wide open space.

“This King wants you dead!” Mangyachang brandished her tusk sword and sprung forth.

A fragrant wind and killing intent came at Chen Mo head-on, following which was also a bolt of thunder-light.

Chen Mo wielded Northern Dipper, forming a barrier of unstoppable might.


Two silhouettes crisscrossed, yet there was no “clang.”

That meant someone had been struck.

Mangyachang spun around. Her lengthy ivory tusk saber was stained crimson, and the woman extended her tongue to lap up the blood. A spurt of blood came from Chen Mo’s chest, spraying high into the air.

“Chen Mo!” Ting Nanyuan screamed.

Qin Shaoxu remained indifferent.

Mangyachang sneered: “It seems your courage was unable to stop This King’s blade.”

Her snicker had hardly ended when she vanished once again.

That jeer did not stagnate her attack speed in the slightest, yet as Qin Guan said, Mangyachang suddenly smelled danger.


This time, there was finally a metallic clang. Chen Mo did not blink as he spared no effort to slash, deflecting this saber that was as fast as lightning.

Mangyachang’s first attack was unsuccessful, but she slid past Chen Mo along his vigorous iron rod. She swapped her saber to her other hand and smoothly landed a second strike.

The tusk saber was once again preparing for an attack. This time, Star Energy was activated. The saber-qi that was coiled around the tusk saber spread in all directions, penetrating the sturdy walls and steel. A large expanse of the grove and cliffs were immediately pulverized. 

Yellow Rank, Collapsing Mountain Shattering Wall!

Chen Mo swiftly evaded, decisively creating distance, but he was unable to ward off his opponent’s sudden Yellow Rank. The saber qi pierced through Northern Dipper’s defenses and lapped at his skin. Scorching hot blood erupted from his body, spurting forth, pervading this duel with the thick scent of blood.

The battle was over.

“This King is not satisfied yet.”

Mangyachang rubbed her snow-white neck, narcissistically letting out a sigh. Let along a God Transformation Cultivator, even a Void Return Cultivator would die without a grave under her Yellow Rank. AN ordinary cultivator could not receive a Star General’s direct strike.

That man thought himself so clever to fight against a Star General. Death could not wipe away his stupidity.

“Not bad, I’m not satisfied either.”

A voice boomed.

All of Mangyachang’s hairs stood on end, and she jumped in astonishment. The woman’s eyes widened, not daring to believe this.

Chen Mo breathed deeply, his expression indifferent. Just two strikes were able to make all of his pores open wide. As expected of a Star General, battles with other warriors and cultivators basically could not be mentioned in the same sentence.

“This is impossible, you actually did not die!!” Mangyachang practically screeched.

Her Yellow Rank surprisingly did not kill a God Transformation cultivator. This overturned her imagination.

Could it be that the blows she landed earlier were a misperception?

In truth, Chen Mo was indeed struck by Mangyachang’s unexpected Yellow Rank Collapsing Mountain Shattering Wall. If it was any other God Transformation cultivator who received this attack, they inevitably would have died, but Chen Mo was different. He also cultivated Star Energy, and his Star Energy was even more copious after he obtained the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi. Furthermore, after he cultivated the Book Of Changes Black Turtle, his bodily resilience was sufficient to receive Mangyachang’s Yellow Rank saber attack and still be able to support both Heaven and Earth.

In everyone’s eyes, Chen Mo’s figure seemed to grow gigantic, as if he was an invincible god.

The Nine Heads Village’s people 

“He scared me to death.” Ting Nanyuan patted her chest.

Qin Shaoxu’s eyes glowed. This man truly was full of endless surprises.

Mangyachang’s expression sank. That her Yellow Rank was unable to kill a cultivator was enough to make her taste the first humiliation of her life.

This man must die!

Ice-cold killing intent poured out from the woman’s body, streaming down Chen Mo’s body from head to toe like a cold spring stream.

“Nice.” Chen Mo just so happened to require this kind of abundant desire for battle. He laughed and activated the Star Manual. With a boom, an enormous force blew like a hurricane, shaking everything.

Mangyachang bore the brunt of this and profoundly felt a tyrannical force that she was incapable of imagining.

Never before in her life had she felt such a spontaneous feeling of powerlessness.


This man would conquer her!

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  1. I’m guessing this is a figurative “enter”
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  3. Which is pretty sad that she has to live a near immortal life all the while knowing the object of her affection will never reciprocate.

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