Chapter 247: I Am His Woman

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“How can a mere cultivator be able to conquer This King!”

Mangyachang roared in fury. Her sensual posture had already completely vanished. The woman waved her tusk saber, using Yellow Rank Technique Collapsing Mountain Shattering Wall once again. Saber-qi imbued with Star Energy barreled forth, and like a breached dam, the saber-qi split in all directions. 

Chen Mo leapt backwards, brandishing Northern Dipper.

An attack as heavy as a thousand catties uprooted the earth and shattered space. This assault harmonized with the Collapsing Mountain Style of the Five Sacred Mountains Chant. Its power was boundless, and a normal warrior would be hard-pressed to stop such a fierce attack.

The incoming Yellow Rank Technique’s saber-qi was like a torrent, completely smothering Northern Dipper’s attack. A Star General’s power was too strong; their natural control over Star Energy was second to none. Even if Chen Mo had also cultivated his control over Star Energy, he was still a bit lacking.

The remaining saber-qi once again left him with injuries. Chen Mo resisted this attack, activating the Bodhi Soul Technique, very stubbornly not shrinking back. He turned his wrist and swept the Northern Dipper horizontally.

Mangyachang’s attack did not stop there. The woman launched a swift offensive, her long tusk saber rolling out a bloody carnage, making the surrounding people draw very far back. These two made everyone speechless at their battle.

Ting Nanyuan was already stupefied: “Shaoxu, is Chen Mo also crossdressing like you.”

Chen Mo and Mangyachang’s attacks crossed each other. The Star General’s forceful Star Energy assault did not suppress him too much. This toppled Ting Nanyuan’s thinking, for, in her recollection, a cultivator was always unable to contend against a Star General.

Qin Shaoxu had wandered through many a Star Field, so she actually was not so surprised about this kind of matter.

Star Generals all had their own distinctive levels. Some top-notch Star Generals could not be budged in the slightest even if a cultivator spent their entire lives training to the limit, but there were also some cultivators who were capable of slaying Star Generals. In actuality, within the Inner Star Field, the best cultivators’ cultivation methods often selectively targeted Star Generals to, possessing a certain advantage over an aspect of the battle. 

However, to be able to see someone able to fight a Star General without being overpowered in the Outer Star Fields, Qin Guan also felt this was quite the rare sight.

A hundred exchanges passed in an instant.

The smiles slowly vanished from the faces of the Nine Heads Village’s warriors. Their joy in his calamity was slowly replaced by immense terror. Chen Mo endlessly traded blows with Mangyachang. He was like a monster that absorbed whatever his opponent threw at him. Each breath of the battle was sweet, making him immerse himself in it. His cells, every piece of his tissue, and pores had never been so excited.

Towards their deadlock, Mangyachang appeared very agitated. Half of her Star Energy was already gone, but the man in front of her was still maintaining an “entanglement” style of battle, making her unable to break out of the situation.

A Star Maiden’s Star Energy far surpassed magic energy. She was able to redouble her suppression of a cultivator in a battle like this, but Chen Mo continued to show no signs of weakness, making Mangyachang a bit exasperated.

If she was able to comprehend a “Dark Rank” like Jinhuan Sanjie, then she would not be in such a sorry state.

During battle, the woman brainstormed rapidly, rotating through hundreds of thoughts. Her body flew about swiftly, as if she was a fluttering butterfly. The starlight of the tusk saber in her hand was resplendent, glittering with two stars.

The arrogant Mangyachang originally did not want to activate the power of her “Stars” against a normal cultivator, but she could no longer afford that now. She knew that she already had no chance for victory, so she may as well completely activate the two Stars of her Star Weapon, “Ragged Tusk Saber.”1

“Die for This King!!” Mangyachang sneered. Tusk-light passed her hand like an aurora.

Yellow Rank: Bone Picking!2

Chen Mo was caught off guard, and another spurt of thick blood sprayed from is chest. Once again, a laceration deep enough to show bone appeared.

A stilt house behind him immediately disintegrated.

This slash was enough to completely destroy a God Transformation cultivator.

Mangyachang’s charming grin had barely formed on her lips before it very quickly froze.

He did not fall!

He still did not fall?!

Mangyachang was flabbergasted to see Chen Mo’s indomitable and standing figure.

Chen Mo already tenaciously sustained a Yellow Rank Technique. That frightening injury was rapidly draining his strength away. Any other cultivator would undoubtedly have collapsed.

“How is this possible.” The woman could not help but scream.

Although his body was seriously injured, Chen Mo’s energy and the wounds on his body were two entirely different things. Every single pore up and down his body was exceptionally stimulated.

The Book Of Changes Black Turtle’s third spot was already condensing into a Black Meridian, rapidly staunching the new wound and stopping the deeper damage at the surface of his internal organs. Thus, this made Chen Mo’s expression, attitude and even spirit all concentrate into the image of an Acala Wisdom King.

Mangyachang’s saber technique was not enough to knock him down.

However, intense pain still racked every single organ in Chen Mo’s body, making him unable to move for the moment.

Chen Mo did not choose to counterattack, as if he was savoring the explosive force of Mangyachang’s strike, carving the taste of her experience into his mind.

Dammit. Mangyachang felt that she had been underestimated by a young man.

Bastard…I will absolutely make you pay the price!

Mangyachang indignantly drew her Ragged Tusk Saber.


Saber-light rushed forth, and a horizontal slash aimed towards Chen Mo’s waist.


Chen Mo finally started to move. The staff in his hand perilously obstructed this seemingly formless slash. His eyes narrowed as the Star Energy of the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi steadily replenished his reserves. He knew this was only the prelude to Mangyachang’s attack.

The second and third wave of attacks came like a torrential storm, as predicted. Mangyachang, who had chained three Yellow Ranks, was already without the strength to continue. At this time, Chen Mo also felt his Star Energy already reach its limit.

The battle needed to be decided in the next moment.

Chen Mo stepped through the Bagua’s Bowl Steps and circled around Mangyachang, somehow carving the lines of the Bagua into the ground. The instant Mangyachang whirled around to slash again, Chen Mo used an extremely violent posture to swing Northern Dipper at her legs.

“Are you only good at random swings.”

Blocking Northern Dipper’s force, Mangyachang leapt backwards, easily evading.

But at that moment she was in midair, Chen Mo struck with his left hand. Qiankun One Qi landed on her body.

“This is bad!”

Mangyachang was aghast to feel this white qi constrict her whole body. Already depleted of Star Energy, she was surprisingly unable to easily free herself for a time. Sensing that this was time for Chen Mo’s final attack, the woman’s face turned pale.

Just as she dodged to an even higher altitude, Chen Mo’s attack came even faster.

The immensely powerful and heavy Northern Dipper savagely smashed into Mangyachang’s supple body, making the woman issue a bloodcurdling scream. She was flung into the uprooted forest, and afterwards, they did not detect Mangyachang’s presence.

The victor was decided.

“Great King!!”


The warriors of the Nine Heads Village ran over in a panic to check the Great King’s wounds, gazing at Chen Mo with eyes already somewhat full of fear.

“Roll away!!”

An irritated voice bearing powerful remnant might made the approaching warriors all fall onto the ground. The woman tenaciously stood up. Her body was trembling, for Northern Dipper had shredded her internal organs. This level of serious injury was enough to force her into a several months-long recuperation.

“Star Energy.” Mangyachan sensed that terrifying force that had ripped apart her insides, and her face appeared sinister: “I never expected that there would actually be a warrior in the Great Chong Dynasty who cultivates Star Energy…”

Chen Mo exhaled steaming breath. “To challenge you Star Generals, I would not have dared to do so without being capable of Star Energy myself.”

“What is this weapon of yours. Why is it able to bear This King’s Star Energy so resiliently.” Mangyachang asked.

“It’s just an ordinary weapon.”

“An ordinary weapon!” Mangyachang sneered.

“Mangyachang, since you’ve already lost, then Chen Mo should have won over your Nine Heads Village now, correct.” Qin Guan stepped forward.

“This King did not agree to swear allegiance to this man.” Mangyachang chewed on some healing herbs.

Qin Guan’s brow wrinkled.

“Hey, to speak so faithlessly as a Star General, aren’t you costing you Star Generals too much prestige.” Ting Nanyuan was indignant at this unfairness.

Mangyachang coldly said: “The Head of the Nine Villages is limited to us Nan Jiang people. How can a Highness from the Great Chong Dynasty have the qualifications to participate. Hmph, even if This King accepted it, the others would not.”

The warriors of the two Great Miao Villages glared at each other with hostility, the atmosphere was daggers drawn.

“Today, This King has lost. Someday, This King will definitely make you pay. See our guests out!” Mangyachang waved her hand.

“I, Qin Guan, loathe people who break faith and abandon right the most!” An ice-cold voice resounded. Magpie Bridge Immortal Qin Guan’s Star Weapons, the Flying Hawk Departing Thoughts, whirled around her body, each flying dagger bird flapping its wings with biting cold killing intent.

Mangyachang was unfazed. “To kill This King is to make enemies with all of Nan Jiang. If your Eight Receptions Miao Village wants to meet a calamity of annihilation, come then.”3

“How can you be convinced to acknowledge allegiance, Mangyachang?” Chen Mo stopped Qin Guan’s movements.

Mangyachang cast him a sidelong glance: “This King has already said, you are not a Nan Jiang person…But…” The woman’s tone shifted: “If you want to unify Nan Jiang, This King actually can give you a way.”

“What way?”

Mangyachang looked Chen Mo over from head to toe. Every part of Chen Mo, who cultivated the Northern Dipper Great Overflow, the Book Of Changes Black Turtle as well as the Qiankun One Qi, emitted an indomitable manliness. This aura was particularly enticing in battle, and looking now, Mangyachang’s amorous feelings stirred once again. Her supple tongue licked her moist lips, as if she was savoring an aftertaste. “This King has taken a great fancy to you. Should you become This King’s exclusive property, you will also be considered a person from Nan Jiang. And if you assist This King in conquering the other Miao Villages and obtaining Head of the Nine Villages, then you can return to the Great Chong Dynasty with the status of King of Nan Jiang. This King is willing to make you one of Nan Jiang’s people, one who is on top of the rest. Of course, This King can also sometimes let you be on top.”

Ting Nanyuan cursed. “Shameless.”

Chen Mo’s gaze turned heavy, and the Ursae Majoris Stone in the Northern Dipper faintly glowed.

Mangyachang’s expression slowly changed, for she sensed an oppressively cold killing intent. The Nine Heads Miao Village’s warriors all stretched their bodies taut, as if they were facing a great enemy.

“Do not be unaware of what is good for you. To be the one and only man of I, the ‘Golden Elephant Village Lord’ is your fortune.” Mangyachang’s tone was a bit alarmed

Just at this moment.



The sound of a bell immersed in a spring breeze thawed the ice-cold atmosphere. Everyone turned to look at the source of the sound. A fair-skinned young woman wearing a traditional black Nan Jiang short skirt and some gorgeous silver accessories slowly walked over from the hillside.

Four bells were on the girl’s wrists and ankles, and they rang with her graceful steps.

The elegant rings carried Star Energy that suppressed the murderous atmosphere.


“Southern Barbarian King Meng Huo, can it be that you wanted to challenge This King to battle while I am weak?” Mangyachang chuckled.

“You must honor Chen Mo’s request.” Miaoling walked to Chen Mo’s side, her attitude not allowing refusal of her command.

“On what grounds.” Mangyachang disdainfully said: “He is not from Nan Jiang, he has no qualifications.”

“He is.” Miaoling was resolute and decisive.

“He is a Highness of the Great Chong Dynasty’s Chang’an Mansion.” Mangyachang was displeased.

Miaoling calmly replied: “He is also my, Miaoling’s, man!”


“I am his woman!”

Everyone was astonished.

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  1. 凋敝牙刀
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  3. The raws say “does not want to meet,” but that really doesn’t make sense.

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