Chapter 248: Cave Master Dailai

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Everyone had long been aware of Miaoling’s identity in Nan Jiang.

Earthly Sacral Vessel Star “Southern Barbarian King” Meng Huo.

Among Nan Jiang’s Star Names, it could be rated as a unique leader character, so much so that in the future where there was opportunity to be compared to Huan Wen, it was considered the true master of Nan Jiang. So after she killed Great King Mulu, the other Miao Villages did not kill her out of anger.

In the future, Nan Jiang required Meng Huo for unity.

Even a Star General with a Star Name stronger than her own, like Mangyachang, required her help.

Now, to hear Miaoling unexpectedly blurt out, “I am his woman,” everyone other than Yeyao was dumbstruck.

“Are you mocking me?”

After coming to her senses, Mangyachang bared her teeth and spoke darkly.

She was completely unwilling to believe Miaoling’s words. How high status they were as Star Generals, to allow men to become guests behind their curtains was already considered the fortune of a lifetime. That she would kowtow to a man was fundamentally preposterous to the extreme.

Meng Miaoling walked before Chen Mo, her bright eyes staring at him. She mustered all of her strength to finally squeeze out some shy words, “Chen Mo, tell them whether or not I, Meng Miaoling, am your woman or not!”

Everyone stared at this scene in utter speechlessness.

Chen Mo was so close to her that he could clearly hear Miaoling’s rapid heartbeat. In the face of the all the courage she could muster in her lifetime, a man would be unwilling to let her suffer humiliation, let alone that Chen Mo and Miaoling had the Lover Gu between them, making them exceedingly understanding of each other.

He needed no words in his reply. Chen Mo lowered his head and kissed the girl’s red lips as he drew her into a tight embrace.

Mangyachang’s jaw hung agape as the Star Weapon “Ragged Tusk Saber” fell heavily with a “clang” to the ground along with her mood.

After the deep kiss, Miaoling was bashful and powerless. Her crimson cheeks revealed a young woman’s shyness, but her pupils had an extraordinary determination and clarity. “I, Meng Miaoling, am his woman, so Chen Mo completely has the qualifications to participate in the Head of the Nine Villages!’

“Meng Huo, do you understand what you are doing!” Mangyachang was utterly discomfited.

“I will make Miaoling the master of Nan Jiang.” Chen Mo resolutely said.

Mangyachang laughed. It was unclear if this was out of mockery or delight.

“Hmph, This King actually wants to see how your man will fare, Meng Miaoling, to actually make you resign yourself under a man…” Mangyachang was full of expectation for whatever came after, “But do not think that defeating This King means you will be able to defeat the others.”

“The other three are Star Generals that a cultivator cannot contend against. This King shall watch you get beheaded by them.”

The woman was inwardly irritated. She did not want to watch any longer, so she stored her saber, mounted her golden elephant, then turned and left.

“Are you acknowledging allegiance?” Ting Nanyuan hollered after her.

“This King waits for news that you were executed by another Star General.” Mangyachang’s words basically counted as her acknowledgement of this duel.

Chen Mo sighed in relief. With her as the first concession, that made later matters much easier. Originally, he was still worried that his own identity would be unable to convince everyone. In truth, this was the case. If it was not for Miaoling…Thinking of this, Chen Mo gazed at the girl.

“Many thanks to you, Miaoling, I’ll definitely keep my promise.”

Meng Miaoling softly grunted and heedlessly said: “I’ll help you, too.”

“Oh, congratulations, congratulations. Hee, hee, want to arrange a wedding reception.” This was the first time that Ting Nanyuan had ever seen a union between a Star General and an ordinary cultivator, and that feeling of romance burned with raging flames in her heart.

“Do not fool around.” Qin Guan criticized her.

Ting Nanyuan jealously said: “Shaoxu, you saw that they’re together.”

Qin Guan shook her head.

Miaoling said: “We’d better go think about how to deal with the chiefs of the other Miao Villages first.”

Chen Mo felt the same. Although he had prevailed over Mangyachang, there were still seven other Miao Villages. Among them, there were Star Generals like Jinhuan Sanjie and Cave Master Dailai. Yeyao recalled that Jinhuan Sanjie’s Dark Rank was very worrisome. The Dark Rank of a Star General was capable of instantly killing a Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivator. When the time came, and he took the blow head on, he would not be so lucky as today.

“Great King, can it be we actually are acknowledging that man’s position?” A Nine Heads Village gu master beside Mangyachang asked in astonishment.

Mangyachang cast a sidelong glance, a disapproving one.

“If that Highness is able to defeat all of the Miao Village Chiefs, what does conceding matter. If even Meng Huo can be captured, then This King does not care about this. But should he be defeated and killed, is This King’s acknowledgement important?”

“Great King is wise.”

“Hmph. Right, give Jinhuan Sanjie information. Tell her about today’s events. I want to make her understand all aspects of that man. For a man with such courage, the lonely her has definitely been waiting for a very long time…” Mangyachang licked her chapped lips: “Waiting for a very long to kill…”

Five Creek Cave Village.1

Atop a waterfall, a torrent dropped from a hundred zhang up down to a pool, splashing white waves, like a white dragon descending from the heavens, and the roaring water was like a dragon’s cry.

The waterfall formed a hundred meter zone of enormous tremors. In the center of this waterfall, a woman’s figure was vaguely visible in the screen of water.

That woman’s hand held a strange weapon that rolled about like a dragon in the waterfall. That weapon’s cold light was like lightning, full of changes, dazzling to the eyes. The waterfall’s powerful pressure seemed to become a lover’s touch, tempering her martial arts.

“Great King!”

A female Ancient Miao warrior walked into the waterfall.

“‘Golden Elephant Village Lord’ Chief Mangyachang of the Nine Heads Village has brought information to the Great King.” The female warrior’s hands presented a letter.

“Bring it here!”

An ice-cold voice that was chilling to the bone came from the waterfall.

The female cultivator was a bit fearful looking at this fierce waterfall, but she did not dare hesitate in the slightest. Three flowers appeared over her head, and with a kick of her foot, she flew in.

The roaring waterfall pounded her body, battering her Three Flowers to the edge of collapse. Although she was already exercising her Qi-blood and using True Qi for protection, the waterfall’s tyrannical power still was beyond her imagination. She could even sense overhwelming Star Energy within the water.

The female cultivator did not dare shrink back. She grit her teeth and persisted.

The woman in the waterfall took the letter in her hand. As if the woman was granted amnesty, she promptly retreated from the waterfall.

“It is reported that a Highness has arrived at the Eight Receptions Miao Village and is participating in the Head of the Nine Villages. He has defeated Great King Mangyachang.” The woman deferentially said.

A cold light flit by. After a loud noise, the waterfall reversed its flow.

The female cultivator stared, dumbstruck.

A beautiful woman appeared in the waterfall. That pair of golden eyes swirled with a murderous aura.

“Meng Huo’s man!!!”

The matter of Chen Mo challenging the Head of the Nine Villages very quickly spread throughout Nan Jiang. The people of Nan Jiang all knew that a man who was involved with Meng Huo was rampaging through all of Nan Jiang’s Nine Villages. Not only did he kill a thousand of the SOuthern Suppression Camp’s soldiers, he even defeated a Star General the likes of Manyachang. The rumors grew increasingly bizarre, but it could not be denied that Chen Mo’s prestige was steadily growing.

Nan Jiang’s nine villages did not all have Star Generals as their chiefs.

Seven Li Village, Six Water Miao Village, and Three Leaves Miao Village all had Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivators, but their cultivations did not reach the Fate Realization Realm and could hardly withstand Northern Dipper’s sweeps.

For all of them to be defeated in direct confrontations shocked everyone.

Subsequently, rumors of Chen Mo the “Star General” began to spread through town.

Five days later.

Twin Springs Miao Village.

Above the Twin Pearl Springs, water gurgled forth, emerging just like pearls. This was the Twin Springs Miao Village’s most famous Pearl Springwater. The Miao Village had a type of Xi Pearl Tea. Every year, the Great Chong Dynasty would procure some, for the springwater was able to nourish internal organs, replenish qi, and sublimate into the blood vessels. It was a rare, exquisite elixir for a cultivator.

At this omen, a man and woman stepped over the springwater, their killing intents surging.

The woman’s figure was well-developed. She wore traditional Ancient Miao clothing, but she was not like other people. The Ancient Miao had distinct silver accessories that signified “purity.” Once they were “divine,” they would all become pure gold in color, shining like a sun.

The woman gripped a strange weapon. It was like a chain. At one end of the chain was a golden wolf head with its maw wide open, its teeth sharp as daggers.

Everyone in Nan Jiang knew this Star Weapon.

Golden Wolf Severed Head Chain!

The Destined Star Weapon of Cave Master Dailai.

“That bitch Mangyachang acts provocatively everyday, seducing men. Do not think you are anything special just by defeating her.” As the woman spoke, she brandished the Golden Wolf Severed Head Chain.

The chain let out a whistling noise, ripping apart the air. The wolf head seemed to come to life as it stared at and nipped at Chen Mo.

Before the wolf head arrived, the killing intent on the teeth already stuck into his skin.

Chen Mo used Northern Dipper to block. The chain wrapped around the immense iron rod, easily avoiding the fierce weapon. The wolf head bit into his chest, tearing off a large mass of blood and flesh.

Blood stained the pool, but it was very quickly diluted by the springwater.

Chen Mo covered the wound, his brow creasing in pain.

This weapon was more problematic than he had imagined.

Cave Master Dailai gave a complacent grin: “Brat, This King shall feed your blood and flesh to this Golden Wolf today…” The woman’s eyes glinted ominously as she stared at the nearby Miaoling. “Meng Huo, I will make you regret choosing such a man. You truly are the disgrace of Nan Jiang. As of this moment, you should properly serve me.”

“Say that if you can defeat Chen Mo. Otherwise, the one turning into a servant is you.” Miaoling twitched her mouth.

Cave Master Dailai roared with laughter, basically not believing there was a warrior who could defeat her. This Southern Barbarian King Meng Huo must be stupid to utter such foolish words.

She brandished her Golden Wolf Severed Head. The wolf head smashed into the stone floor like a hammer, pounding it to smithereens. Even if she was strong, the wolf head’s power wa snot to be looked down upon.

Chen Mo’s figure dashed over. Northern Dipper pounded back the attacking wolf head with a clang. The power of the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi made Cave Master Dailai feel her palm go numb, slightly astonishing the woman.

Chen Mo leaned and swiped, and a fierce killing intent rolled towards her like a hurricane.

Cave Master Dailai’s golden ornaments rang. A heavy necklace hanging on her neck was smashed to pieces by Northern Dipper’s Star Energy, and wounds appeared on the woman’s body.

This man is somewhat strong. No wonder he was able to defeat Mangyachang.

Cave Master Dailai’s heart was in shock. In the end, she did not dare underestimate Meng Huo’s man. She promptly retreated, kicking her foot to immediately splash the springwater beneath her, turning it into hundreds upon thousands of crystalline pearls, breathtakingly beautiful.

Cave Master Dailai whirled the Golden Wolf Severed Head Chain around. A gust scraped her surroundings, and the water droplets in the air were immediately sucked into the chain.

That malevolent wolf head ravenously absorbed the water pearls, and its Star Energy endlessly swelled.

This is bad.

Chen Mo immediately sensed a change in Cave Master Dailai’s weapon.

It was a Yellow Rank.

Chen Mo exercised the Star Manual’s Star Energy, holding Northern Dipper horizontally in front of him in a defensive stance.

Cave Master Dailai jeered.

The Golden Wolf Chain was heavily unleashed, its Star Energy suddenly exploding. The chain became a line, no, two, three lines. Several dozen golden ravenous wolves pounced onto Chen Mo’s body, savagely gnawing his flesh.

Yellow Rank Technique.

Hungry Wolves Meal Splitting!2

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