Chapter 249: How Can You Share The Same Sweetness Without Going Through Bitterness Together

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Cave Master Dailiai blossomed with a complacent smile. Having been struck completely by her Yellow Rank “Hungry Wolves Meal Splitting,” even if this man was made of muscles of copper and bones of iron, he was dead without an intact corpse.

A dozen golden Hungry Wolves gnawed Chen Mo’s body. All of a sudden, tremendous killing intent like a tidal wave exploded and sent the Hungry Wolves flying. Cave Master Dailai was still shocked when Chen Mo sternly rushed over.

His body was obviously not very large, yet the overwhelming aura that he emitted barreled towards her like a lethal weapon.

The iron Northern Dipper brought the power of a thousand catties down towards her head.


Cave Master Dailai hastily brandished the Golden Wolf Severed Head Chain. The wolf head struck Northern Dipper and was deflected. Cave Master Dailai did not expect her Destined Star Weapon to be no match for the opposing weapon. While she was overwhelmed with shock, Northern Dipper smashed into the ground.

With a loud noise, the ground shattered.

Cave Master Dailai’s expression was quite conflicted as she glared at him.

“Yellow Rank: Hungry Wolves Meal Splitting!”

Once again, she used her Yellow Rank. The chain wrapped around Chen Mo’s whole body, restricting his movements. Afterwards, a dozen wolf phantoms surrounded Chen Mo on all sides. They ruthlessly pounced on his body and let out vicious eating and chewing noises.

The nearby Ting Nanyuan was somewhat unable to bear watching this scene. “Shaoxu, Chen Mo won’t die, right.”

Qin Shaoxu expression was grim. If any other cultivator had sustained two of a Star General’s Yellow Rank, they would have already been torn to pieces. Although Chen Mo cultivated Star Energy, she was still somewhat anxious to see Cave Master Dailai’s cruel technique.

“This King wants to see how long you can last!”

The woman sneered, and a Star Crest shimmered on her forehead. Star Energy passed through her weapon and on to her opponent’s body, making the Hungry Wolves bite even more wildly.

Miaoling could not help but want to intervene. Her bells rang, but a hand stopped her.


“Believe that he has a way out of this.” Yeyao stopped her apprentice’s actions. If she intervened, then everything Chen Mo had done in Nan Jiang would have been wasted.

Miaoling bit her lip and endured.

Chen Mo activated the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi to the limit. All of his Star Energy circulated to endure the bites of the golden wolves. Killing intent like daggers stabbed into his skin and blood vessels, ripping apart his flesh. Chen Mo grit his teeth in pain. He was lucky that he cultivated the Book Of Changes Black Turtle, otherwise, his prior bodily constitution would have been chewed apart beyond recognition.

Cave Master Dailai sensed the chain in her hand become increasingly taut, and she herself was pulled forward a few steps. She raised her brow: “Stinking brat, you actually want to struggle free.” The woman increased her power.

Chen Mo roared. A Star Crest formed on his forehead as he used the “Trampling” Innate Skill. Northern Dipper moved in his hand, and his force immediately spread in all directions, giving rise to even more intense destruction.

Several golden wolves were dashed apart by Trampling, immediately fading away.

Chen Mo roared again. His Qi-blood exploded and became surging jets of blood that seemed to turn into an enormous sun brimming with scorching hot temperatures. A powerful force immediately broke Cave Master Dailai’s Yellow Rank.

Chen Mo held his staff in one hand as he charged towards Cave Master Dailai.

Along the way, every one of his steps was full of an oppressive strength. The stone slabs beneath his feet cracked layer after layer, breaking like thin ice. Using the Innate Skill would magnify his Star Energy expenditure, but it also made Chen Mo brim with destructive power. Under “Trampling,” each of Chen Mo’s attacks would produce a whirlwind-like oppressive feeling within a few meters around himself.

This kind of hurricane-like killing intent was more formidable than the force itself, making people completely unable to approach. Even the Ancient Miao warriors who were several dozens of meters away could not bear it. Blood poured from their faces, and they nearly passed out.

“Eh?” Qin Guan’s lips slightly moved.

“Impossible.” Cave Master Dailai turned pale with fright. In her eyes, Chen Mo seemed to transform into a war beast that was rushing straight for her. The woman showed a bit of panic.

She brandished her chain once again, attempting to establish a defense.

A powerful collision tore apart her beautiful hopes.

The Golden Wolf Severed Head Chain was knocked aside. Chen Mo arrived in front of her, and his wrist swung downwards, bringing Northern Dipper down right in front of Cave Master Dailai’s face. The woman hastily used her hands to block. She was able to grab the weapons and even some magic treasures of normal cultivators, but this time, she underestimated Northern Dipper’s power.

Seizing the iron rod in her hand, Cave Master Dailai felt killing intent drill into her bones. This weapon was just as swift and fierce as its appearance suggested, shaking her.

Chen Mo continued to swing Northern Dipper. Cave Master Dailai had no way to support this, and her arm was directly broken. The woman retreated, somersaulting backwards. Chen Mo rotated behind her, and Northern Dipper descended heavily.

Cave Master Dailai was struck down to the ground, and the impact made blood pour from her seven apertures and shredded her organs.

“How can this be, how can this be.” Cave Master Dailai coughed up blood, not daring to believe this.

Chen Mo was already accustomed to this kind of expression, “Great King, Cave Master Dailai, do you still wish to continue?”

“This King actually wants to see how you will handle that crude woman, Jinhuan Sanjie.” Cave Master Dailai laughed, and then she coughed up more blood. 

Chen Mo knew that her words acknowledged her defeat, and he could not help but heave a sigh.

Upon leaving the Twin Springs Miao Village, Chen Mo’s whole body collapsed onto the ground, nearly paralyzed. Qin Guan hastily propped him up.

“Chen Mo, are you alright?” Miaoling asked.

Chen Mo’s expression was a bit pained, “Lucky that Cave Master Dailai conceded defeat, otherwise, I wouldn’t have lasted.”

“You are quite the oddity yourself. You were actually able to withstand two Yellow Ranks.” Qin Guan clicked her tongue. Even if she herself went to face Cave Master Dailai’s Yellow Rank, she would not be in better shape than Chen Mo. Just what was this man’s body made of, to actually be capable of resisting that.

Chen Mo also noticed that after his battle with Mangyachang, his bodily constitution had increased a level, and the Book Of Changes Black Turtle was much more refined than before. When he sustained the Yellow Rank attack, he utilized the Star Manual and the Book Of Changes to withstand it, otherwise he would have died on the spot.

From a certain point of view, the current state of Chen Mo’s body was even more exceptional than some Star General’s.

“You still haven’t used your Yellow Rank Saber Technique. Are you intending to save it for Jinhuan Sanjie?” Qin Guan asked.

Let alone that the battles these past few days had left Chen Mo battered, bruised, and tired, but the Magpie Bridge Immortal knew that this beast was not using full power at all. Up until now, the Northern Dipper Saber and that Yellow Rank Saber Technique had not been used at all. Otherwise, the battles would have become much simpler.

“There isn’t any need to.” Chen Mo’s thinking was very simple. He would only use it as a last resort and never before then, for the Yellow Rank used too much Star Energy. Even if it was able to achieve swifter victory over Cave Master Dailai, to reveal his power too early meant that the final Jinhuan Sanjie would be somewhat alarmed. Furthermore, Chen Mo had a tiny idea, which was to use this battle of Nan Jiang to increase his own power against Star Generals, a plan for his future battle against Huan Wen.

“In the future, you will certainly shock Star World.” Qin Guan smiled seeing his great efforts.

Yeyao said at this time: “It is still too early to be happy. Jinhuan Sanjie of the Five Creeks Miao Village is a very troublesome foe.”

“I heard that she has a very big goal in terms of martial arts. The warriors subordinate to her are all female Ancient Miao warriors who have undergone stringent training.” Qin Guan was pensive.

“Yes, Jinhuan Sanjie herself holds little interest in the position of chief. Otherwise, she would already be the chief of Nan Jiang’s Nine Villages.” Yeyao agreed. “Several decades ago, Huan Wen alone attacked Nan Jiang and killed Ahuinan. Back then, ‘Seven Stars’ was insufferably arrogant, and if it was not for Jinhuan Sanjie’s intervention, several of Nan Jiang’s Great Miao Village Star General chiefs would have already fallen at Huan Wen’s hand.”

“There was such a history?” Chen Mo was interested.

“After that, nothing has happened between Nan Jiang and the Great Chong Dynasty.” Yeyao said.

Miaoling blinked: “Master, this would mean that even though Chen Mo defeated Mangyachang and Cave Master Dailai, they are indifferent because they feel Chen Mo won’t be able to defeat Jinhuan Sanjie?”

“That should be the case. If he is able to defeat Jinhuan Sanjie, then even if Chen Mo becomes king of Nan Jiang, they will have nothing to say. Though, if he is unable to defeat her, then everything before becomes empty talk. And I heard that…” Yeyao paused, stopping mid-sentence with worry all over her face.

“Heard what?” Chen Mo asked.

“She has reportedly already reached Concentrated Fiend Late Stage and comprehended a Dark Rank.”

“Dark Rank?” Ting Nanyuan’s face paled: “Then how is Chen Mo supposed to defeat her.”

Even Fate Realization Realm Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivators would be cautious when faced with a Star General’s Dark Rank Technique, for the slightest misstep could get them killed. Chen Mo was only God Transformation. To face a Star General’s Dark Rank was undoubtedly attempting the impossible.

“Then he’ll have to take her by surprise. Before she uses her Dark Rank, Chen Mo must use Ice Breaker Snow Slicer to strike the winning blow first.”

“It will be very difficult to defeat a Concentrated Fiend Late Stage Star General with a single Yellow Rank.” Chen Mo smiled and said.

“Can it be you truly plan on taking the attack head on?” Qin Guan furrowed her brow. A Dark Rank Technique possessed ten times more Star Energy compared to a Yellow Rank. The difference between the two was extremely vast, and Chen Mo did not have a Star Name. After all, he was worldly. To think of withstanding a Dark Rank was an extremely stupid and risky action.

“Let me face her at the end.” Miaoling spoke, attracting everyone’s gazes. “I feel that if I go, she may be merciful.”

“No way.” Chen Mo categorically turned down her suggestion.

“Why.” Miaoling was unhappy: “Don’t tell me I don’t have the qualifications to help you?”

“If Chen Mo does not face Jinhuan Sanjie himself, then the others will not be convinced. If you go, you will instead harm Chen Mo.” Qin Guan explained.

“Miaoling, you aren’t even Heart Furnace Realm right now. You can’t take the risk. I still need you in the future Nan Jiang.” Chen Mo said.

Miaoling was depressed and gloomy. “But I want to do something.”

“I actually have a way that may be able to allow Chen Mo to preserve his life when facing Jinhuan Sanjie’s Dark Rank.” Yeyao said all of a suddne.

“What way?”

“The Lover Gu has a type of ‘Shift Of Love Gu Art’1 that can strengthen the link between you and Chen Mo’s body. This way, when he is struck with Jinhuan Sanjie’s Dark Rank, the wounds he receives can be shared between you two. This will be sufficient to ward off the Dark Rank.”

“Shift Of Love.” Chen Mo felt the name displeasing to the ear.2

“Similarly, while under Shift Of Love, the battle experience you receive will also be transferred to Miaoling.” Yeyao said: “If it lets Miaoling mature faster, then isn’t this a good solution.”

“No side effects?” Qin Guan asked.

“This is one of the Lover Gu’s abilities, usable only when the two are within a distance of a hundred meters. This Master has researched it before, and there should be no side effects.”

“Alright, then let’s use this.” Miaoling agreed in excitement.

Seeing Chen Mo hesitate, Qin Guan said: “Chen Mo, don’t be indecisive. There is basically no way for you to handle a Dark Rank with your current strength. If you have this gu art, then you actually can seize this opportunity to experience a Dark Rank. This will be a big help for your confrontation with Huan Wen in the future.”

Chen Mo also realized this point, but his heart was still somewhat opposed to allowed a girl to share half his suffering.

“Chen Mo, your obsession with male chauvinism will not earn you a woman’s love.”3 A smile flit past the corner of Qin Guan’s mouth.

“Yes, yes. Don’t you know how lucky it is for a woman to be able to share the burden of the one she loves.” Ting Nanyuan enviously said.

Miaoling and her master were in the middle of discussing the method to using the Shift Of Love Gu Art. The young woman’s sparkling expression was indeed as Ting Nanyuan described.

“This is one type of luck I don’t want to see.” Chen Mo muttered to himself.

“How can you share the same sweetness without going through bitterness together.” Qin Guan’s tone was soft, flipping out Dew Water and Fateful Marriage, unclear what she was thinking of.

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  1. 移情別戀蠱術, lit. to fall in love with someone else.
  2. Because it has almost an NTR connotation.
  3. Finally, someone calls him out on this.

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  1. I mean, on the one hand, it’s good that he doesn’t want to make someone he cares about suffer; it’s bad that he only does this because she’s a woman. But I don’t think that it’s as simple as calling it “male chauvinism.” This is a difficult situation, and it’s the hero’s role to take up the lion’s share of the suffering, particularly the physical suffering. Otherwise, they’re not actually displaying any virtue.

    Yes, I know what you want to say, most web novel “heros” do absolutely nothing of the sort, either being egomaniacal psychopaths (the typical Chinese protag) or superpowered Mary Sues very very busy contemplating their own navels (more common in Japanese isekai fare). It still makes it all the more satisfying when it does happen, though.

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