Chapter 250: Couple’s Bath ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Nightfall, all was quiet, with birds and bugs softly chirping.

Tree Of God, a platform at the top.

Chen Mo lay inside a wooden cask large enough for a person, with warm water flowing up to his neck. The wounds he suffered earlier from the golden wolves stung with searing pain when they touched the warm water, making his brow unable to help furrow tightly. There were medicinal herbs suitable for healing added to the water, but they were still unable to alleviate the wounds on his body.

As he lay in the cask, he lifted head to gaze into the deep and boundless starry sky.

The scenery was different from Earth. Star World’s starry sky seemed able to see the existence of the universe itself; its countless rivers, galaxies, and stardust contained all living things . The power of the Deva Eyes allowed Chen Mo to see even further and with more clarity. The innumerable starlights reflected in his pupils, making his eyes turn into a shimmering galaxy.

Even so, the vast sky filled with stars was still difficult to see through. In front of her, Chen Mo only felt himself to be utterly insignificant, evoking a sense of reverence.

“The things that people on the earth most revere really are the starry sky above and the moral law within.” Chen Mo recalled the famous saying of the philosopher, Immanuel Kant.1 He let out a sigh. There were some things, the majesty of which often could only be perceived once experienced personally. Now was the very same.

“Chen Mo, that really was well-spoken.”

A voice as gentle as a drizzle yet also carrying a small sigh broke this tranquility. A girl wrapped only in a white bath towel slowly walked up. She had just heard Chen Mo’s sigh.

“Miaoling, why are you dressed like this?” Chen Mo could not help but feel his nose turn hot when he saw her appearance.

Her snow white skin was exposed, and the small bath towel could barely cover the place where her thighs met. The girl wrapped in the towel had a fair figure, her breasts slightly exposed and moderate in size, as if a white dove would fly out.2 Her slim curves were still enticing, and a girl’s youthful fragrance filled the entire space when Miaoling walked up.3

Meng Miaoling’s face was red as a tomato. Her sparkling little hand tightly clenched the edges of the bath towel, and her supple legs were tightly closed. “This is what Master said about sharing sweetness to go through bitterness together?”4

“What?” Chen Mo was confused.

“The Shift Of Love Gu Art requires you two to be in the same bathtub environment. You must completely trust each other. Let the power of the Lover Gu in Miaoling’s heart flow past her pores into the water, and then sublimate into your bodies. During this time, you must maintain skin contact.” Yeyao also stepped onto the platform.

Hearing this explanation, Chen Mo nearly leapt out of the bathtub.

“Senior Yeyao, you aren’t doing this on purpose, right?”

Yeyao’s face had an expression of exasperation. In reality, she could not be blamed. The Lover Gu, as the name implied, was prepared for a lover. A method like the Shift Of Love honestly was too normal for this; without skin contact, how could they be considered lovers. 

To both experience the same bitterness together, they naturally needed to experience the same sweetness.

This “couple’s bath” was considered one kind of same sweetness.

“Miaoling, hurry and get in there.” Yeyao urged.

“Can you close your eyes.” Miaoling perspired while red-faced.

Chen Mo consciously closed his eyes. His body’s sharp senses felt the young girl’s breath permeate his lungs and heart. Then, he heard the splashing of water, and a supple body lowered itself against his chest. Every inch of the girl’s skin was incomparably soft. Any man would have had a vigorous response.

And Chen Mo was no exception.

“Ah…What are you doing.” Miaoling covered her face. Something hot as fire poked her between her thighs.

“To explain this…it’s very normal for me.” Chen Mo coughed.5

“Do not squirm. This will impact the Lover Gu’s effects.” Nan Jiang’s customs were very unconventional. Seeing her apprentice this way, Yeyao bluntly criticized her.

“And you, Chen Mo, open your eyes. She is your woman, don’t tell me you’re still embarrassed?”

Chen Mo opened his eyes and looked at Miaoling’s bare shoulders and waist, her weak and pitiful appearance.

“Miaoling, remove the towel.” Yeyao continued.

Miaoling then tossed the white towel away. A beautiful and complete nakedness entered Chen Mo’s eyes. Their skin stuck together, tightly linked as if by a magnet.

All of Miaoling’s pores had opened in her nervousness. She had never been in such intimate contact with a man before. Her heart simply wanted to beat out of her chest, and she was about to suffocate.

Doing something like this required a bold guidance. If they did not open up to each other, they would end up even more miserable. As a man, Chen Mo very quickly regained his composure. Then, he wrapped his arms to the front of the girl’s chest and drew her into an embrace, as if he was hugging a unique treasure, carefully protecting it.

Sensing the tranquility in his heart, Miaoling also gradually calmed down. Her body no longer trembled, but the hard object pressing against her groin was honestly uncomfortable. She had no choice but to close her legs tightly and rub with her butt to dispel that incoming heat.

“Don’t move.” Chen Mo moaned.

“Ah, did I hurt you?” Miaoling’s tone was nervous.

“He is too comfortable. Miaoling, your current Realm is still unsuitable.” Yeyao expressionlessly warned.

Miaoling’s earlobes grew hot, and she did not dare move her body again.

Chen Mo activated the Bodhi Soul Technique. No one could match that willpower in his mind, but ever since he came to Star World, this was the first time he had engaged in such intimate conduct with a girl. If this happened before the Bodhi Soul Technique, Chen Mo felt that he definitely would be no better than a beast.6

After seeing them calm down, Yeyao waved her hand, dumping some gu bugs and flowers into the bathtub.

The clear water became a thick, milky white, almost like a bubble bath.7

“Stay like this until the water becomes clear.” Yeyao explained. Only then did she leave the terrace. She had no interest in watching a couple whisper sweet nothings to each other. 

“Why’s your skin so hot, are you alright?” Chen Mo noticed that Miaoling’s skin temperature was rapidly climbing.

“Master said this is an effect of the Lover Gu inside me…” Miaoling was as quiet as a mosquito.

“Lover Gu!” Hearing this name, Chen Mo wrinkled his brow.

“Don’t misunderstand, I’m not treating you so nicely just because of the Lover Gu…” Miaoling hastily explained, afraid that Chen Mo would be mistaken about herself.

“I know. You’d feel guilty if you were mean to a person as nice as me…” Chen Mo took both her hands.

“Shameless.” Miaoling giggled, “You Great Chong Dynasty people have a saying called scourge of the millennium. I think you’re that scourge.”

“If you keep saying that, I’ll actually go scourge on you.” Chen Mo’s waist slightly moved and immediately shocked a bird-like chirp out of Miaoling.

“You bastard, This Lady is but the Southern Barbarian King, yet you dare to mock me.” Miaoling’s shuddered.

Chen Mo laughed.

The atmosphere recovered its relaxed mood and was not so stiff as it was a moment ago. That Yang Qi in his body also greatly abated.

“Can you say that thing a moment ago about the starry sky again?”

“What thing?” Chen Mo blinked: “You mean that quote from before you undressed.”

Miaoling grunted.

“The things that people on the earth most revere are the starry sky above and the moral law within!” Chen Mo gazed at the stars in the sky, reciting aloud like a bard.

When Miaoling heard these words, her mind instantly sank into an endless tranquility. She thought over each word, and every word was able to reach into the very depths of her soul. “The moral law within. Chen Mo, you’re so amazing. These words make you sound like a sage.” The sages of Star World were all heads of the Hundred Schools, the highest existence among the Star Generals, idols that everyone admired.

“Not my words. They’re the words of someone named Kant.” Chen Mo smiled.

“How do you know this Star General?” Miaoling turned her head back in astonishment, feeling that the man behind her was somewhat mysterious.

“I know many Star Generals.” Chen Mo chuckled.


Chen Mo nodded and said: “Of course, but they don’t know me.”


Qin Shaoxu sat under a tree while Nianyou slept sweetly on her lap. Merry laughter came from the top of the Tree of God. Ting Nanyuan rolled her eyes with an expression that said, That couple sure is enjoying themselves.

“Chen Mo won’t do anything to Miaoling, right.” Ting Nanyuan’s eyes lit up. If this was the case, then she had the fortune to have met the first man to join with a Star General.8

“Unlikely, he has principles.” Qin Shaoxu actually was not worried about this. Although the two of them trusted each other completely, given Miaoling’s enticing and full figure as well as the Lover Gu in the girl’s heart, the link between them was a very inevitable and right matter. She would not oppose this either, but Miaoling’s Star Name was too weak. If a Star General was too early, then this would pose a very large challenge for the future maturation of the Star Name she bore. Other than those particularly beloved Star Generals, the majority of Star Generals would rarely do something as stupid as losing their virginity.9 Of course, contempt for the men of Star World was another very important reason.

“But I feel he is quite the man.” Ting Nanyuan felt a rush of excitement when she thought back to his figure battling with two Star Generals. 

That type of indomitable, bold, and masculine stance was more scorching than the sun over the desert sands.

“You had best not fall in love with him.” Qin Shaoxu smiled.

“I’m not fickle with love, I only love you, Shaoxu.” Ting Nanyuan was very resolute.

Qin Shaoxu shook her head: “Yours is merely adoration for an idol. You are still young right now. In the future, you will find your beloved.”

Ting Nanyuan was heartbroken: “Shaoxu, after Chen Mo conquers Nan Jiang, are you also leaving this place?”

“Yes, the promise I have with him will be considered fulfilled, and Your Servant will go to other Star Fields to search for Lingering Impurity.”

“I definitely will cultivate hard. In the future, I’ll be like Chen Mo and enter the Inner Star Fields to find you.” Ting Nanyuan made her resolution.

Qin Guan was not at all convinced she was able to truly complete this immature promise, but neither did Qin Guan discourage her. “Then cultivate well, and perhaps someday you can inherit a Star Name, too.”

“Can I really?”

“Of course. In the Inner Star Fields, there are two types of Star Names, the Innate Star Name and the Acquired Star Name.” Qin Guan said.

“Is there a difference?” Ting Nanyuan curiously asked.

“Innate Star Names start being nurtured by Star Maidens from a very young age. Of course, this type of Star Name is very powerful, and its growth is also very fast. Acquired Star Names are Star Names succeeded after one is ten years of age. This type of Star Name does not have an age limit.10 Although they are not as formidable as Innate Star Names, meticulous cultivation can still make them very powerful.”

“If This Princess can succeed a Star Name like Miaoling’s, that would be great. Even dying once would be worth it.” Ting Nanyuan still felt that a Star Name was too vague. This place was the Outer Star Field, and there were few lucky encounters.

“Don’t have such stupid thinking. To produce a Star Name through death, this is absolutely forbidden in the Central Star Fields.” Qin Shaoxu chided.

Ting Nanyuan stuck out her tongue.

“Right, Shaoxu, you’ve traveled through many Star Fields. Do you know any place than can dispel the Cold Ice Disease?”11 Ting nanyuan suddenly recalled something.

“Cold Ice Disease? Who contracted it?”

“An Elder Sister Bing of mine. Her body has a type of cold poison that can only be staved off by staying at the bottom of a volcano, relying on the volcano’s heat to suppress it. She can’t leave it. She’s so pitiful.” Ting Nanyuan wanted to do something.

“There are many ways in the world to cure the Cold Ice Disease. If only her meridians are being restrained by the Cold Ice Disease, then you can have Chen Mo try.”

“Chen Mo?” Ting Nanyuan was confused.

“Chen Mo cultivates Star Energy. The masculine qi in his body and his Star Energy are a very rare sight across all of Star World. Man represents Yang, women Yin. Combined with your Ting Clan’s ‘Nine Yang Soul Technique,’ and if he uses True Qi, then you should be able to cure the cold qi in her body. Qin Shaoxu was not sure just what the circumstances of the elder sister that Ting Nanyuan spoke of were, but if this was merely cold qi inside a body, this method was workable.

“Right, why didn’t I think of it.” Ting Nanyuan was wild with joy. It was obvious from a glance that Chen Mo was full of manliness. If it was him, perhaps they actually could cure it.

“He is currently sharing sweetness with Miaoling. Do not be impatient. You had better wait until after he defeats Jinhuan Sanjie before mentioning this matter, so as to avoid distracting him.” Qin Shaoxu seemed like she was looking at a little sister.


Seeing that she could finally cure Elder Sister Bing’s ailment, Ting Nanyuan was very excited. She lifted her head to look at the top of the tree and vaguely heard soft moaning. Ting Nanyuan’s eyes lit up: “These two are so slow, they wouldn’t actually be doing something, right.”

Qin Shaoxu was speechless. “Wuyang Princess, can you not be so excited? This is a very decent and proper matter.” Rebuked by her lover, Ting Nanyuan felt very wronged. She was just jealous that other people were able to rest and fly together.12

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  1. Guess Kant is a favorite of the author.
  2. Supposed to illustrate the towel bursting apart from the size of her cleavage…But the author just described her as being only moderately sized in bust…
  3. Bruh, she’s like 14
  4. Qin Guan said this in the last chapter.
  5. Normally, a scene like this would be funny, but Miaoling is clearly underage.
  6. I really don’t like this. If his men caught him doing this, they would lose significant influence to punish the rapists and pedophiles that are in the Southern Suppression Camp.
  7. Well, there’s another thing that’s milky white…I’m guessing this is the metaphor that the author is going for here.
  8. Yes, she’s talking about sex.
  9. So a Star General’s virginity is still important even in Star World.
  10. So does it have an age limit or not.
  11. 寒冰之症
  12. Meaning spend lovey-dovey time together.


  1. That is a very good point about the Southern Suppression Camp. The irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife…

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