Chapter 251: “Southern Barbarian Commander” Jinhuan Sanjie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Miaoling was suffering greatly, suffering very greatly.

The Lover Gu in her heart exhibited its effects following the skin contact between the two of them. All over her body, millions of ants nipped her, making the girl endlessly rub her body. The heat from the rubbing made the bites subside, but this caused Chen Mo hardship.

Miaoling’s body was inherently small. After she became a Star General, every inch of her skin seemed to be full of dew, being delicate and sleek, especially with her butt sitting in his embrace. That soft rubbing simply was about to rub his soul away.

However, Chen Mo did not have the energy to bother about this. The milky white fluid in the bathtub slowly frothed with viscous bubbles that clung to his skin. His injuries were set aflame, burning with pain. Couple with the soft gentleness of Miaoling’s body, the two types of sensations interwove together. Chen Mo firmly seized Miaoling’s hands, his arms covering hers as he hugged her tightly.

A Star Crest began to faintly manifest on her forehead.

The girl’s cheeks were crimson, like the afterglow of sunset. Her eyes became unfocused, and her breathing became labored. Under the influence of the Lover Gu, Miaoling felt every inch of her skin, the secret of every place of her body, all belong to this man that was behind her. She rubbed her body. Her tightly clasped thighs opened slightly as she attempted to devour the desire of the man behind her. But Chen Mo did not allow her to do this as he held her firmly in place.

Miaoling turned her head back, and the two of them entered into a hot kiss.1

The restlessness hiding in their bodies also burst out from between their lips. The bath tub released a thick mist that turned the platform into a wonderland. Within this secret world, their figures intertwined. Everyone who was aware knew that Chen Mo and Miaoling were “sharing sweetness.” Those unaware perhaps would have believed a couple of young sweethearts were having a great battle at the top of the tree.

Moonlight disappeared into the black clouds. Without the moonlight, only a glimmer of starlight was left.

Following a man’s low gasps for breath, the world once again was calm.

A long while later, only the pants of a man and woman after their passion could be heard from inside the mist.

Magpie Bridge Immortal Qin Guan, Ting Nanyuan, Nianyou, and Yeyao walked up. The bath tub’s white liquid was already completely evaporated, turning into a dense fog. They could not see the reality that lay inside.

“Children can’t look.” Ting Nanyuan covered Nianyou’s eyes while her own eyes widened.

The mist scattered, and Chen Mo walked out carrying Miaoling.

“Ah.” Ting Nanyuan screamed in shock.

Chen Mo unexpectedly was without any clothes.

Yeyao’s face reddened, and she slightly averted her gaze.

Yet Qin Guan calmly looked Chen Mo up from head to toe, as if this was a very rare opportunity. “It should be successful.”

“En, she’s too tired. Senior Yeyao, I’ll leave her to you.” Yeyao took Miaoling. The girl was like a withered flower that had received the nourishment of sweet dew. There was a thorough red in her white skin, making her appear delicate.

Every inch of her fair white skin seemed to have been reborn.

“Miaoling, is she…?” Yeyao cast some doubt.

“She’s still virgin.2 This kind of atmosphere and environment isn’t suitable for an inner chamber. I certainly didn’t show you anything passionate.” Chen Mo laughed heartily to dispel the awkward atmosphere. There was only one woman before his eyes.3

Yeyao believed in Chen Mo’s character. However, even if he actually did something unsuitable for children, she felt that this was only to be expected. Although Miaoling was only fourteen years old, she was already of marriageable age in Nan Jiang.

Yeyao carried Miaoling down the tree.

Chen Mo donned a white robe and exercised his Star Energy. Indeed, this “Shift Of Love” had some effects. The injuries he sustained this morning from Cave Master Dailai were already completely healed, and much of his Star Energy was restored. The fourth Black Dot of the Book Of Changes Black Turtle was already vaguely beginning to condense.

Qin Guan joked that this actually was a method for rapid cultivation.

Chen Mo was slightly disinclined to praise such a method. This kind of couple’s bath cultivation was indeed beautiful, but it honestly was too torturous. In the future, he absolutely would not do this kind of shocking thing unless it was between husband and wife.

Sixth day after Qing Wan’s poisoning.

Chen Mo issued a challenge to the strongest village chief of Nan Jiang’s Nine Villages, “Southern Barbarian Commander” Jinhuan Sanjie of the Five Creeks Miao Village.

Today, Nan Jiang was shaken.

Outside Five Creeks Village, White Lotus Waterfall.

Several of the great village lords had all agreed to come. Mangyachang rode her golden elephant, Cave Master Dailai sat on a tiger, and the other villages’ Thunder Tribulation cultivators also rode in on Flying Swords and magic treasures. The skies above the Miao Village shimmered with multi-colored lights.

“Mangyachang, you little bitch, still flirting with your escorts, as usual. No wonder that man made you weak in the arms and legs. Maybe that man didn’t use martial prowess. Maybe he used kung fu on the bed to knock you down.” Mangyachang was reclined on a couch perched on top of the golden elephant. Crowded around her were bare-chested, muscular men, a lavish appearance. Cave Master Dailai could not help but mock her. 

Golden Elephant Village Lord Mangyachang chuckled. She was scantily clad, her clothes half-revealing. From head to toe, she appeared seductive.

“Were you not also conquered by a man, Cave Master Dailai, prostrating yourself on the ground?”

“This King will take revenge in the future.” Cave Master Dailai coldly snorted.

“Revenge?” Mangyachang giggled: “Great King Dailai, don’t tell me you still feel he can live past today? It looks like you honestly have been captivated by that man.”

Cave Master Dailai gnashed her teeth, for she was left unable to speak by this woman.

“And if he actually defeats Jinhuan Sanjie.”

Mangyachang snickered. Seeing that Mangyachang was honestly too lovely, she even blurted these words out.4

“He is Meng Huo’s man, perhaps Jinhuan Sanjie will let him go!”

“You know Sanjie’s personality as well. In this world, only the strong can prevail. Tiny, little cultivators are as weak as ants from her perspective. Although that brat is considered among men as the one who can support both Heaven and Earth, being unmatched, he still will not enter Sanjie’s gaze. This King thinks that this man will definitely die wretchedly under her Dark Rank, nay, perhaps she may not even need her Dark Rank to kill him.”

Cave Master Dailai was also very clear about Southern Barbarian Commander Jinhuan Sanjie’s personality. Thinking it over back and forth, she felt that Chen Mo’s task to conquer her truly was a fool’s dream. The odds of this were as ridiculous as his challenge to Huan Wen.

She did not speak any further about this.

Today, she came to witness the tragic death of this man who was able to defeat Star Generals. However, she did not know why, but her heart was somewhat eager to see if he was able to bring about the miracle of defeating Jinhuan Sanjie. This way, her defeat at Chen Mo’s hands would not be unsightly.

Mangyachang’s gaze was bright as she pondered. If Jinhuan Sanjie let Chen Mo go, she would not mind if she herself killed him in order to wash away the humiliation. In the Tail Fire Star Field, it had always been that only she toyed with men; no man ever dared to place himself above her.

The two of them each harbored their own thoughts as they sat in their respective places.

Very quickly, tribal chiefs and kings from all over Nan Jiang rushed over and gathered at White Lotus Waterfall. The place bustled with activity, for several hundred people had come. People up and down Nan Jiang already knew of this man’s existence from Chen Mo’s conducts and deeds here. Each of them wanted to see what level he could reach against the strongest Star General. They heard that this man’s indomitable figure as he confronted Cave Master Dailai had stirred the hearts of countless of the Twin Springs Village’s Ancient Miao girls, and they actually wanted to see if this man truly was so outstanding.

Atop an unremarkable tree a hundred meters away.

Daoist Skyless Wu Tunan and Great Gu Master Fu Qi also were observing this battle.

This battle would decide the leader of Nan Jiang, and it could also determine the Great Chong Dynasty’s situation. However, Wu Tunan appeared to be very unconcerned. “I never expected that Highness of yours to be so formidable. He was actually able to defeat Mangyachang and Cave Master Dailai.” Fu Qi’s voice was low, his tone somewhat shaky.

“High Master, are you afraid?” Wu Tunan came back to his senses and smiled.

“If he actually does cultivate Star Energy, then I fear This High Master’s gu arts are useless against him.” Fu Qi’s words were somewhat resigned. An enemy capable of defeating a Star General was best not rashly provoked.

“Rumor has it only warriors of the Inner Star Fields are capable of cultivating Star Energy. We do not know how he came about such luck.” Wu Tunan was very curious.

“No wonder that Imperial Majesty of yours is afraid. Right now, he also obtained Meng Huo’s assistance as well as the aid of Yeyao, a Great Gu Master. You had better hurry back and report to that Imperial Majesty to have Huan Wen get rid of him as soon as possible. Otherwise, as This High Master sees it, he will inevitably become a great enemy one day.” The man’s gaze was vicious. He was already able to see that Chen Mo’s growth could not be calculated; right now was already enough to put terror into his heart.

“The High Master truly is afraid?” Wu Tunan grinned: “He challenged Jinhuan Sanjie this time. I heard that this Southern Barbarian Commander is Nan Jiang’s strongest Star General, able to match Her Highness Huan Wen. Do you feel he is able to defeat her?”

“Since this young man is recognized even by Meng Huo, you cannot assess him using common sense. In short, regardless of whether he lives or dies, This High Master will not do anything against him ever again.” Fu Qi directly said: “If he dies, fine, everyone is happy. But if he wins, then Daoist will understand Your Servant’s misgivings.”

“That is reasonable. If he can defeat Jinhuan Sanjie, then this child is indeed someone neither you nor I can contend against.”

“Precisely.” Fu Qi smiled. “That young man values that Qing Wan woman very highly. Simply killing her would not be bad. Perhaps we can break his spirit. Even Yeyao cannot dispel my gu art without my blood.”

“As the High Master says. Let us quietly observe the situation for changes for the time being. This Daoist actually wants to know how far this brat can walk.” Wu Tunan lowered his eyes, gazing at the top of the White Lotus Waterfall.

Jinhuan Sanjie currently sat atop the White Lotus Waterfall. The woman’s back was perfectly straight as she sat upright and still, her hair floating in the wind. From her sitting posture, her unique manner was exhibited. Compared to Mangyachang or Cave Master Dailai, her Fiend Star temperament was even more frightening.

A hundred zhang below the waterfall, the people clamored, their voices nearly drowning out the sound of the waterfall.

Jinhuan Sanjie ignored them in her meditation.

Eventually, the voices grew louder and louder. The appearance of Mangyachang and Cave Master Dailai riding their golden elephant and tiger, respectively, raised the atmosphere. The woman opened her eyes and watched the noisy scene below.

“Great King, that man named Chen Mo defeated Cave Master Dailai. He withstood Cave Master Dailai’s Yellow Rank twice with an indomitable posture and defeated her. Nan Jiang is full of rumors about how imposing he is. Everyone is a bit curious, so they came here.” A female warrior stepped forward and respectfully explained.

“He was able to bear two Yellow Ranks?” Jinhuan Sanjie’s face was calm as a dry well, but a bit of ponderance appeared in her eyes.

“Yes. This time, he has come to challenge the Great King for the last of the Heads of the Nine Villages.” The female warrior continued.

“I think the man is unaware of the immensity of Heaven and Earth. He thinks he can do as he pleases after defeating Mangyachang and the others.” Another female warrior coldly said. Her expression was solemn. From her perspective, only their Great King was considered a true Star General.

“Mu Qing, since he is able to defeat a Star General, he possesses some merit. You cannot be arrogant.” Jinhuan Sanjie flatly said.

“Mu Qing shall remember the Great King’s teachings.” Mu Qing lowered her head and conceded her mistake.

“I heard that his weapon is very strange. Cave Master Dailai’s Golden Wolf Severed Head Chains were unable to eat through it.”

Jinhuan Sanjie grunted then shut her eyes, and her subordinates kept silent.

A while later, activity came from the crowd.

An intense air of arrogance came at them, as if a fierce tiger’s hiss was shaking Nan Jiang apart.

Her long hair blown by this intense wind, Jinhuan Sanjie opened her eyes and spotted a young man charging in front of her, his eyes like a wild beast’s.

The young man was overflowing with aggression, like a mountain tiger pouncing up and down the cliffs. The wind lifted Jinhuan Sanjie’s hair, and the woman’s expression became sharp.

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