Chapter 261: The Ice Princess At The Bottom Of The Volcano

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Wu Tunan leisurely entered the imperial study. Beginning at some unknown point in time, every time he walked in, this study’s atmosphere was always so serious.

“Your Imperial Majesty.” Wu Tunan deferentially clasped his hands together.

Emperor Tang threw him a glance then set down the text in his hands. “Daoist, matters in Nan Jiang seem to be unsuccessful.” His tone contained a bit criticism.

Wu Tunan retracted his heedlessness, and his expression feigned a bit of seriousness. “This boy indeed surpasses our imagination. He was actually able to conquer Nan Jiang’s Nine Villages. This honestly is unbelievable to This Daoist.”

“Just what is he capable of.” Tang Mingshi was displeased.

“Reportedly, he and Nan Jiang’s Star Name Meng Huo share an intricately linked relationship. He cultivates Star Energy, so he is able to compete against Star Generals. This is why he has become the king of Nan Jiang.”

Tang Mingshi was shaken, and his entire body trembled: “Cultivates Star Energy. He actually is able to cultivate Star Energy.”

“This honestly is a fate as enormous as the heavens.” Wu Tunan showed helplessness.

“Can it be that even Daoist has no way to take him?” Tang Mingshi knew that Wu Tunan had been around since the Great Ancestor Emperor, secretly concocting pills for a century. It could be said that he knew every secret in the court and a variety of marvelous powers.

“He is a Servant Star, what can This Daoist do against that.” Wu Tunan shook his head. A Servant Star was the retainer of a Star General. No one was stupid enough to go offend a Star General. 

Tang Mingshi gnashed his teeth: “The Southern Suppression Camp’s Supreme General Yu Huaizheng and his bodyguards have disappeared. Presumably, they met with a mishap. This Southern Suppression Camp has now fallen into Chen Mo’s hands, this brat is honestly hateful!”

For Chen Mo to be able to conquer Nan Jiang was already considered an enormous achievement from Emperor Tang’s perspective. This was supposed to be cause for joy, but judging from his appearance, there was no meaning at all in happiness. There was only worry and resentment carved even more deeply into his expression.

To be able to make the ruler of a nation lose control of himself like this at his young age, that Chen Mo would be able to leave his name in the annals of the Tail Fire Star Field’s history, no matter what.

“However, Your Imperial Majesty need not worry. From This Daoist’s perspective, Chen Mo cannot be a match for Huan Wen no matter how abnormal he is. After Huan Wen emerges from secluded cultivation, sorting out Chang’an Mansion will be no more than something to be done in passing.” Wu Tunan consoled Emperor Tang.

“But we know not how long. We wonder if it may be possible for her to hurry in time for the Title Bestowal Ceremony.”

As the two discussed, all of a sudden, Supervisor Yin the eunuch urgently entered.

“Your Imperial Majesty.”

“What matter has you so flustered.”

“Her Highness Huan Wen has left seclusion.” Supervisor Yin lowered his head.

Tang Mingshi was overjoyed. “Truly?”


Beside them, Wu Tunan’s brow rose, a fleeting flicker of worry flashing past his eyes. He smiled and said: “Congratulations, Your Imperial Majesty. Her Highness Huan Wen emerged from seclusion so quickly.”

“Where is Her Highness right now?”

Supervisor Yin hesitantly said: “Her Highness Huan Wen has already left the imperial palace.

“Can it be she has gone to kill Chang’an Mansion’s people. This must not happen, hurry and stop her.” Emperor Tang was aghast. In any case, Chen Zhangtian was one of the Two Lords. If she paid a visit and slaughtered even the dogs and chickens without righteous cause, then he would become an incapable ruler.

“Reporting to Your Imperial Majesty, Her Highness Huan Wen has gone to Wuyang County.”

“Wuyang County?” Tang Mingshi breathed a sigh of relief. “Then good, let Chang’an Mansion go for the time being.” Knowing that Huan Wen had left seclusion, Emperor Tang swept away the fog covering his earlier mood and was overjoyed.

Southern Breeze Hall, the sunlight was bright and beautiful.

Ting Nanyuan was currently playing with Nianyou in the courtyard, but little Nianyou clearly was not interested. Her gaze always stared at Chen Mo’s room. Ting Nanyuan was a bit helpless, “Just who is Chen Mo, I honestly can’t fathom him.”

Ting Nanyuan already was aware of Chen Mo’s second identity as the Northern Branch Master of the Sword Casting Villa. Although she did not care too much about the affairs of the Jianghu, she also knew what the Sword Casting Villa meant to the Great Chong Dynasty. However, having experience so much with Chen Mo, Ting Nanyuan already trained a stoic attitude. Even if Chen Mo was to succeed a Star Name on the second day, Ting Nanyuan would feel it was only inevitable.1

Even so, when the doors to Chen Mo’s room opened, the Wuyang Princess was still surprised.

“Big Brother!” Nianyou shot over in delight.

Chen Mo walked out from secluded cultivation in his room, his Essence Qi ruddy like the the sunset sky, his gait appearing very imposing.

Ting Nanyuan blinked in doubt.

“Nanyuan, let’s go see that Elder Sister Bing of yours together.” Chen Mo said.

“Chen Mo, don’t tell me you’re done cultivating the Nine Yang Soul Technique?” Ting Nanyuan asked.

“En, already proficient.” Chen Mo produced magic energy that was full of Yang qi. It was like a raging flame, undergoing nine changes. With the Bodhi Soul Technique, he was very easily able to cultivate some powers and cultivation methods to their peak.

“What? Impossible.” Ting Nanyuan exclaimed. Chen Mo had only practiced the Nine Yang Soul Technique for two or three days, but he surprisingly already trained it to the highest level of Nine Layers. On the other hand, she had only just started practicing the second half. This speed was simply shocking.

Indeed, when Chen Mo actually cultivated the Nine Yang Soul Technique to proficiency, Ting Nanyuan finally accepted the reality before her. “In the past, those people all called you some cripple unable to practice martial arts…From My perspective…you are practically a monster…” The Wuyang Princess pouted, suffering quite a blow from the large disparity between them.

“Don’t tell me I actually have to wait half a year before I can treat her. I don’t have this time.” Chen Mo smiled.

“Yeah.” Knowing they could cure Elder Sister Bing so quickly, Ting Nanyuan was relieved.

Soaring Flame Mountain was an important place for the Ting Family with a massive military force on guard. Ting Nanyuan was already familiar with this, however, so as to avoid her father’s notice, they still carefully advanced through Soaring Flame Mountain.

At the summit, a Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator noticed the party and hurried over. However, upon seeing Ting Nanyuan, he very quickly left. The cultivators of Soaring Flame Mountain all knew that their princess would often venture towards the bottom of the mountain, and everyone turned a blind eye to this.

“The bottom of the volcano is turning hotter and hotter right now. The Fire Dispelling Amulet is with my father, so I can’t get it easily. I won’t go in with you.” Ting Nanyuan said: “I’ll wait outside with Nianyou.”

Chen Mo nodded. This was the deepest place of the volcano, after all. He was worried about whether Nianyou could manage.

Ting Nanyuan took out a letter, and inside was a Running Water Phoenix Hairpin: “This is my keepsake. I’ve already explained everything in the letter.”

“Is she willing? If she declines, then don’t blame me.” Chen Mo suddenly thought of this possibility.

“Elder Sister Bing is a good person, however, don’t think that she won’t be able to see you taking advantage of her. Hmph, I warned you first.” Ting Nanyuan twitched her mouth.

“As if I’m that kind of person.” Chen Mo put on an innocent expression.

To be able to have obtained even Qin Shaoxu’s True Name, Ting Nanyuan felt it honestly was all too possible for this man, “However, I’m honestly not afraid if you actually do anything. Although Elder Sister Bing is blind, her mind is very bright. You won’t be able to conceal any thoughts from her. If you treat her badly, then I will have Wuyang County’s cultivators all come kill you.” Ting Nanyuan solemnly vowed.

“You actually helped me look after Nianyou first. If any harm should come to her, Princess Nanyuan…Heh, heh…” Chen Mo showed a malicious expression.

“Relax, this place is My domain. Besides, how can anyone hurt Nianyou when she’s so cute.” Ting Nanyuan said: “You really are a lucky person, I wonder where you were able to find such an adorable little sister.”

“Enough, it’ll be troublesome if my father comes.” Ting Nanyuan ended the conversation.

Chen Mo stood at the edge of the crater. According to what they planned earlier, he was to first use the Dark Yang Finger in a certain pattern at the mouth. Ting Nanyuan said this volcano had an array already set here, and he needed the Dark Yang Finger to be able to open it. If anyone else wanted to force an entry with insufficient cultivation, they would be completely incinerated by the array.

After a crimson light passed, the high temperatures of the volcano battered him in the face.

The temperatures in Soaring Flame Mountain’s chamber reportedly reached several thousand degrees. Even a Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivator could not endure, however, he could barely withstand them with the Nine Yang Soul Technique’s resistance to high temperatures.

Chen Mo jumped, leaping down the mouth.

In the blink of an eye, his figure vanished into the pitch blackness.

Chen Mo’s Divine Intent completely spread open. He activated the Nine Yang Soul Technique as his body plunged down like a heavy boulder. In moments, he had already fallen to a depth of several thousand chi.

The deeper he fell, the higher the temperatures soared. His skin already felt a bit of scorching pain, and the stifling temperatures began to evaporate his magic energy.

Chen Mo activated the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi, converting his magic energy into Star Energy. Masculine Star Energy like raging flames protected his body and very quickly dampened the volcano’s broiling hot temperatures.

Before he fell to the bottom of the volcano, he was already able to sense the terrifying heat. Chen Mo was unable to imagine how a frail girl could live dozens of years in this place. According to what Ting Nanyuan said, that Elder Sister Bing apparently did not possess Greater Thunder Tribulation strength.

Don’t tell me that she’s actually a Star General?

However, that a Star General was trapped at the bottom of a volcano was honestly too strange.

Chen Mo thought it over. Very quickly, a pinprick of red light appeared in the boundless darkness. Sparks of melting flames floated through the air; those were chunks of magma.

Chen Mo’s exercise of his Star Energy during his descent had disturbed the sleeping volcano. The magma that had received the shock surged like a tide towards the heavens, becoming an enormous fire dragon that soared towards Chen Mo.

Chen Mo punched, splitting the lava flow in two.

Even more fire dragons roared and coiled towards him. Unimaginable heat squeezed in all directions. Even the magic energy of a cultivator at the Greater Thunder Tribulation God Transformation Realm could hardly stop this.

Chen Mo bellowed. The Star Manual reached its peak, and he continuously threw punches.

The Bagua Palmprints thoroughly suppressed several fire dragons, but the infuriated magma did not quell at all. More and more fire dragons burst out from the lava.


Chen Mo immediately sensed the anomaly at the bottom of the volcano and thought to himself that things were bad.

Just as he hesitated on whether or not to use Northern Dipper, all of a sudden, an enormous wave of fire pounced towards Chen Mo like an army of cavalry. When Chen Mo was about to be devoured by the lava, a burst of extreme cold unbelievably manifested under these high temperatures. The surging lava was instantly frozen in front of his eyes.

Chen Mo was taken aback. He promptly sprung off the ice mountain and finally landed on level ground.

A bone-chilling cold came from all directions. This type of sensation was unlike as if he had entered the interior of a volcano; it was more like he was in an ice house all of a sudden. But this kind of ice was apparently even more agonizing than high temperatures.

Very quickly, the frozen lava flowed again, and the extreme cold all around him was replaced by extreme heat.

“Who are you?”

A soft and pure voice entered Chen Mo’s ear.

Chen Mo looked to the source of the voice, and he could not help but be stupefied.

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  1. She means second day of cultivating the Nine Yang Soul Technique.

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