Chapter 263: Northern Mansion Soldier Master, Zhi Ming Star Image

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Chen Mo continuously imbued her with several bursts of Star Energy. The Cold Qi in Diaobing inside her body was extremely serious, and it was only after a long time that results finally appeared. The girl’s soft moans brought an ice-cold reveries to the inside of the volcano.

All of a sudden, Diaobing pushed with her hand, stopping Chen Mo’s injection.

“She has come.” Diaobing softly said.

Chen Mo concentrated, and he immediately felt an overpowering presence descend towards this place from above the volcano, bringing a powerful pressure like a shooting star.

“Huan Wen?” Chen Mo was astonished.



Chen Mo’s expression slightly changed. He never expected that Huan Wen would surprisingly appear at such a critical juncture. Now that he had imparted a majority of his Star Energy into Diaobing, he was already completely exhausted, fundamentally without the strength to fight a battle against a Star General. However, even if he was in peak condition, he probably did not have much of a chance anyways. If he was spotted by Huan Wen at this time, Chen Mo had absolutely no doubts as to the consequences that awaited him.

“She will kill you.” Diaobing’s voice was still very soft, but her fine brows already could not help but wrinkle.

Chen Mo looked all around the interior of the volcano. Although this place was very large and very wide, there was practically no place to hide.

It was already too late to avoid danger.

The presence above him rapidly descended. Chen Mo clenched his fists, preparing for a life and death struggle.

“Hide in the hot spring and hold your breath. She will not find you.” Diaobing pointed in a direction.

Chen Mo then noticed that there was a four to five chi wide hot spring behind a protrusion at the bottom of this volcano. Apparently, this was the place that the girl normally used to bathe. However, this hot spring was relatively tucked away, and the water itself was an extremely concealed hiding spot.

Chen Mo knew that he could not take on Huan Wen right now. The temperamental Seven Stars absolutely would not hesitate at all to end him on the spot. He did not want to die in this place before he saved Princess Chang. That would be too unjust. 

Without another thought, Chen Mo dove into the hot spring.

The instant he fell into the hot spring, Huan Wen descended from above and landed on top of a cliff.

“Who were you talking to just now?” Huan Wen wrinkled her brow, her eyes scanning the bottom of the volcano.

Diaobing slid her wheelchair and obstructed line of sight to the hot spring, “Keyan, you have recently been coming to visit Elder Sister somewhat frequently.”

“Diaobing, you still have not answered My question.” Huan Wen sneered, continuing to look all around.

“Other than you, who else can come to this place.”

Huan Wen’s gaze looked to the hot spring. There was a slight ripple along the water’s surface. She walked towards the hot spring, “Were you about to bathe?”

Chen Mo was submerged, using the Nose Locking Art to seal all of his breath. Seeing Huan Wen walk over, his body stretched taught, and he sank his body a few inches deeper.

“Keyan, do you want to bathe together?”

Diaobing calmly pushed her wheelchair along. She snapped her fingers, and two puppet soldiers appeared.

“I see you have traces of Star Energy here. Oh, looks like your recovery is not bad, Elder Sister.” Huan Wen’s attention was drawn, and she stopped her feet.

“Keyan, did you come here again to use me?” Diaobing said.

“Use? That wording is too unpleasant. Can it be that you do not want me, this little sister, to be even stronger?” Huan Wen laughed. Her tone suddenly chilled: “If it was not for the fact that you and I are sisters, do you believe you could still live until now? Of course, your Star Name is worth my use, after all, ‘Northern Mansion Army Master’1 is known to the outside…What a pity, what a pity…Yet right now, you are nothing more than a paralyzed cripple. You are just like that Chen Mo in the past…Diaobing, would you say I should kill you right now to avoid problems later?”

“Chen Mo?” Diaobing was as calm as water, her smile still as affable as before: “So this is the reason for your visits? What Star Name has she inherited that it would make you so resentful, Little Sister?”

“A man is worth my envy? Ridiculous.” Huan Wen scoffed.

“So he is a man.” Diaobing smiled.

Huan Wen was displeased, “Were you not about to bathe? Why did you stop? Fine then, I came out of secluded cultivation and just thought of washing up.” The girl undid her black armor and removed her jacket.

Although Chen Mo was hidden in the water, he could still see figures on the bank from beneath the ripples. Spotting that Huan Wen unexpectedly wanted to bathe in the hot spring, his lungs felt stifled.

Diaobing clearly knew that she could not let Huan Wen enter the water, otherwise, if she bumped into Chen Mo, the latter would be dead without an intact corpse. The young lady was neither rushed nor slow, making two ice puppets lift her from her wheelchair to stand at the hot spring’s edge. With a bit of hesitation, she made the puppets undo her garments and undress her.

The body of a young lady, one colder than ice and purer than frost, immediately appeared in Chen Mo’s eyes.

Each of her delicate curves were finely carved, absolutely without blemish. The softness of her skin seemed able to fill the depths of a man’s heart. Even if Chen Mo had seen many girls who were national beauties, only the body of the girl in front of him made him hardly able to avert his gaze.

Although Diaobing’s eyes were blind, the girl instinctively still sensed the man’s gaze was on her sensitive places.

The girl gently bit her lip and made the puppet support her into the hot spring. The moment she entered the hot spring, a bone-chilling Cold Qi immediately covered the surface of the water. 

Huan Wen was behind Diaobing and unable to see her graceful expression. Seven Stars scanned around the volcano’s chamber but was unable to detect the faintest presence. Finally, she dropped the matter and casually sat on a rock in front of the hot spring.

Diaobing was afraid that Huan Wen would notice Chen Mo’s figure. She turned her body to lay on top of Chen Mo’s. That instant she made contact with the man, Diaobing only felt her whole body’s Cold Qi seemingly boil.2

Huan Wen naturally did not believe that her Elder Sister would sit on a man’s body to conceal him. She looked at the interior of the volcano then coldly stared at Diaobing.

“Keyan, you still have not answered why you have come to see me.”

Diaobing pretended to use the water to wipe her body while she gently asked.

“Were you not in secluded cultivation? That man named Chen Mo has apparently caused you great vexation, Keyan.”

“An insignificant man has caused Me to be vexed?” Huan Wen showed a disdainful expression towards this evaluation: “It seems that your ‘cold heart’ has been frozen for so long that even your brain has been frozen rotten. I am already Yellow Court Realm. Killing him will be as easy as turning my hand over.”

Hearing about Yellow Court Realm, Diaobing clearly felt the body of the man behind her stiffen.

“To be able to make you rush ascension to Yellow Court Realm, that man appears to be outstanding, Huan Wen. Diaobing truly wants to see him.”

“What a pity that you are blind, Elder Sister. You truly will never see him for as long as you live, however, after I kill him, I will bring his soul to you.” Huan Wen laughed.

Diaobing flatly smiled, not saying a word.

After a moment, Seven Stars Huan Wen coldly said: “I sought you out this time not to spar.”

“What can a cripple like myself help you with?” Diaobing gently asked.

“Although you are a cripple, who allowed you to have an Innate Skill that everyone envies.” When Huan Wen uttered these words, a cold glint flowed in her eyes. “I want to borrow your ‘Northern Mansion Soldiers.'”

“Is there anyone in the Tail Fire Star Field that can be so fearless of Huan Wen that you require the Northern Mansion Soldiers?” Diaobing’s brow slightly creased.

“If they are a cultivator, This Highness naturally will not fear them.” Huan Wen was very arrogant. “However, this time, the place I want to go to is a location that no cultivator can step into.”

“I wonder what it is that it could make the Earthly Attack Star so cautious?” Diaobing was intrigued.

“The ‘Zhi Ming Star Image’3 will appear among the Northern Barbarians seven days from now. At that time, there will definitely be hidden Star Generals who will come out to fight for fame. Although I do not fear them, I must be ready for anything.” Huan Wen said.

“‘Four Symbols of Heaven, developed from primeval chaos.’ No wonder you would be so interested, Huan Wen. I never expected such a scene would appear in the Outer Star Field.”

“Pity that you are blind and unable to see this magnificence.” Huan Wen pursed her lips.

“I may not be able to see it, but I can still sense it.” Diaobing’s tone was gentle like before.

Huan Wen was impatient. “Enough nonsense. Will you lend This Highness your Northern Mansion Soldiers or not.”

“Even if I decline, Little Sister presumably will not let this go, correct.”

“If you dare refuse me, then I naturally will use Yellow Court Realm Star Energy to make you sleep a few more millennia.” Huan Wen sneered.

“Take it, then. However, if a Heavenly Spirit level Star Name should come, then I fear my Northern Mansion Soldiers will not be of much help.” Diaobing cautioned. She waved her hand, and a talisman appeared in Huan Wen’s hand.

“Heavenly Spirit level Star Generals probably will not come to the Outer Star Fields. Besides, a trifling Four Symbols Of Heaven may not catch their eye. Elder Sister’s Northern Mansion Soldier’s are all raised over a century using your Innate Skill. With the Northern Mansion Soldiers, I have an even better chance.” Huan Wen looked in satisfaction at the Northern Mansion Soldier Talisman and also obtained the control incantation from Diaobing.

Seeing that Diaobing was still slowly washing herself in the hot spring, Huan Wen pushed with her palm, unleashing a heat wave.

The hot spring’s water immediately boiled over with a gurgle. The impact of the heat wave swept over the girl, passing through her unbearably soft body, “I will not disturb your bath any further, Princess Chang.” Huan Wen lost interest in the crippled Diaobing. She looked around the chamber once again. Then, she flew up towards the volcano’s crater.

After her presence completely faded, Chen Mo finally rose from the water and took great gulps of fresh air. Diaobing powerlessly fell limp against his chest, her breathing heavy.

“That was dangerous just now.” Chen Mo did not know where to place his hands.

“Diaobing’s Northern Mansion Soldiers have been taken by Huan Wen. Diaobing can only trouble Young Lord to help me dress.” The girl said in utter embarrassment.


After helping Diaobing carefully get dressed, Chen Mo’s was blushing furiously as well. He could only blame the girl’s body for being honestly too sensual and soft. Whether it be in his thoughts or through touch, she was like a piece of ice melting into his mind. He was nearly unable to let go.

“Princess Highness, what was that Zhi Ming Star Image that Huan Wen mentioned just now?” After Chen Mo trained in the Book Of Changes Black Turtle, he was quite sensitive to vocabulary related to the Black Turtle. He instinctively felt that the matter Huan Wen brought up just now was very important.

“The Star Images of Heaven are one type of Star World’s Star Images. Legend says that there are ‘Ling Guang,’ ‘Zhi Ming,’ ‘Meng Zhang,’ and ‘Jian Bing.’ Star Mansion Spirit Stones will descend each time these Star Images appear. These Star Mansion Spirit Stones contain the power of the Four Symbols. Star Generals can use these Spirit Stones to forge Star Weapons or create Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow techniques.” Diaobing was afraid Chen Mo would not understand, so she explained very carefully.

In truth, Chen Mo immediately understood when he heard the words “Star Mansion Spirit Stones.”

The Black Turtle of the sword chant he wanted to forge just so happened to require seven Black Turtle Star Mansion Spirit Stones.

And Zhi Ming was just another name for the Black Turtle.

“This means that Black Turtle Star Mansion Spirit Stones will fall from the heavens at that time, and Huan Wen has gone to fight over them.” Chen Mo asked.


Diaobing sensed that Chen Mo had suddenly became very grave. “Can it be that Young Lord also wants to vie for these Star Mansion Spirit Stone? Huan Wen is already Yellow Court Realm, you are no match for her.”

“I know. I fear Huan Wen went to fight for the Star Mansion Spirit Stones in order to confront my Chen Family. No matter what, I must go.” Right now was a perfect opportunity to forge his Flying Swords. Even though he knew Huan Wen, or even some other Star Generals, eyed it like a tiger would prey, Chen Mo could only force himself to go.

Diaobing slightly shook her head.

“For these two days, I will devote myself to imbuing Star Energy into Princess Chang. Afterwards, you will need to refine away the Cold Qi in your body by yourself, Princess Chang.”

“Fine. Since Young Lord’s mind is decided, Diaobing cannot easily say anything else.”


“However, Diaobing will still give Young Lord a word…Perhaps it can help Young Lord at a critical moment.” The young girl softly said.

“I am all ears.”

Diaobing did not speak aloud, rather, those ice-cold yet tender, lily-white hands seized Chen Mo’s wrist. A chilling aura suddenly rushed directly into his mind like a stream.

Chen Mo could not help but shiver.

This is…4

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  1. 北府兵主
  2.   I’m getting flashbacks to Su Xing and Guan Ying.
  3. 執名星象
  4. I’m guessing this is a master override on her soldiers.

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