Chapter 69: Death Embrace

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The Zhongli Mo who up until now showed no interest in cultivators aside from Chen Mo now poured a bucket of cold water on them. As a Star General, King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Sanmei was very disdainful of any cultivator who would have designs upon a Star General.

“Of course we wouldn’t dare vaguely wish to obtain it, but if there really is a tower, with a Destined Star Weapon, what’s the harm in trying to go for it.” Li Xiunian beneficently smiled.

“A Destined Star Weapon is a Star General’s weapon. If a Star General and reaches a certain level, they will be able to sense it. If you encounter a powerful Star General who is searching for it, you’ll have instead brought about your own doom.” Chen Mo said.

“Obviously, but a Destined Star Weapon has the imprint of a Star General’s Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow. To be able to learn one or two moves is pretty good.”


“We’d better stop talking this for now. We don’t even know right now if the tower is real or not, so don’t bite off more than you can chew.” Luo Kui came forth to mediate. “Furthermore, the tower was reportedly designed by an extremely powerful Star General from the Foreign Regions. We may not obtain the weapon in this life.”


Everyone surrounded the bonfire in free-spirited discussion. Chen Mo immediately asked about Luo Kui’s previous experience, conversing no further after this.

On the second day, they continued their journey. The desert sandstorm began to intensify after several hours, and some fragmentary traces were revealed on the desert. There were even some windworn skeletons exposed from the grit. Fatty leisurely picked a few pieces up. Luo Kui told him there was no point in looking at these fragments; they were all left behind by some caravans that got lost in the desert and had no value.

“How did they still die here?” Fatty asked in astonishment.

“We’ve already begin to enter into the depths. There are Demon Beasts.” Zhuang Jing said.

“If our luck’s bad, prepare to die should we bump into Rank Five or Six Demon Beasts.” Yun Sha teased Fatty, who was on his first adventure.

As expected, Fatty’s expression was a bit unsightly, asking just how deep they would explore. He originally thought that with Luo Kui’s cultivation, he would not rashly throw his life away entering the domain of Demon Beasts that were even more dangerous. Hearing they were going deeper, his heart was very conflicted.

“Don’t scare him. It’s okay, there aren’t too many paths. Many warriors have come along this road despite the risks, and some Star Generals have passed through also. Demon Beasts actually aren’t a very troublesome problem.” Luo Kui wiped his brow, as if there was something even more bothersome that was causing him a headache.

Li Xiunian nodded: “It’s best that we hope we don’t encounter ‘Old Demon Black Wind.'”1

“What the hell is Old Demon Black Wind?” Fatty had a bad feeling when he heard this name.

Luo Kui explained: “A kind of natural phenomenon in the desert. Within black wind, some desert Demon Beasts will seize the chance to emerge and hunt prey. We must be careful, especially if we run into the Rank Three Demon Beast ‘Hundred Leg Centipede.'”

“However, if we approach the ruins, it’d be impossible not to run into them.” Yun Sha sneered.

As Yun Sha said, several hors later, the camels suddenly halted their advance, not daring to go further. No matter how the warriors coaxed them, the camels stepped backwards. The White Sands Camel that Chen Mo rode on was the same.

Far away on the horizon, a dense, black storm suddenly rose. The originally bright and clear sky abruptly dimmed. Black wind fluttered wildly, very menacing as the desert was drowned out.

“It’s Old Demon Black Wind.” Luo Kui promptly shouted: “These black winds are very dangerous. Everyone, be careful. If you lose your way in a moment, just keep going forward. There is a wind-eroded boulder ahead, gather over there.” Luo Kui’s group was clearly very experienced, not flustered against Old Demon Black Wind.

Fatty also gave it his all. His palms were secretly sweating as he shouted: “If This Fat Master can survive, I will definitely have my old man forge me a weapon.”

Against Chen Mo’s chest, Nianyou also sensed the formidable black wind, opening her eyes. He hugged her tight, circulating his qi and blood at full power.

Zhongli Sanmei yawned, leisurely walking towards the black wind. “I guess I’ll wait over there first for you people.”

After she said this.

Old Demon Black Wind instantly arrived. Zhongli Sanmei’s figure very quickly vanished in the black wind. Then Fatty, Luo Kui, Yun Sha, Zhuang Jing, and Li Xiunian vanished without a trace as they were consumed one after another by the black wind. Chen Mo’s field of view was completely covered by black wind. Visibility was practically zero.

This black wind was not a natural phenomenon. Mixed into the wind were many black particles that collided with his body like millions of bullets.

The gale and the grit covered the sky and earth, the battering basically unbearable for a mere Qi And Blood Nine Turns warrior. Chen Mo shielded Nianyou, his whole body somewhat aching. His advance slowed to a crawl. The granules of sand filling the sky whistled in his ears like the roar of a demon.


All of a sudden, he faintly heard Fatty’s wretched scream in the black wind.

The force of the wind was too great. Chen Mo was completely unable to determine his position, hoping only that this guy did not actually meet with a mishap.

Just as he thought this, Nianyou suddenly spoke into his ear: “Big Brother, behind you.”

Chen Mo was startled, practically throwing himself forward subconsciously. In the black wind, he heard the sound of something crashing, and a black object drilled out from the dune.

Due to the black wind being too great, Chen Mo could only vaguely make out that this thing seemed to be an enormous centipede with a hundred feet.

“Hundred Feet Centipede?” Chen Mo was blank.

When the Hundred Feet Centipede saw that it did not catch Chen Mo, it hastily burrowed into the sea of sand. Hundred Feet Centipedes were Rank Three Demon Beasts. They were not very strong at all, but by relying on the circumstances of the Old Demon Black Wind to hunt warriors, they were practically unstoppable.

Chen Mo immediately used the Bagua, pushing forward. He absolutely could not stay in one place in the face of the Hundred Feet Centipede, otherwise he would definitely be devoured. That Fatty may have suffered this fate to have screamed like that.

The sound of shifting sands entered his ear. Because the black wind was too strong, Chen Mo’s speed was not very fast. In the endlessly howling wind, the sound of the Hundred Feet Centipede came again and again. Chen Mo could not sense its position.

“Left.” Nianyou murmured.

Chen Mo did not hesitate at all to sweep his left leg like it was a mace.

A fierce black shadow abruptly pounced, like a black curtain unraveling, its hundred feet undulating like a wave. His kick perfectly struck the Hundred Feet Centipede. It was as if he stepped on an iron plate.

The Hundred Feet Centipede let out a strange and sharp cry, once again digging beneath the sea of sand.

It had only just burrowed in.

A black light shot out from the overturned sand straight towards Chen Mo. He stamped his feet, pa-pa-pa, pa-pa-pa.2

Six footprints were engraved perfectly onto the sand.

The Bagua’s Kun Six Severed was unleashed. His leg hacked open the black wind like a hatchet. With the One Qi Ring on his finger, this attack seemed to be at the level of having cultivated qi.

The Hundred Feet Centipede’s entire body was extremely sturdy, impervious to sword and spear, but six holes appeared where Chen Mo stepped on it.

Chen Mo’s legs were like scissors. Then, he hopped about, sending sand flying with his strike. A gigantic, dozen-meter long Hundred Feet Centipede was kicked out of the sand by Chen Mo.

“Fuck, this one’s big.” Chen Mo cursed.

Luo Kui mentioned before that Hundred Feet Centipedes probably were about the size of an adult, about five to six meters,3 with a hundred thin feet, but the Hundred Feet Centipede right before his eyes honestly was extraordinary.

The Hundred Feet Centipede’s whole body was black as lacquer, with red bloodstains over it. When it opened its fanged mouth, it was completely red, dripping with blood.

The Hundred Feet Centipede moved its hundred legs, shooting strands of bloody thread, forming a net. Chen Mo took out and swung Northern Dipper fiercely, ripping the blood-net apart.

The Hundred Feet Centipede once again burrowed into the desert.

“Below.” Nianyou said.

All of a sudden, the sand under his feet shifted. Chen Mo shouted, stabbing Northern Dipper into the ground. A shrill scream erupted from the ground below, and the entire area heaved, spitting forth blood-light.

Chen Mo feared there was venom, so he threw himself into the black wind.

The Old Demon Black Wind’s atmosphere was becoming increasingly intense, blowing hard enough that one already was unable to keep their eyes open. The wail in his ears carried a frightening, furious oppression.

Oh, shit.

Chen Mo noticed that his limbs were somewhat weak. He lowered his head to see that blood-red thread was spread over his legs.

The Hundred Feet Centipede’s blood had venom.

Chen Mo grit his teeth, knowing he could not face the Hundred Feet Centipede head-on any further. He used all his strength to launch himself forwards. As long as he could breach the black wind, he would be safe.

The Hundred Feet Centipede’s blood-venom was spreading quickly. Chen Mo’s consciousness was somewhat hazy.

Just at this moment.

The sea of sand in front of him suddenly broke open. Another Hundred Feet Centipede appeared before him. This centipede was was smaller than the other one, but it was still as large as a person. Its bloodstains were also a wretched green.

This green Hundred Feet Centipede opened it mouth and legs to “embrace” Chen Mo. This was the centipede’s hunting ability. If he was hugged by the centipede, the venomous stingers on the feet would stab into the prey’s body. Then, within several breaths’ time, its prey would be paralyzed. Even a Qi Flower warrior would be in great dang

In the Western Desert, the Hundred Feet Centipede’s killing method was called the “Death Embrace.”

Chen Mo hurriedly drew back, but at the same time, the sand behind him also overturned. That red centipede similarly burst out from behind to hug him.

For the first time, Chen Mo’s heart sunk. He had a feeling of powerlessness.

Two centipedes came to hug him from front and back. The envenomed Chen Mo wanted to flee, but his legs seemed to be stuck in lead, difficult to move. Reflected in his eyes was the ghastly sight of a hundred legs right in front of him, the centipedes’ enormous bodies already smothering him.

Darkness covered Chen Mo’s line of sight.

Chen Mo grit his teeth. He had only just thought of activating his Star Mark, to use full power.

Just at this moment, the surrounding air suddenly quaked. The centipedes’ hundred legs vanished, and Chen Mo was astounded to find that he was several meters away from them, having instantly avoided the centipedes’ hug.

“Huh? What’s going on here?” Chen Mo still was not clear about the situation.

The two centipedes were still screeching in the black wind.

Very quickly, the sea of sand proceeded to break open again. The two Hundred Feet Centipedes attacked Chen Mo again. This time, Chen Mo distinctly felt space distort.


When the centipedes pounced, he already had inconceivably appeared someplace else, again instantly avoiding the centipedes’ hunt.

The two centipedes were clearly somewhat mystified. Moving about in the black wind was already very difficult. To teleport was basically impossible without Thunder Tribulation cultivation.

The centipedes were relentless, burrowing into the sand again and again, launching a lightning-fast hunt on its prey.

Chen Mo teleported again and again.

The frightening black wind was unable to inhibit his movements.

A long while after, the black wind finally slowly abated, and the world gradually recovered its clarity. Scorching hot sunlight shot down. The Hundred Feet Centipedes saw they were unable to kill Chen Mo, hissed, and burrowed into the sand, no longer continuing the pursuit.

With a reprieve availed, Chen Mo immediately circulated his qi and blood, expelling the venom in his blood. Luckily, the Hundred Feet Centipedes’ blood-venom was not very serious. After a short while, it was completely cured. Chen Mo’s body seemed to have broken free of shackles, much more at ease.

“What was with that teleportation just now?” Chen Mo lowered his head to look at Nianyou. He lifted her veil. The girl’s face was white as a sheet, fainted over from weakness. However, there luckily was no great danger.

Could this be Nianyou’s Innate Skill?

But an Innate Skill would only manifest upon reaching Heart Furnace Realm. Nianyou could not have such a high Realm already, right?

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