Chapter 74: The “Scourge Of God” Is Here

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Chen Mo cultivated the Star Energy of the Northern Dipper Great Overflow. Add on the “Northern Dipper Staff’s” surliness, his brute force was completely incomparable to a normal warrior’s. He also had two Star General contracts. Across all of Star World, perhaps there was no other Star Cultivator able to have status like his.

Even if he was merely a warrior’s normal Three Flowers Overhead, the pressure Chen Mo gave Shao Shifeng was no different from a Star General.

If it was not for Chen Mo being a true, authentic man, then Shao Shifeng was qualified to believe that the bastard in front of him had definitely inherited a Star Name and was a Fiend Star.




Three times, the invisible weapon ruthlessly pressured him, each strike making Shao Shifeng want to vomit blood. If it was not for his relying on the Three Star Star Weapon to barely resist, he already would have been beaten beyond recognition, decapitated.

How was this brat so abnormal.

Shao Shifeng was inwardly greatly startled, wielding his Eastern Flower Sword Techniques to the limit.

The Eastern Flower Sword Sect’s characteristic among the Four Great Sword Sects was “entanglement.” Once a sword technique was used, the momentum afterwards would continuously wrap around the opponent. At its highest level, it was like a river. If a hole appeared in the dam, letting out a drop of water, that sword-qi would then steadily attack this weak point. No matter how impregnable the dam was, it would inevitably be destroyed one day.

Although his sword techniques were not at this level yet, he had already displayed “entanglement” brilliantly. But he was still unable to resist Chen Mo’s rolling pressure. Shao Shifeng drew back, looked at the unattended Nianyou, and came up with an idea. Now that this youth’s martial arts were far beyond his expectations, to kill him was already unlikely. Right now, he could only steal the girl away first, and then wait until he returned to the sect for further action.

Thinking quickly, Shao Shifeng’s hand stroked the sword’s edge, immediately wiping it.

A sword-light like a galaxy was fired, becoming a ribbon-like strip that wound its way towards Chen Mo, just like a big snake. Just when the sword-light wrapped around Chen Mo, Shao Shifeng’s body techniques moved, and he lunged towards Nianyou.

“Come here!” Shao Shifeng reached out.

Just at this moment, there was an explosion behind him. The entangling sword-light was ripped to shreds like bandages. Turning his head back to look, Shao Shifeng was astonished. The divine wind that was wrapped around Northern Dipper had already vanished, revealing a tyrannical and merciless weapon.

Chen Mo’s big stick carried the powerfully oppressive feeling of Star Energy, immediately restricting Shao Shifeng’s speed.

Could this be a Destined Star Weapon?

The Shao Shifeng who had never seen such a weapon before now grit his teeth. He could only turn back around and go forward. Otherwise, before he even grabbed Nianyou, he would be pulverized into meat paste by this Northern Dipper.

Shao Shifeng reached out his right hand while his left brought out a red talisman depicting the bird seal script.1

This Early Stage Fire Bird Talisman was extremely effective against Qi Flower Realm warriors, however, only warriors who had blossomed the Qi Flower were capable of using it. Shao Shifeng had already glimpsed the way to Qi Flower. He concentrated a ray of qi onto the talisman, and the red bird seal script on the talisman instantly flashed with light. In no time, the talisman dissolved into the air, forming a dozen sparrow-sized flames.

The dozen flame sparrows paused in the air, flapping their wings as they flung themselves towards Chen Mo.

Chen Mo brandished Northern Dipper.

The fire sparrows were instantly blasted away, shaking the room.

A less than Qi Flower warrior would inevitably have been killed when met with the Fire Bird Talisman’s attack, but Chen Mo’s body was too abnormal. Shao Shifeng had no confidence to face him. He prepared to grab Nianyou, but at this time, he noticed that Nianyou had nevertheless already fled at some point in time across the way. The man turned around. The flames scattered, and a feeble yet domineering body obstructed his way. 

“If you have any other tricks, now’s the time to use them.” Chen Mo tossed Northern Dipper. Several dozen bloody cuts were scratched open over his body, but he was like a steel tower, not falling over.

This time, even Shao Shifeng could hardly stifle his fury and shock.

“Just what the hell are you?!”

Chen Mo chuckled. He lifted Northern Dipper and swung it towards Shao Shifeng. A white Star Crest glowed upon his forehead, and a vast aura of arrogance broke out of his body, unstoppable as an army of cavalry.

“Chen Mo!!”

“Chen Qingzhi’s man!!”

A voice rose.

A rain of blood fell.

Yun Sha quickly headed for the top of the tower, following the tangled and complicated starways. The woman’s body techniques were like a swallow, skimming gracefully over the water. All of a sudden, a black shadow burst out from a corridor. Yun Sha was startled, but she immediately gave a knowing smile.

Li Xiunian activated his “Qi Flower,” each step as if he was walking on clouds, floating.

“Old Nian, you really did want to go look at the top of the tower.” Yun Sha said as she walked.

Li Xiunian smiled beneficently. “Rumor has it that this tower was left behind by an extremely formidable Star General. If I can obtain her Destined Star Weapon and learn her ‘Heaven, Earth, Dark and Yellow,’ this would be a hundred times more powerful than any magic weapon, ability, or cultivation method. How could I miss such an opportunity.”

“Didn’t you hear that brat say three Star Generals have come to fight over it.” Yun Sha was unmoved.

“Then we’ll just see who can snatch it away. As long as they have not reached Concentrated Fiend, This Old Man still has the confidence to escape.” Li Xiunian answered, full of self-confidence.

His line of thinking was the same as Yun Sha’s. Although they said they were searching for other treasures in the tower, compared to that kind of search that wasted time, clearly the Destined Star Weapon had much more allure.

Generally, only sects could possess the Destined Star Weapon of a Star General. Scattered Cultivators could only obtain one by fortunate encounter, not by request. This was a once in a blue moon chance. Even if they were to face greater danger, they still wanted to try. If they could obtain the Star Weapon, then cultivate the Star General’s Heaven, Earth, Dark and Yellow in seclusion, they would be hegemons in one of Star World’s fields.

They were not the only ones with the same idea.

Atop the tower, more and more warriors gathered together.

Each warrior strived for this chance to “get rich quick overnight.”

Moments later, Li Xiunian and Yun Sha reached the top floor.

The top floor was an immense hall. The surroundings were a circular corridor, piled up with magnificent decorations, the outer style completely visible. This hall’s adornments were even more numerous and densely packed. Practically every constructed detail was filled with vivid realism, a haunting sense of beauty.

In particular was that design on the floor, a woman riding a Star Beast while she held a whip in her hand. That whip was quite tyrannical.

It was just like a spinal column, the whole thing like a dragon, carved sharply. The whip had a blood-red half-way line, as if it had the might to join Heaven and Earth. It made those who laid eyes upon it unable to step on it.

Yun Sha very quickly noticed this hall had many people. The place in the tower that was closest to the heavens was where the Star Weapon was sealed. The majority of warriors had all independently chosen to reach this place.

All of the warriors began to search this hall for secret compartments or mechanisms to find the place this Star Weapon was hidden in.

“Pang San, do you see the Destined Star Weapon?” Li Xiunian asked.

Pang San was in the middle of beating a giant desert stone. The man ruthlessly said: “Would I, Your Father, still stay here if I did?!”

“Meaning that the Destined Star Weapon has been concealed?” Yun Sha wrinkled her brow.

“In short, we will have to see whose luck will be able to find it.” Pang San chuckled.

Yun Sha instantly began to search about this hall, taking particular not of those carvings. Li Xiunian stepped over the floor, his attention drawn to those reliefs of that spectacular woman wielding her whip. The design was carved into the stone, etched into the floor without any signs of erasure. “Perhaps it is the same as before. These decorative recesses need to be filled with water to activate the sealing mechanism?” Li Xiunian thought.

“No use.”

Pang San pursed his lips and said that in truth, they already had a warrior test this out, but there was no reaction at all.

After a while, practically all of the parties of warriors had arrived at the tower’s top floor. While everyone was searching for the Destined Star Weapon, a woman slowly walked in. Those deeply evil eyes swept over everyone. The woman slightly smiled, and she then shut the gates.

With a rumble, the sound of the iron gates being closed immediately drew the attention of all the warriors.

Everyone lifted their gazes and looked at her.

“Thank you all for coming here.” Manao played with a strand of her hair and gave a salutation in accordance with Western Regions etiquette

“You must be a Star General. However, Star Generals who inherited a Star Name have the pride of their own Star Name. You wouldn’t kill us insignificant warriors, would you.” Pang San laughed, inwardly on guard.

“But of course, a grand Star Name would never make things difficult for lowly people.” Manao smiled.

She was so friendly, but that expression with wickedness about to spill out of her eyes made everyone terrified, as if a silent shadow had enveloped them.

“There is no need for you to look for the Star Weapon, for the Star Weapon is right at your feet.” Manao hinted.


Everyone was taken aback. They hastily stepped back, staring at that enormous whip diagram on the ground.

“However, water won’t work.” Manao said: “Only a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood can undo the seal. Of course, this will require a sea of blood from Qi And Blood Nine Turns and higher.”

“What do you mean?” Pang San gripped his broadsword, shouting.

Before he finished speaking.

His head suddenly soared into the air, spraying blood like a geyser. The blood flowed onto the ground, sinking into the pattern on the ground.

Pang San was dead.


Everyone was stifled, their expressions changing.

Manao stood over Pang San’s body, her hand holding a blood-colored Western Regions curved sword. The woman extended her tongue along the blade’s edge, lapping up the still scorching hot blood. “Not bad, the flavor of blood is very thick and delicious. This will be sufficient to release the seal.”

“Release the seal?”

“You’re saying you want us to die?” Everyone yelled.

Manao had an expression that seemed to say, You must be very stupid, aren’t you.

“It all makes sense now. This woman is the Star General to this Star Name. This legend was deliberately to draw us here.” Yun Sha’s voice sunk. “From the very beginning, we fell for her trap.”

“Of course. Fortunately, after so many years have passed, there is finally a time when I am not disappointed.” Manao stared at the pattern on the ground and suddenly calmed.

“Can it be we still need to fear you with so many of us here?” Li Xiunian shouted: “Everyone, fight this Western Regions bitch with all your might.

All of the warriors followed, immediately unleashing their strongest techniques and martial arts.

“The hotter your blood, the better.

Manao faintly grinned.

Her sword-light was unhindered, her punches thundering.

Against the copious Star Energy of a Star General, let alone a Three Flowers Overhead warrior, even a cultivator who had undergone Thunder Tribulation would not necessarily be able to withstand this.

A little while afterwards.

The entire hall was strewn with severed limbs, every warrior cut down on the spot, covering the top floor in a sea of blood. Manao’s whole body was stained with scalding fresh blood.

“Just what Star General are you, won’t you let me know in death.” Yun Sha was at her dying gasp, widening her eyes as she spoke feebly.

Even without using her Star Weapon, Manao had killed them as easily as though they were ants.

Manao looked at her, then walked into the center of the hall. The sea of blood was absorbed into the pattern, and then it became as scorching as lava. The woman grabbed the whip on the ground. This whip was like a dragon come to life, surprisingly extracted little by little from the ground.

As if a dragon of blood was being born.

When she saw that whip’s form clearly, Yun Sha despaired to the point of disbelief.

“Scourge of God” Attila!2

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  1. 鳥篆
  2. “上帝之鞭”阿提拉


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