Chapter 13: Creating a Disturbance

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Bai Jing glanced at him, too lazy to care about him and disdained his nervous appearance. He just casually wanted to look, and now, he really wanted to walk around. 

Wang Xuebing kept up his chagrin. How could he forget about the temper of the young master. Even if the young master changed, his temper was still not so agreeable. 

Bai Jing did not go far. He felt a bit hungry, so casually picked a good restaurant and stepped into it.  

Wang Xuebing heaved sigh of relief, quietly looking at a club not far away. Fortunately the young master did not go there. Gays knew about these places as if there was a natural instinct, but the young master did not know of such an obvious place. Could it mean that the young master was not gay? 

Freely ordering a few things, Bai Jing looked out the window in a daze. 

Wang Xuebing still was a bit nervous, and only when the waiter sent the food and he saw the quiet scene of Bai Jing eating did he really relax, but he did not know, his relief was too early. 

After dinner, in a peaceful mood, because the atmosphere of this restaurant was very good, Bai Jing sat for a while. The time was 10:30 pm, and he intended to go out again. Better to finish this walk all at once. With these days with a tight spirit, this was a rare relaxation. If he felt enough with visiting the city Xiao Sa grew up in, this was also one of his wishes. He intended to go to Huangshan tomorrow, for his psychic power was the most pressing matter.. 

Walking out of the restaurant, Bai Jing habitually checked the surroundings. His eyes swept across the road, and he suddenly stared. His beautiful pupils tightly contracted, staring at the front, and he quickened his pace. If he did not see wrong, that person should be Han Yan. If he was here, that meant Xiao Sa would not be too far away.

“Young master, wait.” Wang Xuebing was extremely pained. My young master has gone insane.1

Entering the club door, Bai Jing went in without a thought. The magnificent hall was extremely luxurious where everywhere revealed a seductive temptation, as if here was paradise on earth. 

“Master, let’s go back.” Wang Xuebing was determined not to leave and was well-advised to persuade him. 

Bai Jing did not head back and coldly look at him, pretending he had not heard. 

Wang Xuebing blanked out. The young master looked so strange, actually making him fearful. It may have been an illusion, but the young master has gone in, and he had to keep up. 

“Good evening, welcome to our Emperor Club, do you have a membership card?” A beautiful woman with a bareback dress asked. 

Membership card? Bai Jing knew that, generally, only high class clubs needed membership cards. 

Wang Xuebing did not feel fortunate to have Bai Jing look at him and was given the command: “I want to get in, you think of something.” 

Wang Xuebing pointed to himself, tongue-tied: “Me…me…” Did young master think he was Superman? 

Bai Jing sneered: “Don’t tell me you can’t.” These people were retired from the military, with their own channels. 

Once the host saw they did not have a membership card, her attitude became more contemptuous and her words licentious. Reaching out to touch the face of Bai Jing: “Little brother has not grown up, why doesn’t sister…ah…you let me go.” 

Before Wang Xuebing moved, Bai Jing’s actions were like lightning, folding that woman’s arm, with only the sound of a crack. The woman screamed in pain, looking at Bai Jing with eyes full of horror, no longer making any moves.

“What’s going on?” The manager came out and asked when he saw the situation. 

Bai Jing dropped her arm. Wang Xuebing took out a paper towel. He was not bodyguard, but a nanny, so paper towels were essential goods to be prepared to meet the young master’s needs.

Bai Jing wiped his hand, arrogantly sweeping his eyes. 

The woman saw the manager and cried: “Brother, they do not have membership cards, but I asked for a few words, and they broke my arm.” 

The manager’s face turned cold. If it was a member, he would be somewhat worried. There two that came here had to be rich or noble, and although their attire was good enough, it was not a big brand name. Now, he was disrespectful and contemptuous: “Gentlemen, our Emperor Club is not the place to make trouble.” 

Bai Jing frowned and did not understand how Xiao Sa would come to this place, and the attitude of the service personnel here was difficult for him to believe that this was high-class: “If the lady wanted to be a whore, then don’t solicit at the front. Being a bitch but also wanting to be a memorial arch, with your unattractive appearance, mung bean eyes, bandy legs, double eyelids, false breasts, even lower than a bitch yet you sure to dare show off such a disgrace.”

“You…” The woman painfully sweat, almost spewing blood at these words. Shouting at the manager: “Brother -”

The manager was about to say something when a frivolous voice came over: “Yo, so lively. Your sister made a show again.” 

This sound was particularly familiar, whom shouted to kill Bai Jing, to kill for their revenge, was him, was it not? 

Han Yan actually looked for a while to see the young man when he thought of Big Brother Sa. The one Big Brother Sa fancied, of course, could not be bullied, but he did not expect this kid’s mouth to be so poisonous. 

The manager’s expression sank, cruelly glancing at Han Yan, and then hiding it: “Brother Yan, they do not have membership cards.” 

“No matter, I’ll pay for him. I invited him.” Han Yan patted the manager’s shoulder, very grandly saying. 

Manager barely laughed a bit: “Since Brother Yan said as much, as you wish, but my sister…” 

“Just keep your sister at home, say it’s a disgrace. Why let her out, the club is not yours.” Han Yan did not leave any mercy in his words, only regretfully looking at Bai Jing. Unfortunately, something needs to be done today, otherwise, he would have sent this one to Brother Sa.

“Have fun, today is on me.” Han Yan burst into a charming smile. In fact, if he did not speak foul language, he was a good looking guy 

Bai Jing did not care for him and did not look like thankful, not even giving a good glance and walked directly past him. Since Han Yan could not take him to Xiao Sa, then there was no use, and he would not forget Han Yan, his ridicule. In the face of Xiao Sa he would not retaliate, but he did not want to have a good face.

Wang Xuebing hurried to keep up. The scene just now shocked him, not only because of the master’s skill, but also the young master’s violence. Perhaps the others did not see it, but he knew that the woman’s arm was definitely broken. 

Han Yan felt a taste of this affront, immediately choking there, his breath hanging. What the hell! Disdainfully twitching his mouth, he turned and left, deciding that he must tell Brother Sa that this young one was not a good thing. 

The manager’s face was ugly, and that woman kept crying in pain. Her mouth also kept complaining: “Why are you afraid of him, aren’t you better than him. It hurts, my arm must be broken, and when I return home, I’ll be sure to tell Mom. “ 

“Don’t worry, he won’t be proud for much longer, then brother’ll take your revenge. You should hurry to the hospital.” 

“I’m not going, I won’t, you always say empty words. Isn’t Xiao Sa dead? Why do you have to be afraid of this attendant.” 

“Don’t speak nonsense. Brother Hong temporarily can not move him. Be patient, his arrogance won’t be for long.” 

Bai Jing’s face was livid hearing their conversation. Thinking ahead only to suppress the impulse to go forward and ask, he told himself he must be calm, that Xiao Sa would be alright. He was unfamiliar with the club and casually choosing a waiter, he asked where the most lively place was, then directly went up to the third floor.

Places where there were more people were also the best places to gather information.

Wang Xuebing worried and kept up to the third floor of the hall. They heard the noisy sound of music, a dance floor filled with figures, wriggling their bodies, frantically shaking heads. With the rhythm of the music put on dance, some people dared to hold together in a deep kiss. Using his psychic power, Bai Jing could also hear a lot of painful groans. 

However, there were only men here. Bai Jing also knew at this time that this was a comprehensive club, engaging all the men on the third floor. Bai Jing’s head filled with black lines, that the waiter would dare to think that he was gay. 

 ”Young master, this place doesn’t suit you.” Wang Xuebing frowned, look serious.

 ”Aren’t you here, too?” Bai Jing’s brow rose, and he went straight to a dark corner, psychic power launching into the surroundings.

Wang Xuebing felt very helpless. The young master did not put too much trust in him, but the young master showed no traces of having fun, so he felt relieved. He could not help to think that earlier, the young master behaved the same, so why would he suddenly want to come here…

“Yo, isn’t this Brother Min? How are you a waiter, don’t you want to come with me.” 

“Brother Cheng is joking, how did you not die in bed? Where I work has nothing to do with you.” 

Hearing a familiar voice, Bai Jing’s mind moved, redirecting his psychic power to there. He was not the psychic power specialist. Covering such a large area to listen to, although he could, the manipulation was taxing and could not be supported for a long time.

“Xie Minhang, you’re shameless to not give face. Bro fancies you today, it is your blessing.” 

“Thanks about Brother Cheng’s fancy. Wait until Brother Sa is back, and he’ll rein you in.” 

“Do not use Xiao Sa to pressure me. If he dares to appear in N City, I guarantee he has no way to return.” 

“What do you mean?” Xie Minhang’s tone of voice changed. 

“Ha, ha.” Wang Cheng arrogantly laughed, saying proudly: “Now the gangsters and the police all want Xiao Sa, and you say that even if he lives, is there any good to coming back? 

“Wang Cheng. Brother Sa has never treated you badly, you have no conscience.” 

“Well, he treats me not badly. If it isn’t on the face of Xiao Jinghai, and now that the old man is dead, if he is really good to me, why not give me field management.” 

“You follow Xiao Hong, is that not good enough?” 

“Ha, ha, the benefits are better. This Wenrou Xiang is mine to play with, and you also work at the Wenrou Xiang. I’ll see where you can escape…” 


“You dare to beat me.” 



Bai Jing recalled his psychic power. This place was too noisy. Only listening for a while, yet he already felt a little tired. Things after that, he could guess some of it. Xie Minhan, he knew, was Xiao Sa’s one subordinate. For Xiao Sa’s sake, he was good to him. Looks like there would be a commotion, Bai Jing thought, then left from the dark corner. When Wang Xuebing reacted, Bai Jing had come to a conspicuous place.

He knew that his appearance was attractive. Wang Cheng and Xiao Hong, right? 

Bai Jing gave an interested smile. Since they forced Xiao Sa to stay out, then he would lend Xiao Sa a hand.

“Young master.” Wang Xuebing kept up with Bai Jing, a hint of anger in his eyes, for he had to stand two meters away. Gnashing his teeth, the young master could really understand him. Why should he have a bodyguard’s integrity, when as a professional bodyguard, besides causing danger, he could not interfere with the employer. 

Bai Jing stood there, attracting a lot of attention. His seemingly perfectly sculpted and refined face, angular and clear yet soft, with his unique ethereal and handsome charm, like a flawless beauty made of jade. Even standing there quietly, he also gave a sense of fairy elegance out of tune with the surrounding environment, but also more attractive of attention. 

Xiao Sa frowned, looking at the court stands. Such an elegant, jade-like young man, why would he come here? 

Han Yan shrunk and did not speak. That time, he only let him in, but he did not forget that here was not Sa bro’s territory. Xiao Hong directly put this mess, and some secret things, on the table.

Bai Jing’s lips curved, sketching out a perfect arc. Glancing around, he casually looked for a chair to sit down in. Not long after, someone approached to try to strike up a conversation with Bai Jing, but, he was unlucky. Bai Jing, without hesitation, to that one who stepped forward with something to say, slapped him on the face. 

Not only was the man stunned, Wang Xuebing and the people all around were stunned, and even in the private room, Han Yan and Xiao Sa were also stunned. 

Han Yan swallowed. He had known this boy’s bad temper, but he did not think it was actually this bad. 

“You fucking hit me -” The man was angry immediately. He was also famous in N City, yet the young man in front of him as beautiful as an angel, hit his face, as if to shame him. 

However, his voice had just fallen when Bai Jing backhanded slapped him in the face again. 

“You…” The man had never eaten such a big loss. Raising his fist to fight with a strong hand block. 

Bai Jing had the opportunity to slap again. 

Wang Xuebing was simply speechless, and he would be a fool if he could not understand. Young master was out to find trouble. This was another’s territory. How he could not tell how severe this was. 

Bai Jing raised his eyebrows, disdainfully looking at the man, to the effect of what was the big deal of hitting you. 

Zou Zechen thought he had fallen on bad luck. He kind of liked him and intended to talk. This circle was very chaotic, and from good intentions toward him, this young man would not be cheated. Who knew that a good heart would meet unappreciation. Vainly, he suffered a few slaps, and he certainly would not forget this.

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